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  2. Said @Nexa and posted a song of a man who also sang about abducting and raping a teenage girl.
  3. Thats so gay @Mitsuru git gud
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  5. Gotcha, about how active do you think you'd be?
  6. someonesent me a message an automated one and it was the best alliance so canncled my pending application and started pending here instead I figured if your top you have experts who can help teach me so I don't just stumble along
  7. Here's a brief rundown of a few of our departments. No need to sign up for anything now, but I'm curious if any of these peak your interest: Internal Affairs- The Internal Affairs department can be thought of like the Human Resources department of the alliance. They are responsible for maintaining the alliance roster and our nation development guides. An entry level role for this is the oathkeepers who interview alliance applicants. As an oathkeeper I am part of this department. Our Foreign Affairs department – As a diplomat you will be the eyes and ears of The Knights Radiant in the world of Orbis. You will be given assignments on different alliances and be responsible for maintaining channels of communication and improving/maintaining our relationships. In doing so, you will be representing TKR, helping to ensure the positive reputation of the alliance. Milcom - Responsible for the running of TKR's military. One of our entry level Milcom roles is a Bridge Crew Staffmember. They help organize effective responses to attacks on members of The Knights Radiant. You'll help manage ~10 members of the alliance and make sure they're up to standards.
  8. Pretty active depending on what time I have spare as I have projects to complete for College. I also apologise for my delay my internet was temporarily down.
  9. Now you can call my taste in music obscure, @japan77
  10. One of the few guys in the AA with a proper meme after him.
  11. Only human that called blackie "The King"
  12. yikesss The King
  13. Do you believe in magic~
  14. Reminder sent in-game.
  15. Whether this is considered good music or not is definitely a matter of personal taste.
  16. Well that was kind of stupid. It felt as if I was answering the same 5-6 questions over and over again and half of them can't possibly tell something about me being any of the things above. I wonder if this is supposed to be scientific in any way based on peer reviewed research.
  17. Yesterday
  18. what kind of stupid questions are those?
  19. I don't like this one he's too weird get him outta here
  20. Hey Cuba, happy to see you apply to us. I'd like to chat with you over Discord before proceeding with your application. Not sure if you've used Discord because those dates you listed were still the IRC days, but it is the new method of communication used far and wide by the vast majority of PnW. Here is the link to the TKR discord server
  21. Maybe? What do you mean maybe. I am a wolf. Weird dream this morning. I was a human and I killed a wolf for food. A judgementalist
  22. Also cause I'm getting old. It was January 2014-February 2015. Then February 2015-April 2015.
  23. Nation link ftr. Logged me out as I was posting.
  24. Name: Cuba Link to Nation: ... Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: Guardian, January 2015-February 2016. Ran the alliance seven times over the course of four years. Ran the alliance twice in PW. Left because I was tired of the stuck in the mud mentality; Vanguard, February 2016-April 2016. It sucked ass. Recruited by: Myself. Hello Chris.
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