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  3. Ingame ruler: Malcolm Davis Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: N/A Recruited by: Dayz
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  7. Being a scot who voted "remain" I'll put my input here. First and formost, I am a staunch unionist, I think it's best for the British Isles, however in the same sentence. I can't support the current government with them wanting to leave the EU. Being apart of the European Union for trade to me is more important than being "Britain/British" I do not however, support the immigration quotas(but that's another bucket of worms) When I voted remain, I did so on the assurances that we will be remaining in the EU and that PĂ rlamaid na h-Alba would be given more authority within the United Kingdom. Promises that were given days prior to the vote have been broken. I could probably rant on for a very long time about it, but honestly when it comes to another vote and I've personally got no doubt that it will. I'll be voting out. The lies from westminster frustrate me on a deeply personal level.
  8. There already is one of these. It was surprising very active. It's on page 2 of the forums and spam section.
  9. Okay well figure out the Unique ID situation, I'll re-mask you for the academy as soon as that is handled.
  10. And finally opinions on new anime part 1 ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka Espionage and politics with a style quite comfy, not for everyone but worth of the 3 episodes rule. Akiba's Trip The Animation There are aliens that can transform people in strong zombies and to defeat them you have to remove their clothers, and the main group is also infected and if they lose their clothers they die, and everything is insede Akiba so they do nerdy things, and I hate the blonde girl, and martial arts, and fanservice, and... and... Demi-chan wa Kataritai Surprise of the season? Surprise of the season. Like Monster Musume, but without the lewd part. Demi are sort of monsters, they are rare but the world it's ok with that, the MC is a professor who want to know more about Demi people so he talks with his Demi students (and teacher) in the only school with Demi in Japan, we have the vampire girl, the snowgirl, the succubus, and the dullahan, cute, funny, and comfy things happens and all the characters are good. Gabriel DropOut Angels and demons must graduate, so they have a "stage" on earth where they live among humans as students, but when they are on the earth the best angel get corrupted by vidya, the demon can't do bad things, etc. Cute, funny, and comfy things happens and all the characters are good (yes, that's a copypaste from Demi-chan), you just have to remember that Satania is the best girl.
  11. Chapter 4: The Stirring Masses (July-September 1936)
  12. yeah, the no camp convinced people to stay based on assurances of continuity and stability wrt the EU and then a primarily English Leave vote yanked the rug out of underneath their feet they've got the necessary civic spirit and Scottish identity to succeed I think, and frankly they should be allowed to leave the UK and remain in the EU because the Scottish vote expressed that wish. Now the EU may say no thanks because Spain has a Catalunya shaped bug up its ass, but this has turned into England taking Scotland on a ride it never signed up for and they oughta be let off
  13. Nation states is one. It's basically a political simulator where you enforce your policies and they can make your country rise or fall. It's only a bit similar as you only dispute issues but it still has the same overall game as politics and war.
  14. Have you played games similar to this one?
  15. What skills do you want to bring the alliance?
  16. Welcome to TKR! What made you decide to join our alliance over all the other ones?
  17. That's a friends account. He started playing after i showed him the game. He was at my house then.
  18. They had the choice to join the Union of their own free will, unlike others in the British Isles. Besides they do very nicely out of the Barnett formula, not sure they would be able to fund their lovely Education and Health Systems without English Taxpayers.
  19. Likely story
  20. If the people of Scotland desire to be free of the Yoke of British rule, then I think they should be granted that wish, for good or for bad, they deserve the right of self determination
  21. Yes, if that's what the Scottish people want. I read that many of them were upset with the Brexit vote so maybe it's time they do a Scotexit.
  22. Ingame Ruler: Nizam Adrienne Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: (put n/a if you're new to the game): N/A Recruited by: Dayz
  23. The game is simple. Just simply predict who is going to post next. For me, i don't know, dabawss.
  24. Should Scotland be a country? No, but that's my opinion.
  25. This is the same question used in the 2014 referendum in Scotland. For more info:
  26. I missed this while I was away - welcome to TKR and glad to see you here!
  27. Not really but games like this interest me a lot and I know quite a bit of what to do.
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