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  2. Its WarGamer!!

    Not a good question in order to know about me. Mozzarella Well... I don't know names of many cheeses... though i may tasted them at some point.
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  4. Athreya

    Hi .. I m New Here .. Please Accept My proposal
  5. Application

    Okay good to hear We do use both slack and discord. However, slack is what we mainly use for internal communications and is required as a member (thought I personally encourage using both). Would you be okay with using slack? Also, we are no longer allied to BK like we were when you played before and in the most recent global war fought against each other. Do you have an issue with the possibility that we might fight against BK in the future?
  6. Its WarGamer!!

    Welcome to TKR, I home this feels more like home for you than BK did. Tradition dictates you tell us a little about yourself, so I'll help you out with this... What is your favourite cheese?
  7. Application

    Sure! No matter how strong or weak an alliance is, when I join I will definitely stick around and have the same dedication and determination to do nothing but good for the alliance. The fact that TKR was still at the top wasn't really part of the reasons that made me join actually (don't really know why I mentioned it in my earlier post) it was just that TKR had similar values to BK, and I really enjoyed my time at BK, so why not? Also, just one question for you guys; I've heard that TKR uses Slack instead of Discord, does the alliance use both or Slack only?
  8. Application my form, brother

    Okay, apologies for the long and drawn-out application process. You sound like a very coherent and reasonable applicant, and under normal circumstances you'd be Squired with recommendation for membership. The key problem here is your history of raiding nations that belong to established alliances. Now, I understand that under Arrgh, for instance, you had free rein to raid. The question isn't about the legitimacy of those raids. It's about the effects of those raids, which has been continued retaliation against you, even from your former alliance. So, reasons for decision: 1) TKR policies don't support the kind of raiding you previously engaged in, making us inconsistent in principle if we were to accept you; 2) The unfortunate effects of those raids is continued raids on your nation, making it tough for us in practice to accept you in defense of those. Thank you for your application, and we wish you the best of luck elsewhere.
  9. Its WarGamer!!

    Hi guys. Thank you for accepting me. I've had a nation in PnW before. Was in Black Knights. Restarted. Decided to leave em (Actually got kicked due to failing in one of their tests.. lol ). Hope to enjoy my 2nd nation here..
  10. New Application

    i have completed the form please check it out ......i m sorry i didn't know few things in the exam
  11. Application

    Hey there! So I'm glad to hear you want to join us. One thing though, while we're the top alliance now we might always be in the future. Will you still want to stick around even if we are no longer in the top spot?
  12. Application

    Hi! Well I could have joined a lot of different alliances when I rejoined (I didn't wanted to rejoin BK although they were a terrific bunch - wanted to enjoy P&W from a different perspective this time) but the fact that TKR was still the strongest in the game and could offer the most in terms of growth and advice for new nations and a dedicated community for the experienced ones, and finally the fact that TKR operates in a meritocratic system which involves allowing people to dedicate themselves to the alliance and be rewarded was too much to resist I think.
  13. Application

    Hello! What made you decide to apply to TKR?
  14. Application

    Ingame Ruler: AgentDom Link to Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=82149 Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: (put n/a if you're new to the game) BK, was there for about 2 years, quit due to RL problems - I've put that behind me now, back to full active Recruited by: N/A
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  16. Application my form, brother

    Back again: Another Aargh person has attacked me yet again for no reason. I don't have any money or anything but they're back and not stopping.
  17. Please excuse me, but I am wheelchair bound with a brain injury and found the exam quite difficult and very time consuming. I thought I had done well. Could you let me know which answers I got wrong. I try and not let my disability get in the way but I feel that I would be unable to take the whole test again. Is there another way?
  18. Application my form, brother

    Yo, also, just wondering, what are they saying I did wrong? Cause I would certainly want to right any wrongs that I actually did if I did them, but again, from my perspective, I simply do not see what I did wrong.
  19. Application my form, brother

    So, basically after awhile of going solo I realised that there were entire alliances devoted to attacking people and being pirates, so naturally I joined. They basically accepted me right in without much questioning if my memory serves me, and then I was just sorta y'know there. I never signed into any of their forums or anything like that, I never asked for help, money, resources, though I did message some of the leaders (and they messaged me) about what alliances I could and could not attack. Anyways, sometime later (whether it was a few days or two weeks I really don't remember) I got a message from one of the leaders explaining that there was a two week ban on all raids, and Aargh members who didn't want that imposed on them could either leave for two weeks or join a smaller associated Alliance called Ankh (might have misspelled that). So I joined Ankh, but a few days later some guy in the alliance started a fight with Cerberus, and the person from Cerberus attacking me agreed that if I left ankh, then there wouldn't be any point in him attacking me (no way to get into the alliance bank). So I left. I'll state again but at no point did I receive money, protection, or resources from Aargh/Ankh, and I didn't exactly give up (or receive) and secure information, and I didn't leave in a time where my leaving would do any damage to them. Meanwhile, Aargh's unprovoked attack on me has done easily millions of dollars damage, so really I don't see why the would be so intent on raising me. (PS. Just wondering if it would be possible/appropriate to revenge raid the nation that attacked me for no reason. I understand if not, I'm just wondering if I could) (PPS. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I got a new phone recently, Only just got to setting it all up)
  20. Application

    Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Appreciate it. Now I have to go back to my first question: Please convince us on why we can expect more activity from you from now on. Alternatively, if you cannot be very active, please tell us something about why that's the case.
  21. Grimmjow's Application

    Internal Affairs gov is coordinating with Foreign Affairs gov to handle any interalliance business, so please do expect a slight delay regarding proceeding with your application. In terms of raiders though, you have your sovereign right to defend your nation as best as you can. I'll update on whether we can send help without causing a diplomatic incident, but don't hold off defending yourself for that. tl;dr: hit away
  22. Grimmjow's Application

    @Lamort how is the situation with Lordy gonna be handled? are you guys gonna be able to help? Should I just let them beige? Or should I make sure they don't? Or what? Please let me know soon, thanks.
  23. Please keep in mind that each answer can be found pretty much directly in the guides. The exam isn't asking for opinion, it's asking for what is written in the guides. Please try once more Exam Failed. One chance to retake the exam. Please read the guides and take the entrance exam (The exam isn't difficult, it's more so meant to ensure that you know where the guides and other important information is within the alliance. It should take 10-15 minutes tops). All information needed is provided in this subforum: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/21-the-academy You will have 72 hours to complete the exam.
  24. Last week
  25. Application

    No probs. Since 72 hours have passed you will have to either retake the exam or reapply among other possibilities. My superior will be here soon to review this. Stay alert for a reply and follow their instructions.
  26. Application

    I was inactive because I was busy, I apologise
  27. Application

    Hello! What made you decide to apply to TKR?
  28. Application

    Ingame Ruler: Oguz Link to Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=70371 Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: N/A Recruited by: Kayser
  29. Guess Where It Is

    That's also something you can look up via google image search of course but if you want to do it like SaintlyBloody (which of course is the better way) then I'm sure you'll be able to find out what this place is called.
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