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  2. I would but I am on a fixed income and have 4 + years currently invested in another mmorpg, rift, and until that becomes unplayable due to lack of memberbase or abandonment by trion, I am pretty much committed to it...
  3. I see if I can find something for you Meanwhile, you can try the last 3 victim girls, Asanagi always make quality perversion [Fatalpulse (Asanagi)] Victim Girls 22 Joou Kashima no Choukyou Nisshi + Gareki 24 [Fatalpulse (Asanagi)] Victim Girls 21 Bokujou: Happy End [Fatalpulse (Asanagi)] Victim Girls 20 THE COLLAPSE OF CAGLIOSTRO
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  5. Usually prefer something I haven't seen before, so by definition, it's hard to be specific. Nothing gay. Oviposition, rule 34 and ayyliens are good.
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  7. Also this (imgur album) There's quite a bit of history with cabbage and QUALITY
  8. It depends on what you like, be more specific.
  9. You are the man now (This was meant to be for this post not michan's)
  10. Japan77 -782 ScherpDerp - 635 John Coulson-333 Otto Petersen - 250 Rook - 72 Cibence - 57 EP - 46 Infinite Citadel - 45 BlackAsLight - 39 Kayser - 27 Lamort - 15 Something Stuartsy - 11 Deus - 7 Bear - 6 Bernard Sandcastle - 4 Bhuto--> 4 Micchan - 2 Iacobus Decatonus - 1 Smith-1 PSC-1
  11. I'm not going to be at the session today.
  12. Cause I think this alliance can help me to progress as well as helping the alliance too... And the alliance name is DOPE
  13. Yup. Everyone know that the most important requirement of being an adventurer is the ability to run away from rolling boulders in some ancient temple in the middle of the jungle while being fired on by Nazi soldiers ಠ_ಠ
  14. Actually speaking of fine taste, any hentai you recommend, Micchan? No futa pls.
  15. I had a few: Be an engineer, make cool stuff: DONE Start own company and cash out in a dramatic manner: DONE Beat Sephiroth: DONE Win at least one of X-Com games on hard difficulty without savescumming: Well technically it's a different XCOM but the difficulty was about the same. Have an Alienware, play video games all day: DONE. I mean Walling is going to say there are better PCs, but one does not negotiate with childhood dreams. Build my own MMO world: working on it
  16. Ingame Ruler: Carl Addoumieh Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: (put n/a if you're new to the game) N/A Recruited by: Dayz
  17. Dammit! I love wolves...
  18. What's black, but not white?
  19. Thanks, but I don't swing that way.
  20. I'll probably be missing the games after this. Different schedule this year makes it hard to play the usual rounds.
  21. Yeah true, i forgot to mention that
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  23. Finally figure it out!
  24. You're the man now.
  25. Prefontaine because he has the bait
  26. How active would you say you could be?
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