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  2. Don't go to a school that is 70k a year. Problem solved. There are plenty of engineering schools out there that are far less costly and will provide the same level of education. why are you wanting to go to school that it comes to be 70k / year!? Seems silly to spend 300k over 4 years to get a degree. Take your money, buy a cheap 140k house in the middle of America, and work at the gas station and you will have a similar standard of living because you won't have the tuition payment... No one pays 70k unless your family is rich, you are well below expected test scores, and you are going to a top school... is that you?
  3. Nice collection man
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  5. Here is most of my Barbarossa Germans with a few things that shouldn't be there, and many things that I haven't built yet. I have to replace the stugs, they are from later in the war, the king tiger, obv shouldn't be there but I had a box and its a big cat, cmon. 5 infantry platoons of rifle / mg teams, some mounted pioneers, 10.5 tube arty some pack 40s ( which there were only a couple dozen of in 1942) Still in boxes are some Panzer IIIs, some marders, 2 heavy machine gun sections, the tank hunter squads, some nebelwerfers, 2 infantry gun sections, 6 8-rads, 3 stukas and 1 beutepanzer, either a T-34 obr 1940 or 1941, haven't decided yet, oh and the flamerthrowers. Fioneers love flamethrowers. I also have to find a decent 15mm opel blitz to replace the halftracks. [Edit] oh and one more damn 88.
  6. The Parliament could have co-opted some support for the revolution if they had simply given representation in Parliament to the colonies.
  7. Yea. That tank is an experimental tank destroyer called a dicker max. Its mostly resin so it wasn't that many pieces but my 15mm tigers were like.......30-40ish pieces? I could spam this thread for weeks doing that, gimme a bit and ill line up the germans I've assembled in the last few days. Unfortunately due to crap weather I haven't been able to prime anything for paint. Many many more germans are still on sprues. Thanks for the snarky reply. The woman who was going to be my fiance, the woman who was going to bear my son, is dying from cancer, and focusing on a hobby again, saved my life. But hey, to each his own.
  8. Wait you have to build them?
  9. post a pic of all your units, I'm curious to see how many you've built.
  10. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka? Shingeki no Kyojin Second Season Much hype.
  11. Preview of the new season
  12. lol.
  13. Can be good if they kill Goku and based clown of destruction is the new MC
  14. I was more saying that rhetorically. Of course it's never going to be good lol. Much hype! Also No Game No Life movie!! HYYYPPPEE
  15. Dragonball Multiverse is better tbh
  16. I used to table top game, then I lost my virginity and well... kind of lost interest from then on.
  17. 'MERICA!!!
  18. No, it's like one of those fanfiction you can find online Hype!
  19. Too painful and requires friends. Online wargaming or single player is the only thing for me.
  20. If they rebelled and split, it's pretty clear it's not justified. Revolutions are hard work, violent ones even more so. While the taxes on the British Isles were much lower, they felt the results of those taxes. People tend to get pissed when they're overtaxed but don't get much out of it.
  21. It's unfortunate, but whatever. =p Now just suffering through Super, wondering if it's ever going to be good, and only keeping up with it I guess because I have nothing else to do so why not. Super excited for Overlord 2 though! I read the manga and it's great, can't wait for it.
  22. Watched the second season without the first one? Feels good to live in a weeaboo country.
  23. Nonsense. Believe me, the guys that own the factories producing the bombs love a good war. Just for the most obvious example, although they were on the "winning" side originally, it's pretty safe to say Russia lost WW1. A massive rebellion broke out that took out the Czar and ended the Russian Monarchy in the middle of the war, and they were forced to sue for peace with the Central powers. Enter the Soviets.
  24. You left out the part where everyone liked the Z instead of a 2, and Toriyama decided to just go with it, making it *officially* Dragon Ball Z. Also, most Americans grew up on Dragon Ball Z as Dragon Ball didn't reakky air in the US until after Z in 2001. Funimation tried to air it in 1995 but cancelled the project due to low ratings after just 13 episodes. Dragon Ball Z on the other hand aired in 1996 and was successful. As a result, for the most part Americans just know Dragon Ball Z to be the anime they grew up with, and may or may not have seen the original Dragon Ball something like 5 years later. Remember, the anime following in the US in the 90s was nothing like it is today. You're right about that. I definitely prefer an anime to have as many episodes as it needs to tell the story and tell it well. That said, I was simply saying I expected more than 10 episodes for season 2. =p
  25. Looks cool, never got into it.
  26. There are no winners in war. War doesn't determine who is right, just who is left.
  27. I can't be the only nerd on The Internet. Any of you guys play tabletop wargames? Warhammer, Flames of War, Saga, Napoleonics, Victory at Sea, Ancients et al? 28mm? 15mm? 6mm? <Weird other scale>? I'm currently working on an early-mid war German Infanterie Company circa the beginning of Barbarossa. Lots of halftracks to build. And tanks. many. MANY. Tanks.
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