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  2. A dustbringer
  3. Well, I'm a very active user. I know with time my nation will become very strong. I am also very responsible.
  4. We use an instant message app called Slack. Would you be fine with using this?
  5. I can't remember and I would be fine with a war chest
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hey! What brought you here to TKR rather than any other alliance?
  8. Hi, I joined KR because it is the best alliance in the game right now. Also, the proximity was another factor. I am not sure if that matters yet in the game. I also liked the profile where you mention how you help new nations grow quickly.
  9. Ingame Ruler: Grand Master Esthaevys Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: n/a Recruited by: Dayz
  10. What would you like to bring to the alliance, in terms of interests, skills, etc?
  11. Good and evil are ideas that humans made up. They are subjective and because there is no such thing as universal morality. There is only a consensus that a bunch of humans have generally agreed to, with variations depending on your human cluster of choice. Humans are flawed and so shouldn't really be the basis for a moral code, much less a bunch of humans. If we're using the general consensus as the measuring stick, you'd have to wade through all of the scientific papers relating to nature or nurture. A lot of which are conflicting. If any consensus can be derived from those and rule out any outliers, it is that humans are born with certain predispositions and character traits just like they are born with certain physical traits they grow into. The environment they experience as they develop does effect the way some of these traits develop and can, in the end produce a wide variety of results. tldr: they can be both
  12. Hello Bondowen, What attracted you to TKR over other alliances?
  13. Ingame Ruler: Bondowen Link to Nation: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: (put n/a if you're new to the game) N/A Recruited by: None
  14. Last week
  15. Naught nice...
  16. aka the type most likely to be an internet troll.
  17. I know a lot of girls who are both naughty and nice, what does that make them?
  18. TA! Come see again! OR I'LL PLUCK OUT YOUR EYES!! HAHAHHAAA!!
  19. I do agree with the premise that people are biased to be selfish. I think there's some biology speaking there. Self-preservation, etc... And there are various levels of selfishness certainly. That said, I do fundamentally believe that people will choose to help others. If you've ever traveled in another country and needed help, you can walk up to the vast majority of people and they would be happy to help. People want to feel good. They want to feel like they are helping more than just themselves. If they derive this from extrinsic motivators (how others view them) or purely intrinsic ones (how they view themselves) isn't important. They still want to feel good. #armchairpsychology
  20. If you are interested in joining TKR, please apply in the Welcome Station: Also, welcome to our forums.
  21. Very sorry for the delay... How active do you expect to be?
  22. In-game reminder sent.
  23. Of course.
  24. I mean...someone sent you shit in the mail... Sometimes the question and answer are just that simple 😜
  25. All I know, either way, is that @Milord is bad. Essentially pure evil.
  26. You'd have to define "good" and "bad" in regards to human behavior. I've learned that most people are selfish in their core, they may do good things, or be a good person, but many times this stems from a desire to please or bring recognition to themselves. In which case I ask, are they really good? The question is so much more than just good vs bad, and there are a lot of judgements and assumptions made when deeming someone "good" or "bad". I'll judge myself for an example. I know that I am naturally lazy and self-centered, i can be mean to people, I lie sometimes, I genuinely hate some people. Hearing this you might consider me a bad person (of course, I only told you the bad about myself). I could make equally long lists of the "bad" and "good" I've done, but like I said, considering I'm self-centered brings into question the motives for anything "good" I do. Some would argue that the motive doesn't matter because you're still doing something "good", but that is focused on the effect, not the cause. The cause will reflect a person's nature, and the cause oftentimes, is selfishness. I believe this is where love comes into play, when it's too difficult to judge someone's character on how "good" or "bad" they are, judge them by how they love their fellow humans. Love must be selfless to be true, I wouldn't give my best friend a hug and tell them everything will be okay in private for my own gain, that is an act of love. I wouldn't anonymously pay for someone's food because it looked like they had a bad day out of pride, it would be an act of love. Are people good or bad? They're undoubtedly both, but they also have an incredible capacity to love, and not utilizing that love (often called compassion) is where we fail as people. Anyway, I hope this makes sense.
  27. Hi, I've only just applied to join Politics and War alliance, just wanted to introduce myself and get to know more about this game and what everyone elses expirence is
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