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    In TKR we value loyalty and brotherhood a lot. Since you had a disagreement with your previous alliance and left immediately, I'm just trying to make sure you won't leave TKR as well after the first small disagreement you have. So if something happens that's against your opinion, are you going to do the same thing you did back in your previous alliance, and just leave?
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    We should make a club! "OK" What do you want to call it!? "How about Test?" dafuq? Like, named after Pre and his marry band of misfits? An ode to a dead guy? "NO! I mean, like after a test" You mean all those final exams we had to take when we were younger!? "NO! I mean like a testing situation" Oh!! You mean like a test test!? Like an IQ test? My last one they told me I got a C+. A solid 78! "NO! You moron, like let's call it a 'test' club" Huh? "You're dumb" Oh... like we couldn't think of a better name, so we just called it 'test'? "YES!!" Oh... who cares about that anyway, no one will ever post in a 'club' anyway, it's stupid. "I think you're wrong. What a waste of a good opportunity here." I suppose you're right, so many cool things could be done with clubs! "oh... like the HotP could do something!" What a jeanious idea! Why didn't the last HotP think of something like that? "The last HotP was an ideeot." Let's fix our mistake now... "...Wait for it..." "LET's MAKE SOME SWEET CLUBS FOR ALL TO JOIN!!!" ... "..." ... "...so?" so... what? "What clubs should we make?" I don't know. "What a stupid idea this was." Hey, want to play some OBL? "Sure, this place sucks." heh... sure does.
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    Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:22 AM Yo What's your nation link? jackharkness - Today at 10:23 AM 91754 I use the app so idk whay the link is My nation name is easy havork Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:24 AM okay cool jackharkness - Today at 10:25 AM Guardian of the galxys team was taxing me 100% Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:25 AM so just an FYI im going to be posting our convo on forum its part of our application process so how come you left GoG? jackharkness - Today at 10:25 AM I was wondering why i wasnt making money They tax me 100% Oh ok thats ok Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:26 AM hmm okay how long were you logging into the game? or how often were you jackharkness - Today at 10:27 AM I am sign in so i pretty much go on like 6 or 7 times a day As you can you see i declare war on a country their defence is at 38 so ive been geting on Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:28 AM hmm okay so how many days a week do you usually log on? jackharkness - Today at 10:29 AM Everyday Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:29 AM awesome so what made you apply to TKR then after GoG? jackharkness - Today at 10:31 AM Well one big thing is they tax me 100% so i know you guys wont taxe super alot and also i had gotten a invite not long and i read it and seems like a great team to join Seems you guys are strong Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:32 AM yeah ours is a lot lower we use a chat platform called Slack that we require all members to download and use or use the browser version etc is that okay with you its similar to discord but only TKR members have access jackharkness - Today at 10:33 AM Oh yeah thats good and its ok ill download it Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:34 AM cool (though you wont have access until accepted) we also require our members to maintain a warchest did GoG go over what that is with you jackharkness - Today at 10:34 AM Thats fine And no they didnt Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:36 AM So it's a reserve of cash and resources you have to save up for times when the alliance is at war with other alliances jackharkness - Today at 10:37 AM Oh no but how much would i need to be saving? And iam dl the slack Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:37 AM Well it depends on the size of your nation Smaller nation's have snallet requirements But at your size we wouldn't expect you to have to hit it yet just to be making progress jackharkness - Today at 10:39 AM Well yeah thats what i want to do is grow really Smith [TKR] - Today at 10:42 AM yeah we will definitely help you with that Have you played any similar nation sim games before like cybernations or nationstates? jackharkness - Today at 10:44 AM I made the slack account and no i havent you can say am new at this a little but willing to learn