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    Hello, nice to meet you all. I am an avid gamer, and I especially enjoy nation simulator games. I am constantly scouring for a hidden gem to play and just have a good time. In my free time, I play the saxophone, and I really enjoy music. You'll rarely find me not humming a tune or tapping my foot to a song playing only in my head. I also have a passion for statistics. Numbers just make sense to me, and I enjoy seeing the cause and effect pattern of it all. So far this community seems to be very effective and supportive, and I can clearly see the amount of organization and planning that goes into it that would be invisible to the untrained eye. I am excited to continue with this alliance and this game.
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    Hey everyone, I'm Multiverse and I enjoy philosophy, physics (including quantum mechanics.. I know), and smoothies. I like to write long essays about absolutely nothing and I watch a lot of psychological/sci-fi anime; I live a very productive life (sarcasm) . I'm mostly a console gamer, but I thought I'd try out one of these computer/mobile simulation games. I enjoy politics and I like to have constructive debates. (probably why I'm single and alone ).. I'm a musician; I play the trumpet in my free time and I truly believe I am Chet Baker reincarnated, but that's a whole different story . I think that sums me up a little bit; of course there's more to the story, but for now this sounds like I'm normal I'm glad I found an alliance that values friendship and doesn't place full focus on numbers.
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    thx i am trying to do my best
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    i am form Cairo (the capital of Egypt)
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    Thank you for your interest in joining The Knights Radiant! We're honored that you are interested in joining our community, and looking forward to getting to know you! Please answer the following standard questions below, thanks! We require the usage of Slack, a chatting application available for both desktop and mobile, for all members. Will you be okay with this? (Y/N) For military preparedness, TKR requires all of our members to maintain a warchest of resources required for war. Are you ok with this? (Y/N) Have you played any similar nation sim games before (example: cybernations, nationstates): (Y/N) If yes, which alliances were you in, and for how long? What made you pick TKR over other alliances? How active will you be? And finally: ID check complete Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to hearing back from you soon! TKR! o/
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    Hello everyone, My name is Stive1230, I am a current student working to be a medical professional, particularly a Cardiologist, or a Neurologist. I am interested in this game due to my fascination with history and the political world as well. My plans in this alliance are to be humble with everyone and attempt to make some new friends as well as protect my fellow members as such as I can. I would like to join Internal Affairs, such as like an person for reviewing of applicants, or the military branch. Really looking forward to being a prominent figure in this alliance, and being able to protect those that cannot be protected. Thank you for your time, Stive1230
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    That's awesome man. I'm quite sure most of this alliance are avid gamers as well, we sometimes play games together on discord. Certainly, PnW is usually the hidden gem most people find to cure that crave we all have for nation simulation games Really glad to have you in this community and especially cuz we have a new musician in the team alongside with Bangas, me and some other people
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    Thanks man! Definitely that'd be awesome & I believe Radoje sent me the link to the topic on how to get everything started on slack, but it said that I didn't have permission to view it (that was like an hour ago, I'll check again). It's funny you asked me that though; I'm studying political science I suck ass at the math counterpart to physics so I couldn't possibly pull it off I'm like Michael Faraday jr. I see what you did there.. you sir, are cool in my imaginary book of cool
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    hi Knights Radiant my name is Mina thank everybody for accepting me as member of this great alliance i live in Egypt (you know were the pyramids located) so forgive me if my English is bad it is second language to me i love playing strategic game online or on PC like nation state online or power and revolution on PC i also love playing football and basketball i hope to be good member as you expect me to me
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    thx man same here
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    Welcome to TKR!! I’m newer myself and everyone has helped me out a ton! Don’t be afraid to ask questions!!!
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    thx man i am here in this alliance for only one day but guys here give here a lot of help and the economical developmental program was very helpful
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    Hey! Glad to see you are in the alliance now, welcome! I hope to see you on slack and around the forums soon, too! Have fun and welcome to TKR!
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    I am the Emperor of Mankind, your lord and protector from the horrors of the inmaterium. I have been watching humanity evolve sense the dawn of civilization, gently guiding the progress of our great species with great care and patience. In this age of galactic strife, I have emerged to personally forge the remnants of humanity into the great Imperium of Man. In addition to being a powerful space wizard, I also clone and genetically engineer super soldiers to fight my enemies and murder alien civilizations in my name. When I have time to get away from commanding the interstellar empire and xenos genocide, I am known to like long walks on the beach however. The Emperor Protects
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    Welcome to the alliance, you seem to have a lot of spirit and I'm very proud that you're trying to learn so fast
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    Welcome doood, I fucking love that intro rofl
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    Thanks @Metz If you wish to learn more about the Emperor and his journey of reunification: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=93641
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    Cage the Elephant, fuck yes.