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  1. I would like this post twice if I could
  2. I'm allied to Denmark while I try to take Muscovy down a notch :v
  3. The Players: Hooves - Ottomans Fanag - Castille Lordship - Portugal Seeker - France Koso - Hamburg Smith - Sweden Infinite - Poland Hippo - England Bear - The Papal States (turning Poland Protestant since 1444) No Map of the Start. My strategy in the first of the two sessions: regain lost territory and strengthen what I have: Next up: expanding my borders - I noticed Novgorod was still alive and next to me, so I might as well cut into Muscovy's future expansion: Next up: reconquering Moldova/Wallachia and getting to the Black Sea: I had some time to regroup and wait for truces to expires, so in the mean time I tried to help Koso with his coalition war: Now, for the Teutonic Order and the Baltics: I granted some of the provinces to Lithuania to reduce my own extension/coring cost. Map at the end of last week's session/beginning of yesterday's session: I spent the first portion of yesterday's session building up my econ and restoring my manpower, then I hit the Teutons: I finished Quantity and boosted my force limit, so I decided to build a stronger army: In anticipation of a war with Muscovy, which is not going great right now: I think I'll be able to fight Muscovy to a stalemate, then take some territories from the Livonian order, but we shall see in the next session.
  4. Masked!
  5. I missed this while I was away - welcome to TKR and glad to see you here!
  6. The Players: Hooves - Ottomans Fanag - Castille Lordship - Portugal Seeker - France Koso - some random OPM (bremen? Hamburg?) Smith - Sweden Infinite - Poland Hippo - England Bear - The Papal States (turning Poland Protestant since 1444) My Starting Spot: I fought a war with the Teutonic Order and went full retard in my peace deal (over extended/formed a coalition/didn't take the provinces needed so that I could form the PLC): Map at this point: THE BETRAYAL OF CATHOLICISM - tl dr, Bear funded rebels and killed my man power: Just in time for the coalition war against me : Luckily I still managed to annex Moldavia before they were released (what?). Hungary declared war on me while I was weak and I fought them to White Peace (only have 1 ss, ended up winning this battle when that 2k stack joined me): I have one other screenshot of England getting hit by a coalition war as well, I think Hippo had to cede his French territories in that one:
  7. If you guys decide to try to invade one of these games, I can't personally commit to the game. However, I can reorganize the forums/mask permissions to make things easier for you. Right now the three main subforums on our boards are: The Welcome Station The Knights Radiant P&W Alliance Sparring Grounds I'll add a board for whatever game is decide upon and can make masks/mods for the subforum etc
  8. I'm going to do another AAR, this time with a twist - I'm going to switch countries by vote at certain time points: 769 - Start of AAR 1000 - Switch #1 1200 - Switch #2 1400 - Switch #3 EU4 - Final Switch Poll for starting spots (post response) Ingria - Single Province in the Baltics Kiev - Two provinces/duchy in Eastern Europe Desmond - Single Province in Southern Ireland (I'd do a Republic, since I surprisingly haven't tried that play style yet) Marrakech - two provinces in northern africa (I haven't played as muslim yet/could be interesting) Turkish Steppes - 4 province Duchy (I haven't played as a nomad yet)
  9. 2015-2017 (Deleted in a forum mishap apparently)
  10. I admittedly took the tiers from a paradox subreddit :v
  11. et tu caeser penguin
  12. Could go as a secondary power in the HRE (Brandeburg/Bohemia/Savoy etc) - it doesn't look like we have anyone in the HRE right now. I'm personally trying to decide between Castille and Poland - will see how everyone else chooses I suppose
  13. Post which rule set you want to see (and the country you'd like) and that's what we'll go with. Going to try and throw together some base rules. We can do this a few ways: No rules on who to pick/ally - start in Europe/ME and go from there. Rules on who to start/reroll as - no rules on who to ally. Rules on who to start/reroll as - Tier One/Major Powers may only have one other Tier One Ally and one Tier Two Ally (going by starting spots). Tier One Nations - The major players - don't choose if you're going to miss out every other session. Tier Two Nations - Secondary Powers - Reroll nations/more of a challenge for people.
  14. We're going to try and start another round tomorrow at 10 pm EST
  15. Wednesday - 2/15 #23Maryland Northwestern 7:00 PM BTN #12Duke #14Virginia 9:00 PM Thursday - 2/16 #11Wisconsin Michigan 7:00 PM Friday - 2/17 Saturday -2/18 (GAME OF THE MONTH) #3Kansas #4Baylor 1:00 PM CBS Texas Tech #9West Virginia 2:00 PM #13Kentucky Georgia 6:00 PM #14Virginia #10North Carolina 8:15 PM Sunday - 2/19 #23Maryland #11Wisconsin 1:00 PM CBS Monday - 2/20 Miami #14Virginia 7:00 PM Tuesday - 2/21 #21South Carolina #15Florida 7:00 PM Wednesday - 2/22 #12Duke Syracuse 7:00 PM #8Louisville #10North Carolina 9:00 PM #24Butler #2Villanova 9:00 PM FS1 Thursday - 2/23 USC #5Arizona 10:00 PM PAC12 Friday - 2/24 Yale Harvard 7:00 PM Saturday -2/25 #15Florida #13Kentucky 2:00 PM CBS #20Creighton #2Villanova 3:00 PM FOX #6UCLA #5Arizona 8:15 PM Sunday - 2/26 Syracuse #8Louisville 2:00 PM CBS #24Butler Xavier 3:30 PM FS1 Monday - 2/27 #10North Carolina #14Virginia 7:00 PM #9West Virginia #4Baylor 7:00 PM Tusday - 2/28 #17Florida State #12Duke 7:00 PM Indiana #16Purdue 7:00 PM Wednesday - 3/1 Arkansas #15Florida 7:00 PM Thursday - 3/2 Friday - 3/3 Iowa State #9West Virginia 7:00 PM Saturday - 3/4 #25Notre Dame #8Louisville 2:00 PM CBS #12Duke #10North Carolina 8:15 PM