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  1. I'm an ENTJ, but the N and T are only slightly above 50%/I share some traits with the ESFJ's.
  2. you and thecreepylurker now have a mission
  3. boo Lonzo
  4. Woot Rickky Big Brother Infinite Citadel Augustus Caesar Hippo Lordship Deus Bear Azaghul Rin Chiron Schirminator ScherpDerp Japan77 Kayser Ernsters Cenna Hydraik John Henry Eden Abdul Emperor Penguin Milord Rook Bhuto Micchan
  5. Masked -
  6. Masked!
  7. Black Mambo by Glass Animals (They're similar to Alt-J)
  8. You've been masked, welcome to our forums!
  9. fear the legs
  10. The first book we will do is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson - the book this alliance is based off of (this was voted on though!). Feel free to discuss the book and your favorite parts here, but USE SPOILER TAGS.
  11. you're going down ms frizzle
  12. jokes on the others, I created the robots with this exact moment in mind
  13. Definitely!
  14. ayy
  15. I'm rooting for the winner of the celtics/wizards
  16. I got within 10k of the tanks destroyed leaderboard - now I'm 37k out
  17. @Micchan
  18. Welcome to the alliance
  19. especially since I'm the only one who can double post afaik
  20. may the shit posting commence
  21. I am honored to be an honorary forum fighter
  22. Very nice, I'm a big fan of CK2/EU4 in particularly (we have a decent stellaris/HOI4 contingent in here as well). Make sure to post an application and I'll get you processed:
  23. nothing wrong with shit posting :v