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  1. I'll throw 10 mil at the person with the best record: AFC: Oakland Raiders v. Houston Texans Miami Dolphins v. Pittsburgh Steelers NFC: Detroit Lions v. Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers v. New York Giants My predictions:
  2. The first book we will do is The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson - the book this alliance is based off of (this was voted on though!). Feel free to discuss the book and your favorite parts here, but USE SPOILER TAGS.
  3. Also: If I do end up winning, I will give the money to the #2
  4. my b, somehow missed one of your posts. Edit: I had you up there twice and didn't add your scores together
  5. Up next: AFC: Patriots v. Steelers NFC: Packers v. Falcons My Picks:
  6. Standings v2 (going by total wins, tie break = %)
  7. Post here if you have a question/idea for a poll, and I'll put it up for poll of the day~
  8. LEGS EMPIRE at the beginning of the game: LEGS EMPIRE now:
  9. I wonder who would steal more money from their alliance as a leader, Blackie or Rozalia?
  10. Next Up (not editing my post so my first picks stay there) AFC: Patriots v. Texans Chiefs v. Steelers NFC: Cowboys v. Packers Falcons v. Seahawks My Picks:
  11. Standings:
  12. Wth is your avatar
  13. Mistborn - The Final Empire The Devil in the White City The Prince Os Maias In the Heart of the Sea War and Peace Foundation Utopia The Way of Kings
  14. Taking the top 5 from each category: Read and recommend: Way of Kings - 5 Mistborn - 4 War and Peace - 3 The Prince - 3 The Devil in the White City - 3 Interested: Way of Kings - 8 Mistborn - 6 Foundation - 6 War and Peace = 5 The Devil in the White City - 5 Not interested: Os Maias - 7 War and Peace - 7 The Devil in the White City - 6 The Prince - 5 Utopia - 5 From the interested/recommended: Way of Kings -13 Mistborn - 10 War and Peace - 8 The Devil in the White City - 8\ Foundation - 6 The Prince - 3 Going to eliminate the three that had negative interest, leaving: Way of Kings Mistborn Foundation I'm going to say instead of a monthly poll with similar options, I'll just take the top 2-4 every time we have a poll: January Book of the Month: The Way of Kings Febuary Book of the Month: Foundation (swapping between fantasy/sci fi) March Book of the Month: Mistborn
  15. I'm more or less going to look at the poll results in a day or two, use the data and make a call using my best judgement -- in true dictator fashion
  16. COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS BACK Looking for good games to watch? Edit: The formatting fucked up when I posted - no idea how to fix it 11/29/16 (both on ESPN): #22Syracuse #17Wisconsin 7:30 PM Michigan State #5Duke 9:30 PM 11/30/16 (UNC-IU is my game of the week) #15Purdue #14Louisville 7:15 PM #3North Carolina #13Indiana 9:15 PM 12/1/16 Cincinnati #19Iowa State 9:00 PM 12/2/16 Alabama Texas 9:30 PM 12/3/16 (UK-UCLA will be high scoring/tempo, fun game to watch) #11UCLA #1Kentucky 12:30 PM CBS #25West Virginia #6Virginia 2:00 PM #8Gonzaga #16Arizona 5:30 PM 12/4/16 - no games worth watching, watch football instead 12/5/16 (I expect this game to be a blow out, but it's a throw back to the glory days of the Big East) #22Syracuse Connecticut 7:00 PM 12/6/16 #24Florida #5Duke 9:00 PM Texas Michigan 9:00 PM 12/7/16 Davidson #3North Carolina 9:00 PM 12/8/16 #19Iowa State Iowa 8:00 PM 12/9/16 - No games worth watching 12/10/16 #2Villanova Notre Dame 12:00 PM CBS Cincinnati #18Butler 4:30 PM FS1 Michigan #11UCLA 8:00 PM 12/11/16 Tennessee #3North Carolina 5:00 PM Alabama #23Oregon 6:00 PM 12/12/16 - nothing 12/13/16 Temple #2Villanova 7:00 PM FS1 12/14/16 - nothing 12/15/16 - nothing 12/16/16 - nothing 12/17/16 - Nothing was played during the week, because this Saturday is the best CBB Saturday of late 2016 - UK v. UNC will be the game of the Non Conference imo). Texas A&M #16Arizona 12:00 PM Georgetown #22Syracuse 12:00 PM #15Purdue Notre Dame 2:00 PM Ohio State #11UCLA 3:00 PM CBS #18Butler #13Indiana 5:00 PM BTN #3North Carolina #1Kentucky 5:45 PM CBS 12/18/16 #8Gonzaga Tennessee 4:00 PM 12/19/16 Stanford SMU 9:00 PM 12/20/16 #10Creighton Arizona State 9:00 PM 12/21/16 (Go CATS) #1Kentucky #14Louisville 7:00 PM Northern Iowa #3North Carolina 8:00 PM Clemson #20South Carolina 9:00 PM 12/22/16 - nothing 12/23/16 Auburn Connecticut 2:30 PM 12/24/16 - no games played 12/25/16 - no games played 12/26/16 - nothing 12/27/16 Michigan State Minnesota 9:00 PM 12/28/16 #6Virginia #14Louisville TBD Providence #7Xavier 7:00 PM #11UCLA #23Oregon 9:00 PM Cincinnati Temple 9:00 PM 12/29/16 #24Florida Arkansas 7:00 PM 12/30/16 #21Rhode Island Saint Louis 7:00 PM #25West Virginia Oklahoma State 4:00 PM #9Baylor Oklahoma 7:00 PM #20South Carolina Memphis 9:00 PM 12/31/16 #7Xavier Georgetown 11:00 AM FS1 #14Louisville #13Indiana 12:30 PM CBS #2Villanova #10Creighton 1:00 PM FS1 Florida State #6Virginia 2:00 PM
  17. Are you a UK fan?
  18. @Abdul
  19. Congrats to Carnage on his first place finish! Carnage Emperor Penguin IC themadstork
  20. I tried this last year when we were small, but I figure there might actually be enough people/interest this year. Who's up for a fantasy football league? Current List: Infinite Citadel Keshaun Galactic Manatee themadstork Sargun Husker Sam Adams Emperor Penguin Lordship Cenna carnage Lord Darien
  21. >Cardinals As a Reds fan, I think that makes us enemies
  22. merry xmas!
  23. I thought you had it!
  24. 1 down
  25. Anyone interested in playing EU4 once a week on a set night/time?