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  1. Being the Best Shitposter Ever....Hopin I make it in TKR.

  2. You know I will.
  3. Really? Is that the best shitposting you have??? I know I will son.
  4. Well, he's not good enough to be there, I own this bitch now.
  5. No, it's not, only for the "useful posters" is being King of Spam and Shitposting easy, now move over out of the throne, i'm King now.
  6. And by King of Spam, you mean me.
  7. I don't need your blessing, I have a pound of weed.
  8. She is not the chosen shitposter here in TKR....I am.
  9. Once I make it here, I will rise in the ranks of shitposting, doing more shitposts that you've ever seen before....