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  1. A person who was tricked by a broom.
  2. A person who is using the lords name in vain.
  3. A Thai bear who understands the beauty in brooms and blue walls.
  4. A person who clearly doesn't appreciate the artistic value of a blue brick wall and a broom on a skin coloured background and has corrected me.
  5. I decided to tell everyone who I am, instead of a message that looks like I'm begging to join. Ive divided this up into two parts: one of them is IG stuff and the other RL stuff. IG: a breakaway state, in Gibraltar (well close enough...)which is a dictatorship, led by yours truely. (Ps, the name Simon Susarte, ain't my real name, it's actually based off A gibraltarian. here's the wiki article:ón_Susarte) IRL I'm an Aussie, (sadly...) i live in the country and am in my finishing years of school. I love history, it's the one thing in the world that I link to everything I do. i can speak a bit of German, enough to have a basic conversation. I enjoying reading an extent, and have loved Star Wars since i was a wee lil lad. I normally try to MC and stagehand for school events as well. I also play some Vidya games on steam (if you feel like adding me feel free too do so, link: Anways that's pretty much all there is to know about me.
  6. A person who doesn't realise that they are a pack of wolfs and shouldn't be able to type.
  7. A Croat without a coat, probably not living on the coast :p.
  8. I'm pretty sure that there Maybe one in development. (Pretty sure I saw it on the P&W Facebook page, though am not certain.
  9. Hello, very new player of politics and war here. Plaining on joining Knights Radiant as well. anways, there isn't much about me, I'm on steam and I play total war games if that's reverent. oh and I'm Australia.