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  1. Welcome the TKR forums! I am too a fan of 40s- early 60s music, oh and fallout as well! (I love me some swing!) Also Noël Coward is pretty amazing. He did a lot of War time music during WWII and is bloody hilarious! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  2. Well. Bash someone's skull in piss in public. Travel the world get drunk and die before the world ends.
  3. Ohh I would, but it's just a susgestion for if someone else wants to do it.
  4. Alright as you can tell from the title, I'm in need of some to do an interview with. The question that I have been given to investigate is "difficulties in communication across different cultures" We will have to use Skype for this interview. Thank you guys! If your interested just tell me a bit about yoruself, (where your from, cultural back ground, primary language, etc.) (Can't be Australian sorry mates)
  5. Best starwars legends character! Bests starwars canon Character!
  6. I don't see Darth Vader.
  7. Welcome to TKR! (orphan black is amazing!)
  8. Welcome to TKR! Also, bi-sexural here too
  9. I feel offended. Why should i ignore this? IS THERE A CONSPIRACY GOING ON!
  10. Well so far, it's been my ability to get (somewhat) over my anxiety and autism!
  11. A person who was tricked by a broom.
  12. A person who is using the lords name in vain.
  13. A Thai bear who understands the beauty in brooms and blue walls.
  14. A person who clearly doesn't appreciate the artistic value of a blue brick wall and a broom on a skin coloured background and has corrected me.