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  1. World War II

    How would the world be today if D-day failed? What would have happened who would win what's the outcome?
  2. The Grand Collapse

    Effective immediately all Caledonian forces are being handed over to The great Brittian Atlantis. Caledonia has taken a hard fall due to (blank).
  3. Sphenisca's News!

    Hell no
  4. Military Credit Request

    (5) Supply wagons= 50 (2) Heavy Swordsmen= 30 (1) Halberdier= 5 (1) Foot Transport Ship= 250 (1) Carack= 1000 (400) Spearmen= 200 Total= 1535 credits
  5. Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    When the scouts returned with the news Emperor Cenna sent the full force of his army in now a 1000 total of Spearman into c23. He promised his men each a piece of gold for each member of their house if they could take this land. Cenna was very well known for his generosity but don't take him for granted because he was in fact still a mighty Emperor.
  6. Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

  7. Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    The emperor had rode in with his men to the newly claimed land and sent a spy into the lands boardering it to discover what was on the lands filled with gold. spying on plot c23
  8. Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    Cenna seeing the other side of the board on his new lands got excited and thirsty, but he knew better than to order an invasion without knowing that lands so he decides to wait til he could build his forces up. He sends his remaining Spearmen 955 in total to the newly claimed beachhead and has begun to plot his invasion.
  9. Military Credit Request

    Nation Name: Caledonia Spearmen - 900- 450 Spy- 1- 50
  10. Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    I want C25 The Caledonia Navy being the fiercest of all the sees was sent out on an expedition to Northern Iberia. The ships wrapped around the peninsula until they found a spot to land, It took about 7 months. Within a few days the camps were fully set up. only about 45 of the total army went but the ships heavily beat out any opposition.
  11. NATION NAME Caledonia CAPITAL: Adrenia (AI) LEADER: Emperor Cenna Alexander Norte GOVERNMENT TYPE: Monarchy CURRENCY: Norte (1ň is the equivalent of 9.43 SUM) GDP per capita: 14ň GDP: 19.89million ň POPULATION: 1,743,281 ARMED FORCES Caledonian Royal Guard STANDING MILITARY: ground: 1400×Spearman= 700 credits(.5 per unit) 2x Heavy Swordsmen= 30credits (15 per unit) 5x supply wagons=50credits(10 per unit) 1x Halberdier= 5credits (5 per unit) navy: 2×Carack=2000credits (1000 per unit) 2×Foot transport ships =500 credits(250 per unit) 4×COG=800 credits(200 per unit) 1×CARAVEL=400 credits (400 per unit) BUILDINGS: 1×Military Dock=500 credits (500 per unit) 2×Wooden Fort(free) 1×Barracks(free) 1×Stable(free) =used FLAG: ALLIES: ENEMIES: LAWS: -Slavery: Slavery is illegal -Religion: There is an official religion but it's not mandatory to follow. -Women: Women are allowed anywhere -Alcohol: Only adults can drink alcohol -Voting (rare if at all): All adults can vote (as long as they show an ID tag to prove they are a Caledonian Citizen) -Labor: Legal to begin work at any age and end work at any age under own discretion. TAX: Everyone is taxed a flat 25% government tax BUDGET: Overall budget: 4,972,500ň per 5 days IRL Bank right now: 4,972,500ň
  12. The Russian Federation Factbook

    this is an extremely brief summary and more or less to get something down (it does not include our nation of Egypt yet) Economy: National Bank: $3,577,000,000,000 Annual Income: $200,000,000,000 Foreign Reserve: $400,000,000 (About 0.2% of our annual income) Military: Total population: 142,423773 Active military: 766,055 Active military reserve: 2,485,000 15,398 Tanks 2,189 Fighter Aircraft 1715 Helicopters 352 Navy Vessels including 1 aircraft carrier, 60 subs, and 45 mine warfare vessels 10,110,000 bbl/day in oil production 75,430,000 labor force 1,218 airports $46,6000,000,000 annual defense budget (fifth highest in the world) Total nukes are about 7100 Foreign affairs of Russia: Owns: Russia Egypt Protecting: Iran North Korea Ukraine ALLIES: Belarus China India Syria NAPs there are some major inconsiinconsistencies in this but it's more over just a basic set up of our nation until we finish the completed version.
  13. Trump

    Considering how enraged some people are when they hear his name is figured I'd make a debate for the guy. Do you think trump is a racist or is it his haters who are racist. How would you feel about a trump presidency? What is it that actually makes him all that bad? What's good and what's bad about his policies?
  14. Trump

    It may just be me but I can't wrap my mind around how so many people can support someone who approved upwards of $165 billion worth of commercial weapons sales to some 20 different Shariah nations in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. I get that benghazi and her emails are overused but seriously if she can't be trusted with classified information. If she'd rather put guns in the enemies hands and preach that they are bad then she don't need to be in office.
  15. Trump

    http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2016/03/31/donald-trump-sure-might-use-nuclear/ Honestly I agree with him not to use nukes but to not leave it out of the question. And if you read the dialogue he didn't say he would with out a doubt use them he said he wouldn't leave it out of the question. As well as mentioning he'd be very slow and hesitant to use it. Honestly say he did get president all the nations by this now know that we've got a president not to mess with which is what we need considering Putin and Russia and then China in the south China Sea. To me I'm voting not for the fact that he's not Hillary Clinton but because he's firm with what he says and as said earlier by Patrick I believe we need someone the world looks at knows that he won't back down.
  16. Trump

    And what's different with hillary? How will he create ww3? By being firm in his opinions? Honestly America needs someone to be firm rather than flopping all over the place to get money from lobbyists. Honestly this went better than I thought it would everytime I've met someone who didn't like Trump they would scream and yell racist or "he's hitler". in my personal opinion it's not trump supporters who are hateful but trump haters who are hateful.
  17. WW1

    What do you think would happen if peace was never signed and war continued from the stalemate?
  18. WW1

    What do you think would happen if peace was never signed and war continued from the stalemate?
  19. Cold war

    What would likely happen if the Cuban missile crisis turned into warfare. Pan out your idea of the rest of the war. Who wins? who joins? Where will war breakout? ect
  20. Cold war

    I can agree to that but I feel like Africa would be somewhat untouched unless someone decided the whole world should end we would likely see the world living through the African continent and or possibly the south American continent
  21. Abortion

    Should abortions be legal? Should it only be acceptable in specific cases? Is it truly the woman's choice? Is the infant even a life? Realize this is a very touchy subject and should be carefully debated in that no slandering name calling ect. Be professional and submit your opinion. If you disagree with someone say so and tell us why.
  22. Abortion

    I am against abortion because there's always another way. It's a human life no matter what stage. My argument Is "two dead things can't make a living thing" let me explain. If two dead cows sperm and egg are combined a calf will not be made the same can be said for a human thus proving the sperm and the egg are a living being at conception. Another look is that a single celled organism on Mars means; life on Mars! life on mars! We don't even know that that life would be anything other than a cell but a baby that we know if left alone will become a human is not life until a certain point? Yes it's inside the woman but if someone stabs her stomach they get charged for 2 accounts of murder. Abortion is a very disgusting act. If the baby is to big (when the brain is developed) they rip the baby apart in the womb peice by peice ripping the arms and legs then the head and eventually pulling it out. That would be considered torture in all other instances but not for a baby.
  23. WWIII

    What would the result be if WW3 started in the middle east? Who would be on what side? Are there more than 2 sides? What would happen with ISIS (this is implying it started the moment you read this). Will nukes be a way of war? Take it as far as you feel possible but be prepared to have it debated. Debate in a clean and fair manner.
  24. World War II

    Haha I'll post a debate every other day until we can see how things turn out