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  1. introducation

    I think you are eligible, but Schirmie and Mitsu have the final say on that. For the objectives, they will respond when they get online and see your post. Also, feel free to drop by in Slack for any problems/queries, we don't mind helping you, and people will respond quicker
  2. introducation

  3. introducation

    Welcome Force! Where in Egypt are you from?
  4. Hey there

    Welcome Azi! Hope you like how the game ticks and stick around!
  5. Greetings

    Welcome to TKR! Hope you stick around
  6. Qovvo!

    Nice ^^
  7. Qovvo!

    Welcome, Qovvo Stoneward! Where are you from IRL?
  8. Greetings from Talus

    Welcome home, Talus Many of us here are CN vets, but I don't know if we have anybody that played Utopia. Let's hope you like the plumbing here!
  9. Hellooo

    Welcome ^^ Where are you from?
  10. Hello, I'm new!

    Welcome along, Raiden! Where are you from?
  11. Hello

    Welcome Colin! Excited to have you join! Like TheCreepyLurker said, please be sure to leave an application here following the format provided here.
  12. Hello!

    Hello, Stick! What are we gonna do with you? PS: Welcome to the community!
  13. With no disrespect intended, are we going to continue the interview, or has it ended?

    1. SaintlyBloody


      We are continuing it. Wait for someone to get available and ask more questions. Check back later in the day.

    2. Platinum


      Okay, thank you.

  14. nvm i not in yoru allince :( sadly bye i miss u 

    1. empire of blue fox tribe

      empire of blue fox tribe

      hey i going try again. I will get in here til death maybe beyond death :) i will always try never giving up

  15. heey sanity blood can I finish my interview

    i need this alliance to be protected so can u plz give me the rest and i will answer