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  1. HBO's showrunners are American, it is made by an American company, and the owner of that company is also American :v
  2. Game of Thrones is an American show buddy
  3. What is TGoT?
  4. NATO =/= EU
  5. nah dude video is unwatchable
  6. 480p video? tinny audio? PAPYRUS FONT? shit video 2/10
  7. You're missing my boi Keanu
  8. 1. Maybe sleep some more 2. Sleep a bit longer 3. Sleep some more, since life is meaningless 4. Maybe watch DBZ? 5. Go back to sleep
  9. If you were on Slack this wouldn't have happened
  10. If you were on Slack this wouldn't have happened
  11. "instead of ham" Ham isn't good sandwich food so the wish is even better. Thanks! You receive the 1000:1 military destroyed/lost ratio, but only because you kill 1,000 soldiers and lose 1 in your only battle of the war. I wish I wish I was a fish.
  12. Your wish is granted - a potato turns as perverted as the sentence fragment "I like chips" is; that is to say, not at all. I wish for a tasty sandwich.
  13. what a shit year
  14. The Iron Giant is the pinnacle of animated filmmaking
  15. i once told a client that we had a system outage which is why he couldn't get data and nothing could be done about it the reality is that i didn't feel like fixing his problem (which was a vpn timeout access error) and since he would be in the office the next day he wouldn't get the same problem