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  1. y'all need to stop with these terrible polls of the day, fix y'alls shit fools
  2. 65% projection, which can go up or down a bit but will ultimately be in that ballpark. Thank god.
  3. Centrism is exactly what France and Europe as a whole needs right now. Macron is smart, young, politically motivated, and has evidence-based policy to back it up. Le Pen is a fucking moron riding a wave of racism to the headlines.
  4. a racist
  5. I try my best
  6. Reagan is possibly the worst President of the last fifty years. His incredibly backwards, racist policies on drugs - and law & order in general - set minority communities back decades, intensifying the War on Drugs even though he didn't start it. By ramping up uneven, subjective enforcement of drug laws in mostly poor and minority communities he is one of many Presidents who is directly responsible for the fragmented and destructive social fabric that plagues many minority communities as a result of a large number of their young men and women being thrown in prison for non-violent offenses. Popularizing voodoo economics and giving us the false notion of trickle-down success was the beginning of the end for the American middle and lower classes. His tax cuts - and ramped up military spending - destroyed the US budget and led to no long-term economic health in this country. Instead, he rode the wave of a natural boom economy and credited his tax cuts, ushering in an era where the American people watched their wealth transfer from the poor to the rich. He had a dangerous view on the environment - much like how our current President denies climate change as an issue, Reagan dismissed acid rain as an issue and slashed funding for defeating it because it would hurt jobs. He slashed the EPA's budget by a third and staffed the EPA from enforcing regulation to cooperating with industry to get around any actual regulation. He even rigged Superfund grants to only go to Republican-controlled districts to help Republican elections, thus allowing toxic waste to contaminate poor and minority communities over politics. He continued the decline of the American education system by halving the federal share of education spending, removing language education, and even attempting to destroy the Department of Education entirely. And let's not forget that he was opposed to gay rights and completely dropped the ball on AIDS. Reagan's foreign policy set up an increasing number of issues; while he successfully intervened in Angola (which lasted ~20 years until his supported group faded), he gave lip service to fighting apartheid and supported Suharto's terror regime in Indonesia, including drastically increasing arm sales. Let's not forget his disastrous, illegal support of the contras of Nicaragua! Boy, I sure do love Iran-Contra and the treason of American government officials. Let's not forget supporting the genocide in Guatemala or funding the mujahideen to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. There are very few good things about Reagan's presidency; he did intervene in some countries that ultimately turned out for the better, but the overall cost to America and its foreign interests were far too high.
  7. wow i'm right here
  8. i'm the best arouuuuuuuuund
  9. Yes, albeit I await the day when it will no longer be necessary.
  10. I know what he's referring to - but bringing up US internment camps as if they were anywhere NEAR close to the Holocaust is either being willingly ignorant of history or intentionally disingenuous. I learned about this shit in elementary school, middle school, and high school in public school in one of the worst public school systems in the country. Sounds more like you had bad teachers as opposed to us "barely acknowledging" it since we have movies, tv shows, plays, and books about the topic, it's taught in our schools, and you can't even discuss world war 2 or war crimes in general without someone bringing it up.
  11. remind me again when americans rounded up everyone in the internment camps and gassed them
  12. "where's the bomb" is not a situation in which you torture someone, because bombs don't work that way "where's the training camp" is not a situation in which you torture someone, because they'll just lie - this has happened over and over "what's the password" is not a situation in which you torture someone, because there are other, more productive ways to get it to work torture does not work.
  13. itc: everyone is right except woot
  14. when you have to line your enemies up and kill them you should probably not be remembered as a hero just a thought