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  1. what a shit year
  2. The Iron Giant is the pinnacle of animated filmmaking
  3. i once told a client that we had a system outage which is why he couldn't get data and nothing could be done about it the reality is that i didn't feel like fixing his problem (which was a vpn timeout access error) and since he would be in the office the next day he wouldn't get the same problem
  4. A re-read? Don't mind if I do.
  5. While I'm not against War and Peace on principle, the length of it makes it ... difficult for a book club
  6. We do want you. So join! Nothing is stopping you. :3
  7. Azaghul and Optima? let's wreck shit
  8. Awesome. I saw @emperorpenguin already applied. More faces for the game would be wonderful.
  9. Note - don't be fooled by the URL. It's not affiliated with SK, it's just hosted by someone who hosts SK's boards. The main person who ran the RP used to be in SK and now is in The Syndicate. It's completely separate from alliance affiliation. SKRP (we want to change the name but we're lazy) is a nation-state roleplaying game with well thought out mechanics, a point system, incentives to RP, a long-lasting community (over 2/3 years), a sizeable GM team to resolve conflicts, and a high quality of writing. We have an interview process to weed out people who are just trolls or who don't know how to conduct themselves, so you'll be around people who at the very least are not going to quit after a week. In addition, the game doesn't completely change every month or so, and we give time for people who are away, so there's not pressure to do a bunch of things very swiftly. You can RP at your own pace. I highly recommend anybody even half serious who wants to RP to join, as I would love to get some new blood involved. Oh, yeah, we also have an IRC channel and a discord. You get access to both once you join and they're both active daily.
  10. How did Bhuto get in best fighter but not me? wtf
  11. Sons of Azaghul! Of Dalinar! My brothers! I see in your nose the same stench that would take the heart of me! A day may come when the shitposting of Sargun fails, when we forsake our humor and break all bonds of autism. But it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shitposts when the age of Sargun comes crashing down! But it is not this poll! This poll we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand! Men of the Legs! For Frodo Sargun.
  12. You don't say "today is 21 October" you say "today is October 21st" that means the way we write dates is totally normal