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  1. Why are you a weeaboo
  2. English, passable Dutch
  3. it's harder to make them reach the entire edge without sacrificing image quality, or I could just crop it down for you
  4. here is the raw link if you want it
  5. As opposed to Communism, which never had corruption? Stalin's purges would disagree. "The communist regimes were all neck in neck as technologically advanced and productive as the capitalist ones." I don't know, only one country put men on the moon. o/ \o
  6. Please explain how capitalism has failed. Note: you can't.
  7. Render unto Caesar, my friend.
  8. Both. Trotsky deserved his fate. Good man. If capitalism has failed why don't you move to Somalia?
  9. Why is Communism a failure? Please not that any responses that imply Communism is not a failure will be discarded.
  10. The death penalty does not work. It does not decrease crime. It does not make us safer. It costs more money. It is barbaric and inhumane. You are giving authority to the state to execute people who are innocent of crimes because the justice system is not perfect. You can ostensibly "fix" a 40 year illegal prison sentence by letting them out, giving them so much money they can retire for life, and moving on. You cannot fix a dead man. There is no justification for the death penalty and anyone who argues otherwise does not care about money, public safety, or criminal justice.
  11. if you actually believe this you're dumb
  12. Muff cabbage? lmaooo I'm sorry about Scotland
  13. Howdy. Tell me a good nickname! Let's take a break from the serious business of the past few weeks.
  14. remove spaghett