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  1. I take it you haven't seen Spirited Away? Because that is one of the best animations of all time.
  3. Favorite game made before 2010
  4. I just realized that I like all the marvel movies I've seen. This is really weird because almost all the superhero movies before the official marvel ones were complete shit. Iron Man is still my favorite, because it released during that time when I was really into building stuff, and the movie put a lot of focus into that. I think even Zuckerberg was partly inspired by the movie to build his AI thing.
  5. Damn, the worst I ever did was 16 hours. Sleep at 8 wake up 10 am. I had been up like 48 hours finishing my thesis at that time.
  6. Ohh! I just realized I had an old save and can post up NPC empires that I know of. Not going to post other human empires, opsec and all that.
  7. Reptoid Caliphate had a good start. Plenty of open space, extremely good choice of planets. Strong research and plentiful oil energy. Neighboring them to the edge of the galaxy were the LEGS EMPIRE and some dumb humans (Darien). To the bottom of the galaxy were some pacifists and some other backwater civ. Advanced empires were further away. We found an Infinity Machine nearby. Didn't have time to research it - just as my 5 star scientist got there, a Fallen Empire requested her as tribute. Then the Infinity Machine was destroyed by some idiot (probably the humans). A little bit later, we discovered remnant shrines of some old gods. The entire population started worshipping them, creating a religious schism of Fanatic Spiritual + Collectivist raptors. To spread our spiritual enlightenment, we have invited all our neighbors to convert to Dio. Some of our neighbors towards the center of the galaxy agreed. These was this friendly spiritual empire with the same symbols and some four-handed humans under a Kosonome Empire. Reptoid Caliphate happily agreed to protect these enlightened people. The LEGS EMPIRE and the two handed humans almost took offense at our requests to convert, talking about independence or something. Darien freaked out when he saw some Reptoid corvettes near his border. He destroyed a frontier outpost and treatied every AI civilization nearby. In his haste, he chose some pretty bad allies. LEGS was a little smarter. He got a protector and then upgraded it to defensive pact with an actual technologically advanced empire. One of our allies attacked one of those terrible empires that Darien was allied to and triggered a large scale war. Sand Raptors (Rin) + Fancy Spiritual Empire (AI) vs Two handed humans (Darien) + Dumb primitive empire (AI) Who will triumph? Stay tuned for the next episode!
  8. tbh I liked many of the sequels, but would never watch again. It's more an epilogue than a sequel. Except Aladdin. Aladdin had the best sequels. Well, maybe this is just opinion and we should do a poll to decide the best/worst Disney sequel.
  9. Library? What's that?
  10. Well the game was a lot more entertaining with Blackie in power. Correlation != Causation though
  11. Do you actually watch all these movies? Seems like torture to watch so many.
  12. Amazon doesn't deliver it to my area.
  13. The Prince is a rather poor book to take seriously. I feel like it's more satire than advice. If you want to go for a war book, Sun Tzu's Art of War or Greene's 33 Strategies of War are much more detailed and apply to the modern world (i.e. one not as dependent on mercenaries) I'd kinda recommend Lovecraft or the Conan stories, because all of them are really short and can fit our limited time.
  14. 1. Own $100k of stocks in a company somewhere. Either starting team in a startup or be a grunt in a really large one. 2. No more than 10 hours/week masturbating. 3. Spend at least 5 hours per $1 spent on a game. 4. Put something like 1,000 hours into mastering one game, preferably a competitive social one.
  15. You guys must be making bank with the new war system looting 30%, along with not having to hold back on ground attacks.