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  1. Where do I sign up? Guerrilla wars with no goals sounds like a lot of fun.
  2. Road Rash. idk why. Was the only thing I played with the emulator besides Tekken
  3. oh that is a good story
  4. oh lol LE is still around?
  5. Yes. CB: weapons of mass destruction
  6. I don't mind. I mean for example, every time you make a police report, it's tracked and used for data - where, when, what, just not always who. It's usually the who that creeps people.
  7. A lot of that is anonymized data. So they will probably sell info like a 3 person household uses this much energy and when. But rarely the names and people involved. Statistics/big data is nice in that way. Big difference to wiretapping where they track what you say about your boss. It's much less damage if they're just running numbers on how many people talk shit about their bosses. Or Google and Facebook's business model is finding out that you have a stamp collection habit and then selling your personal info to people who want to look for stamp collectors.
  8. Well more that you can actually avoid corporations doing it. I personally absolutely hate LinkedIn's privacy policies and boycott that. If you don't like Google doing what they do, you have the option of DuckDuckGo. Don't like Chrome, use Tor. But if you don't like the US government reading your emails, you can't practically move to Norway or whatever. These things take months and force you away from family. It's not like changing your email provider. But if it were something you can't avoid, like banks or utilities, it would be a very bad thing.
  9. Riyadh weather is fun now. Coldest and wettest it's been in months and then goes to 42 C for the rest of the week.
  10. That's exactly the problem isn't it? If everyone does it, there's not a lot of places left to move to. The same principle applies to every other rights violation. If some governments decide it's fine to strip search people in airports, it will become the norm.
  11. I thought she was one of the best prime ministers. One of the very few who did what she thought was right and not what was popular.
  12. It's not good for the people in rich countries who are below average skill, but good for everyone else.
  13. USA military wins, no discussion
  14. Venezuela appears to be a really messed up, poorly governed country too. Idk about Colombia, but that loses points in my book.
  15. Obviously the legs between the legs.