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  1. I think he played it smart by implementing the most controversial moves as early as possible, giving him more time to recover before the next election. He pushed stability from +3 to +2 but it's something the US can afford. We'll see whether his policies are successful in a few years, long before his term is over, and it'll give him time to turn things around if needed. Trump's style has always been very bombastic and intimidating. He is the kind of businessman who moves fast, thinks later, and even then he thinks in the short term. I don't know why anyone would expect anything less. He seems to be taking a really big gamble with his policies here, again a reasonable move from a businessman. People are just used to being governed by politicians who always play it as safe as possible. Either he wins big or loses big.
  2. There's this too: http://www.firstpost.com/business/donald-trumps-h1-b-visa-proposal-will-have-repercussions-for-the-us-too-say-experts-3240302.html H1B visas being increased to a minimum salary of $130k. Nearly 80% of the US economy is service based. This is going to have insane repercussions throughout the US. H-1B is your skilled labor visa. These are your programmers, architects, dentists, doctors, mining engineers, consultants, researchers. To stay ahead of every other country in service quality, Americans hire the best people from all over the world. I'd expect skilled people to go to other countries instead - Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan. India has been teetering close to superpower status; it's just that their best people have been going to the US. Now that it's harder to export workers to the US, we might see Bangalore replace Silicon Valley as the tech capital of the world. The average senior engineer salary in SF is $110k, not far from the $130k. But you'd have to consider people working in other cities like Chicago which can't afford anywhere near $130k salary. And this also means that they can't import high potential talent at a lower price. I'm really interested in where this ends up. Could be really good or really bad.
  3. Post US Election 2016

    Doubt it. That's what he wants people to think - everything was terrible and everything will be changed. But Obama has done a lot of good stuff he won't change.
  4. Hello from John Coulson

    Hey, welcome!
  5. An Interesting Story in Short

    There are at least 4 major religions in India
  6. Hai

    Oh get used to Sheepy throwing in "features" that nobody likes without testing. I have about 200k food. Could toss you some if I weren't in vacation mode. Make any resource you like, sell it then buy food. It's far more effective at your land size.
  7. Hai

    Dick jokes are only acceptable on Slack and certain embassies. Oh don't worry about that. We're not really accepting new members for the next few weeks so of course you can stay an applicant for a while!
  8. Oh. Hai.

    Oh wow. I go on vacation a couple weeks and the other oathgaters somehow let you in. Just kidding. Welcome!
  9. Greetings

    There's plenty others - Koso, Walling, Rickky, Bear, so on...
  10. Hello and salute!

    Hello and welcome! Be sure to sign up for Slack when you get accepted. That's where all the fun is
  11. Greetings

    Oh don't worry. I got into a global war a few days into the game. At bottom tier it's practically a raid.
  12. Greetings

    It's always a great time for war in TKR. Like a festival, only several days long.
  13. Greetings

    Hello and welcome! Which alliance were you in CN?
  14. Greetings!

    Confirmed middle east :v