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  1. In today's more liberal climate, it looked a lot like racism. And we can't say it worked because nothing happened. But we had something similar go on in Malaya. Shortly after WW2, Malaya picked up the communist bug. Most of it was by Chinese immigrants, because the other races didn't take too well to the atheism requirement. So when guerilla fighters started shooting at them, the British chose to round up all Chinese and put them in "New Villages". The villages also had poor living conditions, but the rushed nature these things were set up means there was no other way. The technique was very effective in stopping communism in the region and starved off guerrilla support of supplies. After the communist emergency, the villages later grew into notable housing districts. Maybe a bit different because the British tried to make them as comfortable as possible to win over the hearts of communist sympathizers.
  2. It's hard to justify that the native americans owned the land just because they were there first. The American imperialists had superior technology, planned to do something with it, and had the right to conquest. It turned out to be the best move for the rest of the world as well - we probably wouldn't have the Internet yet if they didn't do it. If aliens decided to colonize Earth one day but modernized it by a few centuries, I wouldn't really oppose it.
  3. Carpet bombing is generally really bad. Like people keep saying nukes are bad but these things kill more people and infra. But again, in retrospect you can say that something is a bad or good idea. They don't really know what would happen next. What other fronts would they lose or win? What if the Germans retake the city? They might not even know that the war was "easy to win". p/s make more polls
  4. I lost my epic XCOM 2 ironman run too
  5. I think it's one of those things which is lost to history because it's only decided by the people who write the records. There's probably more to the story than we'll ever know. And there's something odd about history that regardless of whether or not they were murdered, they're all long dead by now.
  6. Lol why did I never notice you here? Eve is kinda like heroin. One of those things I'd really like to try some day but am smart enough not to. Or at least not desperate enough yet. Good point. I played it mostly solo. Went on and off a few years. Each time getting fucked over by someone whose "brother" kept sending big armies after me, all legally. Yeah it was the pacing that put me off. It's not bad with the synchronization we can pull off with TKR - basically just hang out on Slack all day and ping people to do something. The reason I wanted more land was because there was nothing else to do. And honestly, we're pretty good roleplayers. Look at that Dalinar guy who decided to build a whole fucking alliance to roleplay with. I have over a decade serious roleplay experience; it's not bad at all if you're not with people who force their own expectations on you.
  7. A lot of the military positioning happened long before the Syrian civil war. Of course the US doesn't want a war. A war with Russia would be heavily unbalanced against them. A war they can't win would likely go nuclear.
  8. Wait, I worded that wrong lol. I meant it doesn't serve much purpose any more because NATO has been half-assed about it. That seems to be Putin's plan. There's not too much political gain by grabbing former USSR nations. But NATO is a threat to USSR's influence. Most of his actions amount to bullying. 'Accidentally' getting caught sending troops across the border. Military exercises. Turning off radio on the planes that fly into East European airspace. All these actions that are outright hostile but not enough to declare war over. Putin doesn't want a war. He can't win a war. He just wants to pull the teeth out of NATO and get NATO-US to fight over an issue none of them want to deal with.
  9. NATO was just meant to counter the USSR. It doesn't serve much purpose anymore, which is why they've been rather half-assed about enforcing it.
  10. Rigged poll lol. EU doesn't rely that much on the US for security. If we're talking something like Singapore or Israel, maybe. Trump seems to be drumming up this idea that the US is some guardian of the world when the rest of the world sees them as a benevolent rogue.
  11. It's like prostitution. When they do it once, they're open to doing it more often, especially when it works. Credits used to be capped at around 5/month too I think. Something pretty similar. Turn based. Persistent world. Diminishing returns, forcing veterans to invest in newbies. I really loved how tech deals worked in CN and am a bit disappointed there's nothing similar here. The mechanics should also reward teamwork, communication, and cooperation. And as stated before, there's a limit to how much time and money you can spend on the game. So winning doesn't necessarily mean putting in 5 hours/day, $50/month.
  12. Some recent attempts on what didn't work out: Foxhole - Overall really nice potential. But what sucked is that you only get as much resources as you're willing to click. It makes me really appreciate that P&W automines bauxite and whatever. Travian/similar - Need to be active 24/7. And quite pay 2 win. Might & Fealty - Similar to this game in a number of ways, but their payment system was absolute shit. Basically their subscription players get to make multis, and so much of the game and lands is run and conquered by multis, instead of being reliant on teamwork. I think the best fit for this community is something with a cap on time and money spent. Travian-likes are bad because part of winning is spending more money than the next guy. RuneScape is bad because if you grind more hours you're further ahead. P&W is nice because people can go in and out of activity. Like you literally can't spend 10 hours a day on P&W, even if you're Woot or Koso. My primary concern is that it's secretly dropping the money cap. Before this, it's just prohibitively expensive to spend money to win - cash was just donations. If credit prices don't drop, people can just get ahead by paying. I heard Guild Wars is pretty good because it's pay one shot and there's a limit to how much you can grind. I think we're open to stuff - survival, RPG, whatever. The Paradox multiplayers were successful for good reason. Persistent world is a plus. I think a few people didn't really want more nation builders, because it grows tiring after years.
  13. Tbf, Lordaeron had a lot of trouble with TFP.
  14. That's an odd mix of first and second tier. Like Mamluks can 1v1 Ottomans pre-jannisary. Portugal was a superpower in EU3, not sure about this one. Timurids never seems to get anywhere. I'd say limit on reroll and not allies. If people want to hugbox and play PvE that's fine. If Darien wants to be a dick, that's fine too. Unlike P&W, there's restarts when things go wrong. Also lol what's the point of one person playing Asia. Might as well single player. You can always go for a fringe nation like Mali or Ethiopia. Anyway, I'll likely miss this, working on some side projects atm. Maybe next round.
  15. V-Day feels artificial. It's more like "pay attention to your neglected significant other day". (not salty)