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  1. It was an obvious opening, but first to it gets the rep.
  2. set cash and resource taxes to 0% please
  3. I'll vouch that the elite and ivy leagues are well worth what you pay for. But it depends on what you want to do with your life. Want to get married, make lots of money, live happily with a spouse and kids? Don't bother with the expensive colleges. Want to look cool and show off? Don't need a good degree either. Just sell kebabs then buy a BMW with the money. Want to work for Google or NASA? You can get a six figure job with just a typical good degree. Great degrees help, but only by like 10%-30% faster in getting accepted. It makes the job easier but you can always bleed on the job as well. As an employer, I'd say GPA and school is just a couple lines on your CV. Of course we take someone who barely passed a MIT engineering degree over someone with 4.0 on a shitty engineering degree. But if you somewhere mid range, like RIT, a 2.8 gpa might qualify for interview. But after 5 years working experience, people aren't really going to look at that. It's more like, "Hey this guy is from MIT, let's just call him for interview despite these typos." Where it matters a lot is if you want a job with a solid foundation. If you fancy a career designing really hard things - satellites, weird looking skyscrapers, killer drones... that's where you want an elite degree. It's more for those who are literally obsessed with a narrow field. Not for those who want to be the best, but more the crazy ones like Newton who would dedicate their life to researching alchemy or theology without knowing whether it goes anywhere.
  4. Too painful and requires friends. Online wargaming or single player is the only thing for me.
  5. If they rebelled and split, it's pretty clear it's not justified. Revolutions are hard work, violent ones even more so. While the taxes on the British Isles were much lower, they felt the results of those taxes. People tend to get pissed when they're overtaxed but don't get much out of it.
  6. One nickname I'm not willing to share was because I had an unhealthy obsession with bots back in school.
  7. Has Russia ever lost a war?
  8. Cheap? Yes. Free? No. Whenever it's free, everyone just goes into college because there's nothing to lose. They don't appreciate it because they don't bleed for it. They end up taking something like 5 years of engineering and then selling cakes, just because their parents forced them to do a degree that they didn't want. It costs the government a lot. It wastes time (years!) for these graduates. It creates a shitty workforce that doesn't care enough about their career path. It locks out late bloomers who are sincerely interested in a major but didn't have good enough grades. It also has a detrimental effect on the college itself. They are limited in how much they can charge and thus how much they can pay the staff. Free colleges usually can't pay the insane super genius rates something like Harvard or Cambridge would.
  9. Do tell us the details. It would be nice to know the experience of someone who was actually there.
  10. Can always be creepy and cute.
  11. tbh the first thing I thought of when I saw it was that messy Zodiac flag
  12. The moon landing was a hoax. I'm going to call on my defense attorney @Dabawss to provide memes that prove my point.
  13. new profile pic
  14. Well, everyone in the 10 city range is screwed anyway, so rebuild might be more of a priority. And I thought I was already honorary forum member :3
  15. ITC increases income by a lot though.