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  1. MLB

    Cardinal nation through and through.
  2. Poll 4/2/16

    Hillary. I like Sanders and I think that he is doing a good job of pushing the Democratic Party further to the left, but I ultimately think that Hillary would just make a better president than he would. Un derstand that she is unpopular but she is has also been the one of the main targets for the GOP and they have tried to drag her through the mud for the last 20 years
  3. Poll of the day 3/28/16

    I just got done waxxing off
  4. Poll - 3/25/16

    I am very confused at what this is for but I got lightweavers
  5. Poll 3/22/16

    hell I just drove from NW Ohio to Baton Rouge last Saturday and then back again this Friday/Saturday.I drove to Ohio from Houston Texas, and I have driven to Winter Park Colorado from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Ft. Wayne Indiana. Highway 70 is pretty much my second home
  6. Soccer

    Dynamo have been off to a good start to the season. I'm a bit disappointed in the way our defense has been playing, but our offense is arguably the best in the league right now. 11 goals in 3 games is a pretty awesome achievement for a team that has missed the playoffs for the past two seasons. Wenger and Bruin are in top form right now and Maidana has been racking up points for my fantasy team up until his concussion. If we can figure out what is wrong with our defense then I think that the Dynamo can make it back to the playoffs this year. I don't want to talk about how Palace is playing right now
  7. Poll 3/15/16

    St. Louis suburb-> St. Louis suburb where my grandma lived Grandma's -> Ft. Wayne Indiana Ft. Wayne IN -> apartment in Bloomington IN apartment to suburb in Bloomington Bloomington IN -> A third St. Louis suburb St. Louis -> Ft Wayne IN Ft. Wayne IN -> Kansas City MO KCMO-> Houston Texas Houtson Texas-> Columbus OH Columbus OH -> Houston TX Houston TX -> small town in Ohio
  8. Poll of the Day 3/18/16

    Crystal Palace usually play on Sundays and the Dynamo play on Friday/Saturday evenings so twice a week or so
  9. Poll 3/19/16

    I'm mostly English (including an English mother) so I celebrate my heritage on St. Patrick's day and go around town to all the Irish pubs removing the food from their stockrooms and finger and toenails from the owners.
  10. Nhl

    I thought that we were going to get along since you have an Ohio flag as your avatar. But I hate the Red Wings and you want to burn the Blues
  11. Poll 3/20/16

    depends on what sport. I prefer Warrior cleats for lacrosse, I liked the old Reebok NFL jerseys, and I prefer my Macron soccer jersey over my Nike, Adidas, and Umbro ones
  12. Name My Game! Round 2!

    I like Dr. Dong
  13. poll 3/8/16

    Muffin but no bagels? I'm dissapointed
  14. Poll 3/7/16

    I love driving. When I have to replace my KJ in a few years in hoping to switch it out for a proper wrangler that I can go off-roading in
  15. Beach or Snow?

    I love going on a skiing trip every ski break. I can't go this year, but I'm not really one for beaches