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  1. Hello, darkness my old friend

    This One welcomes you friend. Would you care for some skooma?
  2. Hello

    hi there Luis, that is an interesting name , where you from?
  3. cute poll

    the obvious answer is purple!
  4. Just Joined!

    Both, if you will.
  5. Just Joined!

    Welcome, to TKR, may I ask where you're from!
  6. Hi I am New to this gaem...

    High King Torygg.
  7. Hi I am New to this gaem...

    I will never forget what u did to Torygg
  8. Intro: Dransland

    Hello there This alliance is an absolute Monarchy, that would be a best description, but that doesn't matter if the King is well chosen by the previous well chosen king. And the power is of course shared by some important people who have various jobs like Foreign Affairs ,Internal Affairs , War , Bank , etc.
  9. Hi TKR

    I like Peru here is a picture of my favourite Peru. Its sometimes confused with Turkey but Turkey is different Jk lol I am from Portugal , Peru in Portuguese means Turkey so that is why that makes sense.
  10. Hi TKR

    Howdy partner where u from?
  11. Hello Everyone!

    Where you from ?if you are comfortable telling of course.
  12. Hello

    Hello there, wascana ,I don't skate nor do I watch hockey , if u don't mind me asking based on ur PIC are you of Asian descent? welcome to The Knights Radiant.
  13. New Members Introduction

    There is no such thing as four seasons anymore, its just summer and winter, well I hate EU I don't like chocolate, and I love elder scrolls and Jesus.
  14. New Members Introduction

    Welcome, I really don't like tropical weather, I prefer dry hot weather or cold weather.
  15. Hello