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  1. The huge rock one, is Portuguese.
  2. Dont care not my country not my history.
  3. No end doesn't justify the means, therefore is not it ethical..
  4. Long live the absolute Kings!!
  5. With the US gone we need a strong militar in the east and Mediterranean.
  6. Guinness Best Ale!
  7. I haven't had a gf in a long time , idk if I am ready, last time I was an idiot brat and broke her heart, I still can't look at her face, but she seems to have no remorse, but she might be planning vengeance.
  8. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish , and feed him for a life time. But that new saying is more cool I will instead use that one.
  9. Hey I might be a pyromaniac , but I am a nice Pyromaniac.
  10. That's why I can become invisible ,and whisper in peoples ears making them crazy , and eventually I would save people.
  11. I freeze people's drink and run away laughing
  12. I want be a battlemage that knows every single spell for every school of magic.
  13. 1 get badass at archery 2 Start killing the zombies and saving people 3 Have Girlfriend 4 Kill all the zombies 5 Shoot the shit out of the Meteor and kill it NEXT
  14. As I said before I had problems with fire, and that lead to some pretty bad decisions (illegal decisions)
  15. Not on my watch, leave the pagan to me.