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  1. @Robert E Lee and @Kosonome are now part of the exclusive club. Just remember that all glory is fleeting.
  2. Any alliance would give you at least some help with that, why TKR specifically? And you have to fight to keep anything you build. Can you log in frequently and also join an instant messaging program like Slack so that you can coordinate with us in wars? They're rare, but important to win.
  3. I'll watch it as soon as it's out on DVD. A marvel movie where Badminton Tennismatch plays a wizard superhero or some shit is something I have to watch regardless of what the reviews are (I haven't checked).
  4. Name your price, Micchan. Name any price.
  5. My opinion: -Independence Day is overrated. It's the kind of movie you watch just because it's on TV, and even then you're kind of disappointed. The horrendous new movie makes it look pretty good in comparison though. -I watched Scream before I did this poll and it was a completely awful waste of time. It seemed to think it was so clever by making a few meta references to the horror genre, but it was boring as hell, and all of its meta humor was simple, shallow, and not entertaining. -Muppet treasure island did not deserve those negative votes. It has Tim Curry as Long John Silver, show some respect. @Micchan do more polls, aren't you supposed to be the forum god?
  6. The limit is 3 questions with 20 options each. Just vote for 101 Dalmations.
  7. If anyone wants it and has no morals or money I can PM you a download link.
  8. If you had to choose between joining slack and watching all of those movies you listed, which would you pick?
  10. I'm so goddamn sick of going to message you about shit and finding that you're already doing it a step ahead of me. SEVENTY MILLION
  11. Star Wars™
  12. Believe it or not the whole point of this is to have a "Who has the worst taste" poll at the end
  13. You would not believe how much normies like Elf. I can't stand that movie but people put it on constantly like it's a christmas and comedy classic. I think I put Ong-Bak up there because I confused it with some other movie like The Protector that had some great scenes.