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  1. A Flavorful Introduction

    I feel the amount of mentions is fishtastical.
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  3. Goomy

    "TKRs problem now" I like this nation description.
  4. A Hooves Introduction

    Gonna be moving out to live with a friend.
  5. element85 Intro

  6. A Hooves Introduction

    So much anime hate around these parts. It makes me feel unwelcomed.
  7. A Hooves Introduction

    Hey everyone, figured I might as well make this. I'll keep it short and simple. I originally started playing CN around 2010-2011. Starting in the alliance New Sakura Order, which later merged with Tetris to form Shangri-La. I was at most elected Steward of Financial Education before quitting altogether to finish up school with good grades. I was an average student that purposely kept C's so I can play games, my favorite subject at most is world history. I found Politics & War by looking at browser games. Before signing up I looked for an alliance and found Black Knights, which was my goal to get in the moment I made my nation. After getting in, I worked in all departments for BK. IA/FA/Econ (to an extent)/Intel and MilCom. I really was mask hogging at that point http://i.imgur.com/4fu656w.png. Eventually I've been telling Yosodog that I wanted to create my own alliance and see how I faired in the world. It was a tough leave, but I left for Syndicate as I got everything together. I didn't take up any jobs there and it was only a little bit that war broke out. After the war, I told Partisan/Roy the same thing and they gave me their good lucks along with Tim and Jessica. Seems like because I've been such a good member. BK and tS have occasions where they ask me to join them again, so it leads to some awkwardness here and there. OOC: I'm 21 years old, unemployed and not in college. Mostly because I'm planning to move to Florida in early February to live there. Pleased to meet everyone