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  1. Guild Wars 2 is a game about your own pace. If you commit too much you'll burn out easily. I burnt out quickly myself at first, but playing with friends now. It's more enjoyable, especially with the new additions they added. It's also buy to play so no subscription pain. You can transfer ingame money to paid currency if you want fancy costumes and all. They are starting to add raids, and casually adding stuff over time. It doesn't have the speed of subscription game but that's a given.
  2. Obviously I'd be #3 on that list so /shrugs
  3. Portugal is at the bidding of Castille or Aragon. If they don't side with one or the other. They can easily get steamrolled by Castille. It takes the combined effort of Aragon and Portugal to take Castille. Even with major colonization Portugal is still pretty incompetent to be classified as a superpower. I find the limit to allies interesting. Although it can lead to issues with people wanting to form a diplomatic coalition against the Overlord player.
  4. Honestly I'm looking for something else as well. Just need a community to jump ship with. I'd like to ask what style of MMO are you looking for? RPG? Survival? I have a good list but I'd like to know specifics. Can your computer hold graphic-intensive games? Wildstar truly is dying out, and Tera is pretty bland from my experience. Neverwinter can get dull over time since it heavily relies on player-created content. While Skyforge doesn't know what it wants in life.
  5. Calling dibs on Ottomans I'd like to add an anti-rerolling to Lithuania, Aragon and Hungary. Those are some really key nations to screw over tier 1 nations. In that if nobody picked it or plays it anymore, nobody can reroll to them. Just like you shouldn't reroll to tier 1 nations.
  6. -TKR changes into Infinite Legions -Wait for confusion -$$$
  7. Little Witch Academia will save anime!
  8. Winter 2017 doesn't have any anime that's out of the ordinary I feel.
  9. It's more fun that way no?
  10. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to this session because I was really exhausted from move preparations. But I should be able to make it next session to control a random AI Empire (dont know how it all works but we'll find out).
  11. Stellaris session cancelled this week due to 50% missing players. Will be rescheduled to January 10th at 10 PM EST. If next session doesn't work we'll just go back to EU4 Tuesdays.
  12. It's all about time management
  13. Final Setup AI Empires (18) Fallen Empires (3) Advanced AI (4) / (6 if Clustered) Now the final question remains Clustered Players or Distributed Players Clustered Players will make it so we can prevent any new player from getting conquered in 5 seconds. Will also instigate early diplomacy/world council between each other. Distributed Players will allow everyone more breathing room from each other, but will be at the mercy of the AI.
  14. One of the biggest problems seemed to be empire placements. I've had Huge Games with 39 ai empires and 4 fallen empires and there was still massive space between some. Of course some of the big empires might have just eaten everything beforehand. So I'll be doing 3 single player test runs, counting 15 minutes in triple speed to test how many planets to find an empire. Test will be 28 empires, obviously replacing us with ai and ai being defaulted to 18. For now I'll revert ai empires back to what they were before at 18. Any final tweaks will be finalized on Saturday. I'll also test run a 5 hour game to see how things are. One of my biggest worries is how brutally aggressive in war declaring the AI is in this game. Lord save you if you get an advanced one.
  15. AI Empires will be reduced to (10). Advanced AI Empires will be reduced to (4) Fallen Empires will be reduced to (3) This would mean we have equal AI Empires equivalent to our current guaranteed players. If this is fine with you @Rin