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  1. Patriot Steelers Packers Seahawks
  2. Raiders Squeelers Seachickens Packers
  3. Very nice breakdown, I'm just hoping Carnage's dream team has an off week!
  4. Love college basketball, thanks ic
  5. Im going to watch it, was waiting for them to pick up season 2 first.
  6. Welcome to the Windrunners club, I think you made the right choice .
  7. Welcome Keenan, just wanted to say thanks for screwing up my fantasy team and get well soon
  8. I love them both
  9. 99% of the time from my phone
  10. LOL, I hear man.
  11. I'm central, in Toms River
  12. LOL, born in North Jersey living now at the beautiful Jersey Shore
  13. I'm definitely in!
  14. Yeah Sanders is meeting with Hillarys camp now, expect his endorsement shortly. I honestly have no idea who I'm voting for, I can't believe in this country these are the 2 candidates we came up with. I guess what's more important is who controls the Senate. Lots of Republican seats are up.
  15. Lol, I hate to admit it but same here IC.