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  1. Thank God we didn't lose it.
  2. Welcome csm great to see you over here!
  3. Yeah even worse on that same play there was a clear face mask penalty on NE, so should have been offsetting.
  4. Falcons
  5. Welcome to the Alliance, I think you will love it here!
  6. SB Patriots vs Packers I should be 6-2 not that it matters.
  7. Patriot Steelers Packers Seahawks
  8. Raiders Squeelers Seachickens Packers
  9. Very nice breakdown, I'm just hoping Carnage's dream team has an off week!
  10. Love college basketball, thanks ic
  11. Im going to watch it, was waiting for them to pick up season 2 first.
  12. Welcome to the Windrunners club, I think you made the right choice .
  13. Welcome Keenan, just wanted to say thanks for screwing up my fantasy team and get well soon
  14. I love them both
  15. 99% of the time from my phone