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  1. GoT and Dr Who stand above every other choice, but if I had to choose a 3rd I'd say Sherlock lmao
  2. Raiders Dolphins Seahawks Giants
  3. ? Star wars obviously
  4. Hit me with a rank @Infinite Citadel
  5. Lemme get a clean hat big man
  6. Improved Russian-American relations, making NATO nations pay their fair share
  7. I filled it out
  8. This shit looks good, picking it up for sure.
  9. 10/23/2092
  10. What triggers me is not the format but rather the fact that you wrote the date from 76 years ago.
  11. Omg, did you just assume my gender? I sexually identify as an attack helicopter.
  12. Same except 19, 20 in October
  13. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1w6I9ZYjLpO @Infinite Citadel
  14. Lordship baby
  15. This is what I feel as well.