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  1. log in p&w

    I don't know. I've missed a few here and there because of life, school, etc. Never bothered keeping track.
  2. Forum Fighters honorary member

    I won? whoops.
  3. Love, sex, and politics

    Depends. If it were regarding economics, I would have no issue. Social policies on the other hand, I think would be an absolute breaker.
  4. Interest in STW

    This is an extension to TKR in PnW, not an migration.
  5. would've been nice to get a notice of some sort. Had to redesign my cities again...Ugh.
  6. NBA season 2017-18

    Not until they figure out how to get their guys to make it to the court.
  7. NBA season 2017-18

    spurs. SPURS!!!
  8. Happy Independence Day!

    Nothing special beyond watching the fireworks before driving home from work.
  9. Approval Rating

    100% (516.01)
  10. Describe The Person Above You

    One of the few guys in the AA with a proper meme after him.
  11. MBTI Type

    go ahead. 20 years down the road, we'll get revenge by denying a pay raise.
  12. MBTI Type

    I've taken this test a few times. I always get INTJ-A, but every time, the results get more and more extreme. It used to be where the T/A and N/S divides were close to 50-50.
  13. Personality Disorders

  14. Mayweather vs. McGregor

    My heart says McGregor My mind says mayweather. I'll go with my mind since it's a question of a proper fight, and mayweather is training.
  15. Time Turner

    It's hard to say for me. Through high school, I decided to take hard course loads over worrying about class rank and stuff. Resulted in an abysmal class rank because my high school was so competitive(top 20%, GPA of 5.1/5). I don't what the ramifications would've been if I had prioritized class rank, but being curious, I recalculated and got a GPA of 5.5/5, which would've been top 7%, which is the UT auto-admit cutoff.