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  1. I did the test several times in the past (even my uni course have us do the test during teamwork investigation lol) and every single time, i got different results
  2. Welcome to the old people retirement house
  3. *looks at member map* Yeah, somebody gonna need to buy a plane ticket for me
  4. Being from Thailand and pretty young (compared to the rest of TKR anyway), you can't really get some of the older games especially ones for older consoles so I pretty much spent my childhood player the more "recent" games on PS2, so guess i might as well talk about it instead. Played quite a bit of Metal Slug (Anthology version), Ace Combat 5 and Zero, Kingdom Hearts. There's some more but those are the ones i liked
  5. >Woot >Forum fighter veteran lel
  6. Oh my, all those glorious legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Hatefully remembered. "Here lies Bear, killer of dog-sized cockroaches. Cockroach worldwide hates him but other people thinks he's an alright guy" On a more serious note, I'm kinda curious what kind of stuff went down for people to hatefully remember me.
  8. Tbh, im now having this mental image of befriending the horse size rat and riding it into battle cavalry style
  9. Good* anime taste *well, mostly good
  10. Pick dog-sized cockroach, pray that "dog-sized" means the roach is about the size of a Chihuahua