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  1. Seems like Kayser been spending too much time at BK's embassy
  2. Me before reading the thread: "im fluent in two languages, i guess that's pretty good considering PnW player base are mostly Americans and they usually only speak English" Me after reading everyone's responses: ;_;
  3. English, Thai
  4. Not happening for 2 reasons 1) image is horizontal-ish, not good for forum profile pic 2) the forum have a small af image size limit
  5. Alright here it is, the shitty bear in a wedding dress picture
  6. Well, I guess it's time to Gimp edit a wedding dress onto my Bear avatar if that's what we're going to do now
  7. ehh, i don't really have a nickname so I guess explaining my username would be fine Many years ago, I decided to change Steam name to Polar Bear in the spirit of it being Christmas. It sort of stuck and from there, the Steam name went through several iteration of Bear themed name including but not limited to Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear, Bear with a Gun, Not a Bear. Fast forward to when I joined PnW, I wasn't sure whether I'll stick to the game for a long time and I'm bad at coming up with a name so I just went with Bear as a sort of joke name.
  8. Alright, next part of the writeup. Nanbaka season 2, ongoing (7.5/10) And we have even more prison shenanigans but this time with... less glitter? The show is going on a more serious direction with character development which is nice to see although the pacing seems to slow a bit Youjo Senki, ongoing (6/10) Like I mention earlier, watching evil loli doing evil things is surprisingly fun. We'll see where the show goes next Kubikiri Cycle: something something long, ongoing (7/10) Gib episode so I have more to write about. We'll all be wrinkly old people by the time all the episodes are released Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (9/10) It's damn great. I might've been binge-watching it for the past few days. Love the SHAFT style comedic gag which is somewhat reminiscence of the Monogatari series which I also like.
  9. No plz, I have actual studies to do nah jk, there's always time for anime. I dunno why but every time i see KonoSuba stuff, i promised myself "hey, maybe i should start watching it now... ehhh i got (non-important stuff) to do, maybe later" repeat ad infinitum. The same thing happened with Re:zero. Made it to episode 18 or so before going "eh, i guess I'll watch it later" all of this despite the fact that I've been starting quite a few new anime
  10. Decided I might as well show my shit/good/excellent anime taste and start doing writeups of stuff I watched or currently watching The following are anime that I watched over the course of several months. Kuma Miko (4/10) Let me just preface and say that the only reason I decided to pick this up is because bear gifs and I have a lot of time to waste (this when I was waiting before enrolling into university). For the most part it was alright, a mix of comedy and cuteness. I would give it a 5.5 or so if not for the fucking trainwreck of an ending. KonoSuba first season (7/10) Pretty good. Although I haven't touch the second season yet. Amagami SS (dropped) Decided a while back "maybe i should try some true, honest romance anime without any harem, change things up a bit" Reddit recommended this. Only made it 3 episode or so before dropping it. Maybe romance is not for me. Hyouka (6.5/10) anime with school slice of life and mystery combined. Enjoyed it quite a bit. 3-Gatsu no Lion, ongoing (7/10) Really improved quite a bit compared to the last time I watched it. Also quite a good change of atmosphere too considering the type of anime I usually watch. Gintama (dropped) I'm usually i sucker for comedy anime and heard that this is a pretty good show to get into (despite having hundreds of episode). Watched the first 10 episodes or so and it was meh, thought people was overhyping the show. Read up why people like the show so much and it's essentially: "oh, it's get really good after 50 episodes or so. Episode ___ is really good, You should watch em before making your judgement" Yeah... how about no The rest of the writeup coming soon-ish
  11. I went and read through the other thread. So is the point of this thread is to argue that: 1) the Iraq invasion is "THE darkest moments in human history" - Dawbawss and 2) US is currently one of the worst nation in the world Wat. There's so many other historical events and countries/nations/states/kingdoms/empires/whatever that better fit the criteria. IMO, the first point is definitly not true, there's much worst moment in human history As for the second point, the problem here is time span, scope and the subjectivity of the whole thing. What sort of timespan and period are we looking at here? One could make the argument that Britian is the worst country since in the past, they went around almost the entire world colonizing and killing all the natives and you know, gave birth to America and the whole "20 million people in 37 victim nation" Or you could also say Russia is bad because of the Great Purge, Holodomor and countless other proxy wars that cause even more deaths and don't forget, because of them, they spread communisim which killed and affect the live of even more people The whole thing is frankly absurd. It'll probably end up like the infamous "which country have the most impact on modern world" thread
  12. Alright, Im running out of stuff to post
  13. Business as usual in Popeland. Went about vassalising alter boys minor Italian powers. Here's to hopping that the AI can handle a war against a one province minor without maxing out war exhaustion for no apparent reason