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  1. Anime & Manga

    Last part of the list, here we go. Masamune-kun no Revenge (4/10) Was initially around 5.5-6, interesting idea horrible execution, it's pretty damn obvious how the show will end Kemono Friends (6.5/10) This cropped picture described how I feel about Kemono Friends as i watch it tbh, It's seem like a cute show set in post-apocalyptic world, want to find out what caused talking animals and what happened to you know, all the other humans. Kuzu no Honkai (7/10) "Let see how many people we can add to the love triangle square polygon web" I really like it for 3 reasons - The romance web is really fucked up and this is only episode 3. The show is at the point where there definitely won't be a happy ending for everyone - Compared to other romance anime I seen before, the characters and their problem feel pretty realistic - lewd content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /s Seiren (Dropped) bleh Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari (5/10) the show got flashy fights and... that's pretty much the only good thing about the show. watching it makes me feel like an important plot piece flew over my head. ēlDLIVE (Dropped) wtf is this wew, after many month, I'm finally done with the list. Will I continue onto the next list? idk
  2. Anime & Manga

    I think the important question here is how the fuck do you have so much time to watch all of this?
  3. Another Old Story Making Game

    There was a cloud that looked right back at you as you looked at it. The cloud's name was Kosonome, and he was very grand. The could said FARK SLACK! All of a sudden slack came roaring from over the hill. แล้วมันตะโกน "ไอ้เหี้ยมึงบอกอะไรใส่หน้ากู?"
  4. Anime & Manga

    Right now, I'm at that brief moment where I just finished handing in all the assignments and is now waiting for the next set so I figured I might as well use this moment to get some show watched and written up before I'm back to being busy again. So here we are, entering the "wtf is this shit" territory Urara Meirochou (dropped) "Hmmm... anime about fortune telling? This might be interesting" 1 episode later "annnndddd, it's cute girls doing cute things show again" Dragon Ball (no) lel, same deal, not going to start this anytime soon Piace: Watashi no Italian (10000000000/10) such realizm, much w0w. what a great anime. S0per authentic Italian food show made by realz Italians. This is definitely what Italian cusine must be like! Anime of the year right here folks brb gonna go try some Chicago style pizza, the true food that symbolizes Italy Akiba's Trip the Animation (5/10) mfw I google it up to see whether it's a sequel or not Despite the name, I would say that it's meh. The lewd nature of it somewhat remind me of Kill La Kill but the difference between the two show is that one is actually good
  5. Anime & Manga

    Guess what Im back with my shitty anime first impression reviews. Figured I might as well try and finish off the list Micchan gave me. Same deal as always, I watch the first 3 episodes of the anime from the list and give my rating and impression of them. blah blah blah rating subject to change blah blah blah Stuff that I already watched and made a short review in the thread will not be included. I'm avoiding watching sequels but might make exceptions. Ao no Exorcist (first season) (5/10) This was way back before the huge break i took from going through the list. Dunno why i decided to watch the first season of it. Starts out kinda interesting but after that... it doesn't feel like something i want to watch. It feels somewhat average and meh. Gabriel Dropout (5/10) I'm still not a big fan of cute girls doing cute stuff show except for a few rare exception (see Demi-chan wa Kataritai) Onihei (7.5/10) Feudal Japan setting? No qualm showing violence? intriguing police/detective/whatever plot? sign me up! Will probably add this to "shows to finish watching" list ACCA (7.5/10) tbh, I laughed a lot watching this by the fact that the protagonist have an eternally deadpan face. I do love political intrigue so this is going into the shows to finish watching list too And that's it for the moment. Let see if I can actually finish the list or die trying
  6. North America: Any plans for the eclipse?

    Well, I've been planning this out for weeks. I weighed all my options and even considered alternatives. My plan for this will be: . . . . . I'll probably watch a video of the eclipse on youtube or smth. Ain't nobody got time to fly halfway across the world for an eclipse
  7. Voted I hope you like another tie
  8. Anime & Manga

    Got busy with university stuff. Dunno when I'll have enough time to watch stuff from the last list due to busy and no motivation. I'll probably write down what i watched so far in the past month or so Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined) (7.5/10) aka existential crisis: the anime. tbh, i watched it because of these videos Little Witch Academia (6.5/10) Watched the entirety of it. Want to say my god Akko y u so stubborn? Other than that, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit but it's not really a type of show I enjoy Zankyou no Terror (7/10) Started out great, middle part is a bit shit if you can't suspend your disbelief but ending is great. It's suffer the same problem I heard people said Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress has (disclaimer, havent watch that yet) in the fact that the villain is horribly written and the show suffers when villain is introduced Eromanga-sensei (NO) Started it for the memes, dropped because IT'S FUCKING SHIT There's probably some stuff i missed out, really should start an anime list or smth to keep track
  9. Fanfic?

    Not really, but I'll link you to one of the best fanfic around here

    Quick reminder that this is still a thing
  11. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Im kinda interested in it for a while now. But the fact that it's third person kind of killed it for me. Also, I reached my current game budget on the summer sale so it'll be a long while before I can even think of buying another game
  12. It's just like the radiation update all over again. You know, the whole of Orbis is having this nice, fun war. Everything is going normally them BAM, majot update regarding radiation from nukes in the middle of the bloody war without any warning
  13. So sad