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  1. None because unfortunately, right now im a lazy ass
  2. I tried
  3. Trait: nomadic, charismatic, Non-adaptive, fleeting (last trait be whatever you want) Ethos: xenophobe, fanatic pacifist Introducing the sexy space slugs! Despite the sluggish appearance, the species themselves are quite charismatic and handsome although they are a bit... slow. While peaceful, years of paranoia and distrust have cause a hatred of other species as they (wrongly) believe that others are quite jealous of their handsome appearance. Because of their very specific environmental requirement, all they wish to do is explore the galaxy in peace and find what they considered, the perfect utopia.
  4. And we're back with the "i'll watch the first 3 episodes of anime @Micchan suggested and write my initial impression". I'm doing it the same as the last batch of writeups except for a small addition this time that if the anime in the list is a sequel and I haven't watch the first season yet, i'll either skip it or watch and write about the first season instead depending on what I feel like doing. If it a show i already done a writeup on then i'll simply restate the score i gave. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (7/10) Finally have an excuse to start this. Been in my backlog for months. Similar to the first season, it's refreshing to see a protagonist Kazuma really not give a shit and go full out pervert without a care in the world. Yowamushi Pedal (frst season) (5/10) What's with all the sports anime lol. It's alright but nothing too interesting that caught my attention Demi-chan wa Kataritai (7.5/10) Surprisingly good, if anything I'm more curious about how the show portray different kind of demi-humans so it's a pity they only show 4 demis. Off-topic but i just remembered I have to get around to check out Monster Musume one day Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (5/10) I actually watched an episode or so several months ago before putting it on permanent hiatus because I got busy with university. Slice of life and shows that relies on cuteness is extremely hit or miss for me and this one missed by quite a bit. And that is it. I actually have a 1 week break right now so I could get through the shows faster than usual. More writeup coming soon
  5. Having natural selection sorting shit out would be nice. Unfortunately, it also means that people who can't get vaccinated for medical reasons and people who are not old enough to get certain vaccine get fucked over by anti-vaxxer
  6. TKR
  7. Been busy lately so didn't watch much. I guess i'll dedicate this post to anime i watched before long ago. Recently finish watching: Youjo Senki (7/10) Crazy loli is still going at it. Looking forward to next season if it ever come out Watched before: Another (5.5) Final destination: the anime. Don't expect much from it though predicting who and how characters are going to die is pretty fun. Monogatari Series (9/10) Still great. Currently re-watching it as there doesn't seem to be any show that interest me atm. Mekakucity Actors (5/10) The "I have no idea what the plot is anymore" anime. Visual is pretty good but everything else is mediocre And I just remembered I read another manga once in addition to the others I mention before. Read it several years ago Uzumaki (8/10) Horror manga about spirals. Shit's crazy. I remembered reading other short stories by the same author (one being about human shaped holes on the side of a mountain or smth) and yeah, writer is pretty good at the genre.
  8. As an oppressed weeabo with only the finest taste in moonrune cartoons, i am personally disgusted by this blasphamy /s oooo, we're dissing portugal now? lemme join!
  9. There's no such thing as a bad thread. All threads are created equal
  10. Living in a non-EU country, it looks great Im not quite knowledgeable on the EU though so can't comment on it much
  11. Stuff I that i recently finished airing as well as other stuff i decided to pick up 3-Gatsu no Lion (7.5/10) Start out slow but got a lot better as it progress. Season 2 hype Nanbaka, season 2 (7/10) Doesn't feel as fun as the first season but it's still entertaining nevertheless. Season 3 plz Oregairu (7/10) Not bad although im pretty sure some of the "deeper meaning" part of the show was lost on me What a journey, over 250 chapters of fun/wtf-am-i-reading/adventure/grittiness
  12. Derp
  13. Seems like Kayser been spending too much time at BK's embassy
  14. Me before reading the thread: "im fluent in two languages, i guess that's pretty good considering PnW player base are mostly Americans and they usually only speak English" Me after reading everyone's responses: ;_;