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  1. Another DIKPIC thread, you guys know what to do. Gather around the campfire, grab some snacks, it's story time! Because I'm a lazy ass yet again, this week DIKPIC thread will be about stories you have. It could be about anything from interesting that happened in your life; interesting, fictional stories; fun facts or something interesting you managed to think up while reading this thread. Just tell us a story. As always, if you have a suggestion for the next DIKPIC weekly then just tell me or make a thread on it or smth
  2. Woah now, the thread said a "better game", not a "mass suicide pact"
  3. hmmmmm... something's off here
  4. I'm actually not quite sure who to pick now lol. Uni timetable came out and it seems like starting in two weeks, I'll be late to every session by an hour unless some daylight saving shenanigan happens. I'm tempted to go for some backwater Asian nation like Ming, japan or Korea so I don't mess the game too much
  5. mfw trying to watch anime for part 5 of the writeup Welcome to Part 5 of why the fuck did i even think this is a good idea jesus fucking christ someone end my suffering plz Ao Oni The Animation (dropped/10) Show is essentially a "what the fuck is going on" show. Feel like the only way to "redeem" this show is make it much more violent and bloody Gi(a)rlish Number (dropped again/10) Not much to say about it, it's meh but not my type of show Long Riders! (dropped faster than the idiots going over Niagara fall /10) Folding bikes seriously? Bernard-jou Iwaku (dropped faster than the burning of the Library of Alexandria/10) what the fuck did i just watched We're.. we're almost there.. just a few more shows to go before i could finally end this thing
  6. Should've killed a bear with a pocket knife to impress her Knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if you actually do have an Akari body pillow irl Welcome to Valentine's day! I'm pretty sure at this point, all holidays have already lost their original meaning eh, dont let the rejection discourage you. Learn from the mistake and try again. There's always someone out there
  7. Welcome back again to yet another DIKPIC discussion thread. Today being DIKPIC Weekly: Valentine's edition! Love is in the air, people are either preparing to seek out their soulmate, or shutting themselves indoor to avoid the harsh reality called love. That's right, Valentine's Day will soon be here! Which brings us to this week's discussion topic. What are you planning to do on the upcoming Valentine's Day? Alternatively, do you have any Valentine or love related stories you are willing to share? Just remember that in the spirit of DIKPIC weekly, all answers are accepted no matter how sad/silly/absurd it is.
  8. (But seriously though, I'm running out of QUALITY stuff to post)
  9. rosslun?
  10. IB is not that bad. Give decent uni entry requirement
  11. wrassling?