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  1. Also this (imgur album) There's quite a bit of history with cabbage and QUALITY
  2. Yup. Everyone know that the most important requirement of being an adventurer is the ability to run away from rolling boulders in some ancient temple in the middle of the jungle while being fired on by Nazi soldiers ಠ_ಠ
  3. I like the fact that every image you posted is named Gatti
  4. I know I said current dream/ambitions are acceptable but I have this funny image of a toddler standing on a podium and saying "And my fellow colleague, that is why evolution is scientifically wrong" to the sound of everyone applauding him
  5. ಠ_ಠ noplz Pretty sure adults are just children with the mean and freedom to fuck around but the responsibility not to I wish you the best of luck! Get out there and make your childhood dream come true
  6. Welcome to the next installment of Di-annual Invoking of tKR Personal Info Census (DIKPIC) where I post polls/discussions (quality not guaranteed) so there's at least something to talk about in the forum. This time it will be childhood dreams and ambition. Think back when you're just a wee young lad/lass (let say, around 10 years old or younger). What was your dream back then? Do you have any lifetime goals or ambitions that young you wants to achieve but old you looked back at it with a sense of amusement? If you're too embarrassed to share or don't have one then I guess your current dreams/ambition is fine.
  7. *insert I'm not a pedo gif here*
  8. Part 2 of the anime writeup in which I (try to) watch the first 3 episode of anime Micchan suggested to see whether she have a shit taste or not Obligatory rating is subject to change if i ever finish watching the rest of each anime Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (8/10) I like it. Hilarious watching the main character trying to avoid everything despite having shit luck. Part of the fun is the anime making fun of the more common anime character troupe and doing it in a damn good way. As a sidenote, in a way the show is somewhat similar to The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Take a main character who narrates everything as his thoughts, doesn't want to get dragged into crazy shit but does anyways and is surrounded by... weirdos for a lack of better words. All because of overpowered abilities they or someone close to them have. To be hero (8/10) Short and pretty funny. With each episode being about 11 minutes each, I ended up watching the whole thing. The sort of humor and short episode length reminded me of Inferno Cop Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume (Dropped/10) Only made it to the end of episode 1 before dropping it. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not usually a fan of sport anime and combined with the fact that the show is basically cute girls doing cute stuff killed my interest in this anime faster than Harambe getting sniped Zaregoto (7.5/10) ehh dunno? The anime only have 2 episodes out so far unless Micchan wants me to read the manga version. Anyhow, love the unique visual of the show and I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode so I can find out what the fuck is going on. Part 3 coming soon-ish
  9. A gentlemen who have a fine taste in brooms and coloured masonry
  10. Alright, part 1 in which i watched the first 3 episodes of anime @Micchan suggested and give my impression. For the moment, i'll hold off on watching stuff that are a sequel (i.e.second season, third season of anime and so on) as usual, the rating is subject to change once i have time to finish watching the rest of each anime Keijo!!!!!!!! (6/10) The number of exclamation mark in the title indicates the level of absurdness in this anime. I've seen plenty of ridiculous anime and this takes the top.Kinda curious to seeing how much more over the top it could get Drifters (8.5/10) Love it to the point where I finished the whole thing in 2 days instead of watching the first 3 episodes (which is also the reason why part 1 of this writeup is damn short) it's like the Fate series that doesn't suck. Kinda funny that the plot of the whole anime is basically All Out!! (7/10) Pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Not usually a fan of sport anime but this one is actually pretty engaging. Part 2 writeup coming soon(tm)
  11. Also, this gif from the greatest anime of all time
  12. Someone call Micchan Anyway, welcome to the alliance. Make sure to do the objective to get free stuff and like Kazi said, drop by onto Slack sometime, it's where all the fun happens