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  1. Np
  2. There already is one of these. It was surprising very active. It's on page 2 of the forums and spam section.
  3. Ah yes. Makes sense. You will find that a lot of things have changed since you left. Some for better, some for worse
  4. Hello and welcome back! Why did you end up leaving the game?
  5. Is there any chance of PT making a comeback? What is exactly wrong with it?
  6. that day will be treasured forever
  7. It's one big cover up. Government is hiding something from us
  8. Should've tested it with a leg pic. 0/10
  9. Patriots
  10. Patriots Falcons because I will always vote against cheeseheads
  11. Patriots Steelers Cowboys Falcons
  12. Raiders Steelers Lions Giants
  13. @Ulfric Stormcloak I know you as GalacticManatee. I see your new name and it takes a second to remember who you actually are. Also GalacticManatee is more original
  14. Almost pulled up the war screen to see if I was in range