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  1. Talk with songs

    everyday I will not bow. I'm sorry
  2. Forum Fighters honorary member june 2017

    I voted for you. Even if you are a commie
  3. TKR Meetup?

    I imagine everyone just standing there in silence. And watch the awkwardness build I'd call everyone by their in-game names because it would be too weird to use anyone's actual names
  4. Describe The Person Above You

    Oh even I didn't know that Edit: also awesomer than awesomeness
  5. Describe The Person Above You

    Someone who is not afraid to call redfive out for wrecking the village idiot
  6. TKR Meetup?

    There's at least 7 TKR members in Minnesota so it's clearly the obvious choice for meeting up also it would be ideal if I didn't have to drive all the way across the country or over an ocean

    I will not be corrupted!
  8. Post here and I'll rank you based on fighting ability

    Well he's not wrong
  9. (NSFW) What was your most shameful boner?

    Now you know what must be done. You must tie up any loose ends... *cocks gun*
  10. (NSFW) What was your most shameful boner?

    Damn @RedFive. Saw this thread and it did not disappoint. When I started reading, i was guessing that that was the story of how you met your wife. Does she know this story?
  11. Describe The Person Above You

    The goalie for the Vancouver Canucks hockey team
  12. Vaccination mandatory?

    I know someone who thinks that vaccines cause autism and I'm just like "Wtf?" The one study that stated a correlation was severely flawed and the doctor who did the study had a patent on an all-in-one MMR vaccine which he claimed decreased the chances of autism. All other studies don't show a correlation. To anyone who believes vaccines cause autism: 44 seconds to 1 minute mark :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJD1Iwy5lUY
  13. Ian Smith - TUE diplomat and head of FA

    2 Smiths?! It's a conspiracy! @Smith
  14. What languages do you speak?

    English and enough Spanish to have a normal conversation but I'm slow at forming sentences.
  15. Should the death penalty be abolished?

    Some people are simply too much of a threat to society to be released. A serial killer will never stop killing. I do think that there needs to be zero doubt that the person was guilty and that it is reserved for the absolute worst of human beings. If someone kills 20 people, they shouldn't be allowed life in prison because they still have their life which is a lot more than he/she gave those 20 people. On top of that, the resources it takes to support that single person the rest of their life causes funding issues