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  1. Patriots Falcons because I will always vote against cheeseheads
  2. Patriots Steelers Cowboys Falcons
  3. Raiders Steelers Lions Giants
  4. @Ulfric Stormcloak I know you as GalacticManatee. I see your new name and it takes a second to remember who you actually are. Also GalacticManatee is more original
  5. Almost pulled up the war screen to see if I was in range
  6. @United States of Carolina Benjamin? Is that you? Never thought I'd hear Rin say that
  7. I took it too
  8. I was VP for elementary school student council. In hindsight, what a waste of perfectly good recess time. Pen!
  9. Haha worm was actually one of my nicknames on my high school hockey team. Also EP you should run for president! "Stay free with EP! Stay free with EP" And now a speech from the future president of these united States!
  10. Grrr. Curse you you damned flightless bird! EP
  11. WRONG! JHE
  12. I believe we have enough people to form a cult of mad max's ass worshipers
  13. I googled it and I think this is the link: not sure what the endgame is though. Didn't read that far into it.