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  1. I know someone who thinks that vaccines cause autism and I'm just like "Wtf?" The one study that stated a correlation was severely flawed and the doctor who did the study had a patent on an all-in-one MMR vaccine which he claimed decreased the chances of autism. All other studies don't show a correlation. To anyone who believes vaccines cause autism: 44 seconds to 1 minute mark :
  2. 2 Smiths?! It's a conspiracy! @Smith
  3. English and enough Spanish to have a normal conversation but I'm slow at forming sentences.
  4. Some people are simply too much of a threat to society to be released. A serial killer will never stop killing. I do think that there needs to be zero doubt that the person was guilty and that it is reserved for the absolute worst of human beings. If someone kills 20 people, they shouldn't be allowed life in prison because they still have their life which is a lot more than he/she gave those 20 people. On top of that, the resources it takes to support that single person the rest of their life causes funding issues
  5. In high school, I was called Schirm. In college, I'm often called Goon because I love hockey way too much. Especially the fighting aspect.
  6. Ended on a cliffhanger; The worst possible way to end a series. But I'm a sucker for movies involving dinosaurs so I wish they would have at least given it 1 or 2 more seasons. Primeval was good but the final season was complete shit and then ended on a cliffhanger that they probably didn't even know how to fix. Seasons 1-4 are good. Season 5 isn't worth your time imo
  7. So glad I didn't take that intro to philosophy course. This was literally one of the debate topics. I'm ok with people being atheist but the one thing I cannot stand is when people tell me I'm stupid for being religious. One of my friends told me that back in high school and we got into a long debate about it and it didn't end well. So I wish to never debate this topic again. I strongly believe that you just do you and let me just do me. The world is easier when people aren't shitting on the fact that you're religious or atheist because this debate will never end. I suppose we'll know when we die. I have faith that heaven exists and I hope that even non-believers can be there too. And if I'm wrong, I'd hope for some other happy continuing existence.
  8. Obviously being racist is bad and intentionally saying derogatory words to hurt people are bad. That part I agree with. However, when people get offended about things that they shouldn't get offended about like lame, Asian Carp, Merry Christmas, that's taking things a little too far. Also, in the video, she said people get called out for "being to PC" but I've personally never witnessed this. I have, however, witnessed numerous occasions where people (myself included) have been called out for not being politically correct. Following later discussion, respect is earned yes. Agree 100%. But you shouldn't be a total ass to someone you know nothing about. I always give people a lot of respect and if they turn out to be bad people, they lose it. But using the approach that people have to earn your respect first can burn potential bridges before they're even built.
  10. I am offended that you used the word "the". "the" (definition): denoting one or more people or things already mentioned or assumed to be common knowledge. You assume that I have prior knowledge when I actually don't.... which means you expected me to have more knowledge than I actually do.... which means you're saying that I'm stupid for not having necessary the knowledge to comprehend "the"... which means you're insulting my intelligence. the = referencing one of inferior intelligence. I am 100% offended!
  11. I've been called out for not being politically correct before and it pisses me off. I'm not saying it to be disrespectful. I'm saying it because that's the word I grew up with. And at the time, no one ever got offended by that word. I've gotten chewed out before for using the word "lame" and someone approached me and said that she was extremely offended by that word because of some "disability connotation". Hell, we can't even call Asian Carp what they are anymore because "it's offensive to Asian". (side note: That might actually just be Minnesota- If they stopped taking offense and thought about maybe they would think maybe they're called Asian Carp because they're from fucking ASIA. What about Merry Christmas? Instead they have to say Happy Holidays because people. I'm not a racist person and I try to avoid stereotypes but everyone who isn't politically correct gets called out and offends everyone. Honestly, Trumps stance on political correctness is one of the few (very very few) things about Trump I agree with. This 100%. Especially if your social beliefs are more conservative than the norm.
  12. I played trumpet though junior high and high school. I played in our Jazz Band. I was fairly good but since I went to college, I haven't touched it. Last time i played was last May
  13. Np
  14. There already is one of these. It was surprising very active. It's on page 2 of the forums and spam section.
  15. Ah yes. Makes sense. You will find that a lot of things have changed since you left. Some for better, some for worse