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  1. 6th grade / when I was 12.
  2. Even confessions are notoriously unreliable. There's been way too many cases of innocent, or questionably guilty people being executed for me to be OK with it.
  3. Can't really blame any one party. Most of the nations involved were responsible for putting the powder kegs in place and the war wasn't really "about" anything.
  4. Would be poetic justice.
  5. This.
  6. Touch choice between Janeway, Sisko, and Picard.
  7. Empire Strikes Back > Return of the Jedi > New Hope > Rogue One > The Force Awakens > Phantom Menace > Revenge of the Sith > Attack of the Clones
  8. They still have friends. They'll still jump into wars. It might give them a political out to avoid a loosing war, but other than that, it's not functionally much different than having treaties.
  9. Vocal
  10. Obama > Clinton >> Johnson >>>> Trump
  11. I live in Austin, Texas which is definitely facing displacement from gentrification and not abandonment. I agree about historic buildings but it should be limited. For example in Austin, "historic" buildings only have to be 50 years old and they do things like label a house historic because the current mayor grew up in it. NIMBY's often abuse it because they just don't want it to change.
  12. 122. Probably didn't help that I was doing it at 2 AM.
  13. Mostly negative, but it's complicated, depending on how you define gentrification. In many cases it's historically marginalized communities being displaced by rising housing prices. This is often brought about by NIMBYism when generally wealthier folks fight against density in cities and don't allow supply to meet demand, driving up housing prices and pushing the middle class into formally working class areas. That's at least what is happening in Austni. Pro-tip: In city council elections, the candidate most focused on "preserving neighborhoods" is probably a NIMBY and someone you shouldn't vote for.
  14. Hiking. Voted it under walking.