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  1. Mayweather vs. McGregor

    Who vs who?
  2. TKR Meetup?

    Posted a thread on the CN forums for one. A few other people I knew in the game I met at random points. One of them I got to drink for the first time.
  3. TKR Meetup?

    Yes. I met about a dozen CN players IRL way back.
  4. Best Star Trek Series

    I recently binge watched Deep Space Nine again. It's my favorite, has the most human elements, extended story lines, and nuanced morality. I haven't watched Enterprise or the original series. I've heard Enterprise is bad, and the original series should be graded on a curb given when it was made and its budget.
  5. French Election

    La Pen isn't just "right leaning",she's a far right fascist. Worse than Trump, and that's saying something.
  6. Who would win in a war 5

    It'd be close, but I think we've focused on very expensive quality so much that it would be very difficult for us to scale up. Kind of like Germany in WW2. They had the highest quality tanks and planes, but they couldn't produce or fuel them efficiently. Each F35 costs over 100 million dollars.
  7. Turkey Referendum, good or bad?

    Definite no.
  8. Usually positively. Often it's a combination of both.
  9. Yes... but they should be required to offer cash offers (not vouchers) up to 2x or 3x the ticket price.
  10. Medieval music thread

    Since we have a medieval song as our alliance song, I figure I must not be the only one who likes this type of music. Some of my favorites:
  11. the non-offensive inquisition :)

    6th grade / when I was 12.
  12. Should the death penalty be abolished?

    Even confessions are notoriously unreliable. There's been way too many cases of innocent, or questionably guilty people being executed for me to be OK with it.
  13. Who are we to blame for starting World War 1

    Can't really blame any one party. Most of the nations involved were responsible for putting the powder kegs in place and the war wasn't really "about" anything.
  14. Should the US repeal the 2nd amendment?

    Would be poetic justice.
  15. Manifest Destiny Justified?