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  1. YNWA is all I'm gonna say Also, digging up this old thread cuz football/soccer is life (and I haven't been here in a while)
  2. I've been waiting for book 3 for forever……
  3. Who wants to play against a dip from BK? (former AOFA if it counts for anything , but I'd rather see myself as a friend of KR's) Also I'd be down for a tournament, but I'm no chess expert
  4. 1. Paralysis 2. Normal me
  5. Football/soccer My feet itch 90% of the time to play
  6. Adblock is awesome
  7. Watermelon!
  8. I'm so hungry now……
  9. That, without the Miami bit
  10. Sometimes, sometimes not. Yesterday was fun though, played Mafia with a group of weirdly-dressed friends.
  11. o7 the bridgeman! Long may you fulfil your role as a Radiant! Ayy lmao
  12. Really, no one? I actually sound good in the shower. Singing in Karaoke on the other hand…
  13. Coffee? Nah, always go for the Chocolate. Mocha is the closest I'll come to coffee (or extra milk and sugar)
  14. Lenses = pain