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  1. YNWA is all I'm gonna say Also, digging up this old thread cuz football/soccer is life (and I haven't been here in a while)
  2. I've been waiting for book 3 for forever……
  3. Who wants to play against a dip from BK? (former AOFA if it counts for anything , but I'd rather see myself as a friend of KR's) Also I'd be down for a tournament, but I'm no chess expert
  4. 1. Paralysis 2. Normal me
  5. Football/soccer My feet itch 90% of the time to play
  6. That's my line!
  7. Our forums are all quite similar <3
  8. This man's on a mission
  9. Adblock is awesome
  10. Watermelon!
  11. I'm so hungry now……
  12. That, without the Miami bit
  13. Sometimes, sometimes not. Yesterday was fun though, played Mafia with a group of weirdly-dressed friends.
  14. o7 the bridgeman! Long may you fulfil your role as a Radiant! Ayy lmao