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  1. Count to 1 million!

    70989 not angry just disappointed
  2. Count to 1 million!

    70987 https://discord.gg/Shv3D it is on our ingame page
  3. Count to 1 million!

    70985 i am alive but i will probably not be on forums too much, just Discord as much as I can
  4. Goomy diplo request

    Name: Goomy Alliance: Order of Storms Position: Sentinel of economics Alliance Forums: http://oos-pw.enjin.com/ Alliance IRC: #OOS think we need and embassy
  5. Count to 30 before Cenna posts

    110 just treaty oos and we have no problem
  6. Count to 30 before Cenna posts

    107 probably both
  7. Count to 30 before Cenna posts

    102 nm, just formed a new alliance as the econ guy