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  1. Goomy

    Thanks, you too
  2. A Konakaga Introduction

    Welcome aboard
  3. Goomy

    hows it going you enjoying spending time here at tkr forums?
  4. Goomy

    'sup :3
  5. Goomy

    It was a good way to test peoples faith
  6. Goomy

    no need to convert im already here
  7. Goomy

    Thanks for the welcome And being cautious is fair enough, but tbh I genuinely wanted to try out a new alliance, as I've only ever been in boc and never played these types of games before pnw.
  8. Goomy

    Hey everyone, Im Goomy and I've just joined TKR from BoC. In BoC, working as minister and deputy of finance at times for over a year. I decided I wanted to try a new alliance so Here I am. Sup?