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  2. An Interesting Story in Short

    Hopefully I can fight him next time
  3. Trump

  4. Trump

    However bad Trump may be, when the alternative is Hillary I think he's the best option to hope for. Far too much shady stuff going back to Arkansas. I do think the media make him out to seem worse than he is eg. Cruz was farther right on pretty much everything but Trump was portrayed as extreme, Trump wall is ridiculed but Hillary voted for a fence, etc. I'd vote Trump but only to keep Hillary out. I guess a positive if she gets in is that the republicans will likely control the senate and be able to block
  5. WWII

    Air superiority. Shipping dominated. Western front won. N.Africa won. Oil supply in M.E. secured. Other materials, labour, skilled combatants rare. German defeat allows defence of Britain. Red Army rapes the rest of European women. Stalin murders another few more million. Iron Curtain extended to the channel. No forces for the east so U.S takes Japan incl. Kurils Cold War. Korean War. Vietnam War. Afghanistan War. U.S.S.R collapses. Western Europe as poverty and backwards as eastern Europe after the break-up. Now known for rubbish quality products, adidas tracksuits, mail order brides, and Borat.
  6. Abortion

    I think if it's defective then it should be aborted. Same if it's a risk to the mother.
  7. WWIII