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  1. Yes. It should have expanded into Laos and Cambodia also.
  2. Raced MX for a while. Might start again when I have time and money - cost a small fortune. Played tennis all through high school - about 35 hours/week. Played basketball and soccer for a couple of years. Represented school in tennis, rugby league, athletics, and lawn bowls. Surfed almost daily for 4 or 5 years. Olympic weight lifting and strongman competitions in there too. Cricket is so boring lol
  3. No. Testing should be conducted on those serving life imprisonment.
  4. YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE ISLAMIC TRUCK OF TOLERANCE ______________¶___ |religion of peace ||l “”|””\__,_ |______________|||__|__|__|] (@)@)*********(@)(@)**(@) POST THIS IN ANOTHER THREAD OR THE PEACE TRUCK WILL COME TO YOUR COUNTRY AND KILL YOUR MOTHER IN HER SLEEP!
  5. Torture doesn't work. If they live long enough they eventually say whatever will end it. Gaining trust is most effective way of obtaining information.
  6. If unrestricted warfare then USA would mop the floor with both of them. Only reason US has lost any since WW2 is because of government interference.
  7. Dog and fish. Used to have shrimp but they died so now the tank is just snails...
  8. Pro mxer If that didn't work out then aeronautical engineer.
  9. -1
  10. Best movie of 1996. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
  11. Best Christmas movie of all time is Die Hard. Second is Harold & Kumar 3d Christmas, even though it sucked hard compared to the other two. Master and Commander > POTC
  12. You have defeated your opponent by decreasing their Resistance to 0! You looted $26,844, 19 Coal, 0 Oil, 38 Uranium, 19 Iron, 0 Bauxite, 0 Lead, 607 Gasoline, 482 Munitions, 32 Steel, 207 Aluminum, and 2,047 Food. You also destroyed 10% of the infrastructure in each of their cities. Additionally, you have looted 8.41% of your opponent's alliance bank, taking: $42,286,145, 1,084 Coal, 2,498 Oil, 2,865 Uranium, 2,029 Iron, 902 Bauxite, 488 Lead, 13,462 Gasoline, 14,220 Munitions, 14,643 Steel, 6,583 Aluminum, and 62,397 Food. Total: 47,676,856.88 + stuff Last war I made 116,518,995 + stuff