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  1. Your Life As a Movie

  2. 1995 Movies

    seen all but 3. the usual suspects is by far the best. negative reputation for voting ace ventura
  3. Would you rather...?

  4. North Korea Issue

    US should declare war on both Koreas
  5. Margaret Thatcher

    From memory I think only 2 or 3 people living there were against remaining British.
  6. Margaret Thatcher

    Argies invaded. She finished it. Only thing she did right.
  7. Post your war loot

    Current war loot roughly -70 million , -35k gasoline, -45k steel, -35k aluminium, -30k munitions, -27k infra
  8. French Election

    Le Pen is the only realistic hope to prevent France from becoming an Islamic country at present time.
  9. Who would win in a war 6

    oil. lots of oil.
  10. Who would win in a war 6

    Colombia. Venezuela is broke and the people are starving.