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  1. Corrupt a wish!

    Harrier jump jet or dog? I'm going jet... Granted, but USA believes you are a terrorist and blows you out of the sky. Unfortanately, you survive, so you are tortured by the CIA for information, but since you have none, tey torture you to death. I wish i could get a nice job.
  2. Guess Who Will Post Next

    NEVER piratemonkey
  3. quest to 100 pages

  4. 5 Letter Change-A-Letter Thread

    shuck (from maze runner!)
  5. Poll of the Day Subway

    Yummmm... so tasty.... so unhealthy....
  6. Poll of the Day: Khilafah

    Truly, I am saddened by such an atrocity. Did Khilaf support Daesh tho?
  7. Poll of the Day: Meat

  8. Poll of the Day Drugs

    And Estonia :v But I don't think a country should be banned from Olympics just because of their global actions. The Olympics were held between warring city-states ever since they started and even ran through many global wars. That's very true, but during barbaric days. Personally, the Olympics to me are a privilege. When they commit heinous crimes, and destroy countries just for revenge, they should not compete and be rewarded.
  9. Poll of the Day Drugs

    Personally, Russia needs this, especially with their actions in Ukraine.
  10. POTD 11.8.15

    I've never been caught taking stuff from my local convenience store, so technically no crime....
  11. quest to 100 pages

  12. Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it is completely filled with viruses. I wish i could create Artificial intelligence to do my reports
  13. quest to 100 pages

    I need 2 more posts
  14. quest to 100 pages

    http://imgur.com/L1kvEG9 Oh my...
  15. quest to 100 pages

    I fixed your sig THANKS!!!!!!