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  1. Outside? Is that an app?
  2. Pats and Falcs in the SB
  3. I once slept for 26 hours. That was a weird feeling.
  4. Patriots Steelers Cowboys Falcons
  5. @Bear @Rin
  6. Texans Steelers Seahawks Giants Bookies are never wrong.
  7. well shit AI revolution is ahead for all who play with me
  8. Sports Goals: Finally get my team of 8s to get first and conference. Join the baseball team (because school is boooorrrrriing) School Goals: Keep the ol' grades up. stay superior than Japan77 (<3). same old same old Dank Meme Goals: Become a super memer forever. Get Micchan to join slack
  9. My vote is for distributed players because I'm not in the mood for being in an eternal war with someone or the other.
  10. One of my friends bought me Stellaris ages ago. I've been playing a bit to shake off some noobiness and I've gone head to head with one of the advanced empires. I was destroyed, but it was good fun
  11. CST Reporting in, 10 hours till new year.
  12. Hey! Thats rude! It won't be fun for me!
  13. @Lamort here's another canadian. Talk aboot something.
  14. Could you use that extra cash to idk maybe you could you know gib warhammer?