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  1. I'll likely miss this session unless I can learn latin in an hour.
  2. Gah I want Poland but I won't be able to do every session for the full time. GRRRRR! E: If no one else picks Poland I would like to play as it but list me officially under Denmark E2: Also I like rule 3
  3. lmfao at the fact that cenna is banned from our forums (iirc) 20
  4. Whoooooo TKR is moving from PnW! Maybe now we can fight T$????? Anyways, there are a few that I know. There's Wildstar, which is super grindy but has an amazing combat system. Tera, with a great combat system as well, is another option. Neverwinter, based off of dnd, could be nice. Skyforge. These are all similar to runescape though, so this might be problematic.
  5. this but paladin for every lore or telekinesis
  6. Pyramus is very hurt and he kills [himself] with a sword.
  7. I can do wednesday. Friday is preferable though, but i doubt it matters.
  8. you ready for the Superbowl?
  9. That counter will stay at 0 until you join slack
  10. tormato wants her :taco: ravaged by :lordship:
  11. Falcons!
  12. wow such betrayal truthwatchers best order
  13. I downloaded a chrome webtool that refreshes this page. I probably will care more about this thread than anything else.
  14. granted, but they are earmuffs made of spikes i wish someone could help me learn the endocrine system and procrastinate at the same time