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  1. Sup Smalls. welcome :). CE sounds like a pretty cool major
  3. Nice. Could attract more players
  4. CUTE
  5. Such quality
  6. Ya, I read it as "I don't even know" instead of "you don't even know" Like I said, I can't read
  7. I can't read
  8. Know him enough to spell his name
  9. It looks like an upside down broom against a wall of bricks.
  10. Sup, welcome.
  11. Cory in the House?
  12. For you... >Aladdin You guys are pretty messed up. Hunchback was a beautiful story. Aladdin is about a dude who uses his wishes from a magical genie to get laid..
  13. You listed previous alliances as n/a yet have played the game before. Would you not say, in light of that, that your answer is incorrect?
  14. RIP, I heard it gets better the second time
  15. Did it hurt?