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  1. Good and evil are ideas that humans made up. They are subjective and because there is no such thing as universal morality. There is only a consensus that a bunch of humans have generally agreed to, with variations depending on your human cluster of choice. Humans are flawed and so shouldn't really be the basis for a moral code, much less a bunch of humans. If we're using the general consensus as the measuring stick, you'd have to wade through all of the scientific papers relating to nature or nurture. A lot of which are conflicting. If any consensus can be derived from those and rule out any outliers, it is that humans are born with certain predispositions and character traits just like they are born with certain physical traits they grow into. The environment they experience as they develop does effect the way some of these traits develop and can, in the end produce a wide variety of results. tldr: they can be both
  2. Guys...how are we going to tell her?
  3. Did the voices tell you to post that?
  4. Watched the show first, that got me into the books. Still waiting alongside you bro.
  5. That account no longer exists. I'm going to mask the one you just posted with. Welcome to TKR.
  6. Masked, welcome
  7. Yeah sure, I'd meet up. NE USA.
  8. Animation. Prolly a two cour anime.
  9. Heya, will mask as soon as you're accepted. PM me when you are.
  10. Pedobear is a normie meme. You guys have no clue what you're in for if we start to get serious.
  11. Wait, I'd age 100 years every decade? That sounds terrible, I'd be dust by the time I was legal
  12. Masked