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  1. Thanks man; Meruem is bae.
  2. Masked, welcome Ripper
  3. Masked, welcome :).
  4. Hai, welcome. Enjoy your stay
  5. Masked, welcome back Rook
  6. Masked, welcome
  7. Sup brah, welcome
  8. Football (not soccer(fite meh)) Basketball Baseball
  9. I'm sorry my man, but I'm not going to be making an entire embassy for such a small aa. You guys should focus on the internals and look to increase your member base first and foremost after getting a protector. I am more than happy to chat with you on discord or via pm. Good luck.
  10. Yes
  11. I voted for the TKR one
  12. Because i want to see it suffer
  13. Sup Sketchy, welcome to our place. Bring your memez
  14. new peoples?
  15. Masked, welcome