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  1. I like you. Welcome. Glory to the revolution.
  2. I mean France slid back into an Imperial system and later a monarchy later after all of this "protecting the Revolution" took place. Looking at if from a that point of view it really wasn't justified
  3. Welcome bro. Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself NUT...TELL..AAAAAAAAAAAAA
  4. Ya man, Nazis had it coming. It wasn't nice but its war. I think the idea of putting rules in war to make it civilized is a nice idea, but morals yield to necessity and people will do crazy things when pushed to the brink.
  5. Time to roll out the dongs.
  6. 500

  8. Everything in this thread
  9. Ya, thats why its the best one.
  10. Dwaine (the Rock) (the Rock) Johnson
  11. Ya, best case scenario is we find a another nation building game. If we ever needed PT to be fixed, it would be right about now.
  12. Valiant was low key comfy
  13. Yes please
  14. Because you could do anything with it. I'd use it to do anything I wanted.
  15. Manipulate Matter is easily the best one.