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  1. wow, thats pretty impressive I always thought there was some card game store you'd to and buy these at. Looks pretty cool
  2. Wait you have to build them?
  3. Looks cool, never got into it.
  4. Ayy
  5. Ayy
  6. Someone has to. At least people know the name Itay and can point to it on a map. I wonder how many people recognize/can point to Gabon without looking it up.
  7. Ayy
  8. Welcome Ms Xiao Long, sorry for the wait. Good to have you here.
  9. Ayy
  10. Ayy
  11. You're doing it wrong we're supposed to repeat ayy lmao until the Armageddon Ayy
  12. Lmao.
  13. Brah
  14. Better dead than red
  15. Masked, welcome