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  1. My favorite term for that generation after Millenials is the 'iGeneration'.
  2. Welcome! Nah, it's just these young teens apparently grew up with an iPad and with the internet already being widespread. Soon enough we'll have 10 year olds playing games like this! We should be happy to be the last generation that knows what 'outside' was
  3. Only seen a few of these.
  4. The Iron Giant by far. Toy Story 2 was good, but the 1st and 3rd one were stronger in the trilogy.
  5. Favorites: Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Least: Ironman 3, Thor 2, Civil War Seen em all except Doctor Strange.
  6. I once woke up late for a class, looked at the clock and decided to say screw it and stay in bed. I didn't leave my bed until the evening.
  7. It's okay, my gopnik empire is strong. ]/
  8. My first ten minutes. I find a 25 slot gaia world. I colonize it, a fallen empire is revealed and tells me to abandon it. I abandon it, they assassinate my leader and declare war on me. They humiliate me. After that, with the hatred of a thousand suns, the Imperiya Vsevoshikha colonized many worlds and currently stands as the premier miner of minerals at +145 a month as well as commanding an impressive fleet ready to destroy her enemies.
  9. I've seen Mulan, Bug's Life, Zombie Island, and The Prince of Egypt on this list. I liked all of them. It's been a while since I've seen them but I think I'd like Mulan the best if I rewatched any of them.
  10. The greatness it never wasn't?
  11. Happy Gilmore was also hilarious. That and Billy Madison are the two Adam Sandler movies I love. Everything after that was just a repeat of those films basically.
  12. Fargo was my favorite. The accents were hilarious, too.
  13. Concur.
  14. I have to admit it was a hilarious movie.
  15. Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander were both my favorites.