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  1. new to all this

  2. Salutations!

    V A P O R W A V E
  3. greetings friends, old and new

    Welcome dude person.
  4. Sooo hello

    My favorite term for that generation after Millenials is the 'iGeneration'.
  5. Sooo hello

    Welcome! Nah, it's just these young teens apparently grew up with an iPad and with the internet already being widespread. Soon enough we'll have 10 year olds playing games like this! We should be happy to be the last generation that knows what 'outside' was
  6. Int. Relations theories

    I would say I believe in the Constructivist IR theory recently, but in the past I believed pretty strongly in neorealism. What about you?
  7. Post US Election 2016

    Trump will put in some nasty people like Gingrich and Guiliani in power, but he'll ultimately be far less conservative than the Republicans want and he's going to fight Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell all the way. He'll likely be able to choose two new justices in his term as well. We'll probably see the Democrats choose Keith Ellison to the DNC chair and see them pursue far more progressive policies and candidates in a move to the left similar to how Jeremy Corbyn rose up after Labour got their asses kicked in Britain.
  8. All About Russel (Russman)

    Welcome. Also did XC in High school. Hope you enjoy/suffer well in it!
  9. How could you say that when we have the Secretary of Defense as our goalkeeper?
  10. Welcome to Git Gud Academy, enjoy your stay and work hard at your studies.
  11. I have a confession to make......

    Discord has entirely replaced Skype, IRC, Ventrilo, and Teamspeak for me by far. Also, hello.
  12. Greetings

    Hey nice to see you here, Razor. -Chaoshawk
  13. Trump

    I agree removing environmental regulations is a bad idea. I didn't say I support their positions. I said, " their policies are summed up as ... "
  14. Trump

    He's contradicted himself so many times in the campaign that I honestly have no idea what he would do aside from making ostentatious displays, speeches, and statements. He's not firm on almost anything he has said. The only policy he has stuck with is building a wall on the Mexican border. If he really cared about border security why not just use that money to fund the US Border Patrol? Hire more personnel, invest in technology, etc rather than something someone can just go over with a ladder, tunnel underneath, or make a hole somewhere in the thousands of miles wide border. On Foreign policy, he surprises me somewhat with his frequent non-interventionist statements which are an appealing contrast to the very hawkish Clinton, despite his contradictory comments about what he would do if he led us to a conflict. His statement over negotiating peace between Israel and Palestine thoroughly pissed off the Republican establishment who love to kowtow to AIPAC and that was rather refreshing to see them get humiliated in that regard. Now if only the same thing happens to the NRA. Those lobbyists need to be humbled, especially the NRA for blocking even research into gun violence. It would have been nice to have Joe Biden run since he veers on the side of restraint, but that ship sailed. Not to say he doesn't have his own problems and faults like the rest of the candidates we were presented with this election. I'll probably vote Democrat (with great reluctance) simply so a few potential Supreme Court vacancies coming up aren't chosen by the Republicans. I would have considered third parties since they actually stand a chance of having a significant percentage of the vote due to the general election unpopularity of both Donald and Hillary. The Green Party only recently removed from its platform support for homeopathy, alternative medicine (I'm actually not certain on this), and anti-vaccination. It's the difference between seeing them as progressive, social-democrats and new-age hippies and anti-vaccers. It's surprising to see from Dr. Jill Stein since she is a medical doctor. The Libertarians have this guy running for Senate in Florida. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus_Sol_Invictus They actually considered John McAfee a viable candidate and their policies are summed up as legalizing marijuana, completely deregulating the economy (which led to the 2008 recession, thanks, Bill Clinton), removing environmental regulations, and saying abortion are okay.
  15. World War II

    We already had Italy on lockdown so liberating France would have been more difficult most likely and delay Germany's defeat.