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  1. Welcome dude person.
  2. So Russia invading Georgia and Ukraine isn't an aggressive action? The narrative NATO is aggressively expanding into Russia doesn't take into account the fact those countries joined NATO willingly because they fear Russia, they didn't join because they want to aggressively attack Russia or provoke them but to protect their borders from being violated once again.
  3. It serves a purpose when Russia takes territory from her neighbors actively since the fall of the USSR. Eastern Europeans would beg to differ it doesn't serve a purpose anymore.The rhetoric coming from the Kremlin included veiled threats against Kazakhstan and the Baltic States as well as military action and the creation of proxy states in frozen warzones to prevent countries such as Ukraine and Georgia from joining western institutions. See: Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea.
  4. Several EU countries are bumping up their defense expenditure in the face of Russian aggression already, especially Eastern European members of NATO. Regardless of what percentage of their GDP they spend on their defense, their budgets are severely dwarfed by the US's which means they'll never be able to pay the ridiculous amount we do. I believe Germany in particular should increase their spending but most of the other countries in Europe spend a significant amount.
  5. My game so far.
  6. Considering Timurids, Uzbek, Austria atm. Depends on what others want to pick. I usually prefer secondary powers, but I want to see if people will go for the primary powers first.
  7. Wallace and Gromit is great.
  8. Transferring universities. I've never felt more isolated, failed so hard academically, and felt like such shit before. On the bright side, I only cried myself to sleep once this week on my birthday. My biggest solace is I'll graduate this year.
  9. Depends on your definition of surviving as an alliance. I was a member of TEst in a few different games before their current incarnation.
  10. serial impersonator
  11. I haven't seen most of these so Finding Nemo is an easy choice.
  12. Roll and forcibly disband all CN-named alliances.
  13. Ice Age, Lilo & Stitch, and the Powerpuff Girl movies I remember being good.
  14. My favorite term for that generation after Millenials is the 'iGeneration'.
  15. Welcome! Nah, it's just these young teens apparently grew up with an iPad and with the internet already being widespread. Soon enough we'll have 10 year olds playing games like this! We should be happy to be the last generation that knows what 'outside' was