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  1. Joined Knights Radiant

    http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/ Post an application topic here.
  2. New Guy

    Hi nice to meet you. If you are looking to join the alliance please post an application here: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/
  3. Habitat Reintroduction

  4. A Hooves Introduction

    Hope that works out for ya.
  5. element85 Intro

  6. Fanag

    Gentleman Bastards is a great read IC. Definitely go for it.
  7. Annnd his name iiiisssss... KEYES.

    Red Orchestra 2: Vietnam is gonna be dope.
  8. Deus

    There ya go Deus ride in style. Here is a song for it.
  9. Alex Taylor

    Speaking of Walling, Walling get PT going.
  10. Hey All

    What's the file format you're trying to upload? The profile pics are small tho, the banner ones can be way bigger.
  11. Hey All

    Crop it.
  12. Hey All

    POS (Piece of Shit) Classy I know.
  13. Hey All

    Is Lordship really that much of a POS?
  14. Cenna

    CN = Cyber Nations.