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  1. Hi nice to meet you. If you are looking to join the alliance please post an application here:
  2. Still one of the funnier things that happened so far.
  3. Fuck it, ill play.
  4. No one can replace Sargun. Good luck Azaghul and Optima.
  5. Give me that last place
  6. Discount Rin, Robo, and Big Brother votes, anyways. So -1 for Sargun, and -2 for Micchan.
  7. Divert attention? Just directly insulting you as a person. Which by the way, sucks to fucking suck!
  8. Sucks to fucking suck @United States of Carolina
  9. Harambe wins all categories. Vote is flawed.
  10. I would, but I like don't feel like it.