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  1. "Damn it Rickky...  now when we first meet in a bar I have to punch you THREE times before buying you that beer!"

  2. Post an application topic here.
  3. You got black plague down for me, instead of conquistadors I would have grouped that into the crusades, and then gone with conquistadors.
  4. You could, but have yet to provide substantial evidence to back anything you ever say up, lol.
  5. Just because you refuse to acknowledge it doesn't mean it's not true.
  6. I don't even know if you can continue. Your point about this being THE darkest moment in Human History is a fallacy.
  7. Which is localized to the Middle East.
  8. Define short term, since you said The Holocaust was short term, but it led to the state of Israel. Which can be said is one of the reasons this is happening with Iraq.
  9. Genghis Khan.
  10. Japanese Internment Camps.
  11. The Holocaust.
  12. I wouldn't say THE darkest moments in human history.
  13. I know right? Goddamn Ottomans not putting people in their place.
  14. Hi nice to meet you. If you are looking to join the alliance please post an application here: