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  1. Option B and Option A
  2. I'm an Estonian learnt Finnish by watching TV as a child. Finnish TV was our hole in the Iron Curtain.
  3. Yes. But to as an answer to the original question, there would be no winners.
  4. Estonian, English, Finnish, a tad of Russian and a bit of German.
  5. I said it goes against human nature. Plus I stand by my statement that Communism wouldn't work in a democracy, because there will always be enough people opposing it, plus in a communist system there is no private property, so the state is responsible of the means of production. There is too much uncertainty in a state planned economy for it to work. What you are talking about is socialism or social equality.
  6. Well I was 9 years old when SU collapsed, but what I remember is that everything was scarce - shops were empty, because of planned economy and theft all along the production chain. People didn't actually use the term buy, but rather procure. People were poor and repressed. Communism ca work in a very small community where all the members agree with it and feel responsible, but in a big system where the state owns everything and the workers "own" the state, you end up owning nothing. If that's the case then who cares? Also dictatorship of the proletariat can't end up well. But then again I had a nice childhood. Lot's of being outside, building of tree houses, swimming in the sea, no to little parental supervision (because it was a lot safer). For a kid it was super, but for an adult (with opinions) not so much.
  7. You know as a person born in the CCCP I support this message though the poll needs the right answer as well, which is that Communism fails to take basic human nature into account. Something that goes against basic human nature is a failure at conception.
  8. I don't have a nickname.
  9. Brits weren't the owners of the land. They merely had a mandate to govern it after the Ottoman Empire collapsed after WW1. When the mandate ended the Brits just pulled out. That was in 1948 I believe. And right after that Israel was DOE-d.
  10. #Kinkysexthings.
  11. Hi welcome.
  12. Ingria. Just for the challenge.
  13. So I recreated the AArland: