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  1. Lol @chaoshawk.
  2. Granted, but it's imaginary. I wish you would corrupt my wish.
  3. Granted, but we took it back with your money and resources. I wish you would corrupt my wish.
  4. Blackie would only steal food.
  5. To be frank he was the only one who applied. I gave him a chance.
  6. Hi Smalls.
  7. Depending on his answer to the same question he asked it's either full of shit or full of explosive shit.
  8. If you go the greek way then it's the holy legs, but alas the greek gods weren't true gods. They had too many flaws, a true god is omnipotent.
  9. I'll probably land somewhere there too.
  10. As the Deity I have no parents or wives/husbands.
  11. Yep. Blade runner I've never liked. The thing is cool, but 48hrs is a movie that says goodbye to the 70s and entails the essence of the 80s. Plus Eddie Murphy when he was actually funny. My second pick would be Rambo anyway.
  12. Japan77 - 409 Otto Petersen - 250 ScherpDerp - 213 Rook - 71 EP - 46 Infinite Citadel - 45 BlackAsLight - 33 Kayser - 26 Something Stuartsy - 8 Deus - 7 Bear - 5 Bernard Sandcastle - 4 Micchan - 1 Iacobus Decatonus - 1