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  1. So I recreated the AArland:
  2. It seems that the AARland has gone missing with the forum glitches. Therefore I ressurrected it and invite all of you post your after action reports of games you might have going on.
  3. We had an AARland in the sparring grounds, but it's MIA atm. I'll seecwhat can ne done in the morning.
  4. Hi CSM are you going to continue your awesome AAR here? Well since the TOP forums are dead. Also welcome to my order. Willshapers gained an awesome member today.
  5. Hello.
  6. Welcome!
  7. too bad
  8. Hello and welcome. A nice introduction. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  9. Alliance: What are we going to do tonight? Me: Same thing we've tried to every night. Take over the world.
  10. I wanted to be an adventurer like Indiana Jones (but then I took an arrow to the knee).
  11. Lol @chaoshawk.
  12. Granted, but it's imaginary. I wish you would corrupt my wish.
  13. Granted, but we took it back with your money and resources. I wish you would corrupt my wish.
  14. Simon says?
  15. Blackie would only steal food.