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  1. you can't take all your airforce in one place in like 1 month like whatever airforce US have they will not move 50% of it to fight iran cause they have other works to do as well like protecting EU, a few other nations, securing homeland and etc. Also they as well need a lot big base near iran to do that afganistan will not be that base surely same is for pakistan so alone saudi can't give shelter to this much of airforce. Also there are treaties / foreign relations to prevent US-Iran direct conflict. If US want they might use saudi for proxy war in iran if they sense threat but they will never go for direct war.
  2. By any chance you did any course on International Relations ?? I think this the best explanation possible
  3. Iran cause a lot big army than saudi. Also Iran has a lot stronger navy than saudi (33 submarine vs 0 submarine) and you expect this war must be spread in seas as well. So clearly Iran will be on winning side. Anyway you can check this list for better economic and military view Iran is #21 and Saudi #24 they are close but still Iran is stronger than saudi (just a bit)
  4. depends on which war you mean if it is something like political war then yes ofcourse russia will loose but if it is in the battle ground then EU don't stand a chance russia can take down/invade almost 20-50% of EU in 2 months time period
  5. people from my family and PnW know me as Bhuto & my friends call me Rick and in cricket coaching they call me MSD
  6. English , Bengali , Hindi , Nepali , Marathi , Punjabi Although can only write in English , Bengali and hindi
  7. Well @Rin how can you claim that what we use these days is only form of modernization I mean do you think throwing nuke is a sign of a modernized country (I think modernized is a bit of excess word it can't even be a sign of a civilized country). Honestly if this missile/arm race among the nations is a sign of modernization then I don't want to be modernize.
  8. I mean if manifest destiny was justified then why not the expansion of israel?? They are effectively simmilar like taking other's land by force and staying there just because you are stronger than them. (although don't get me wrong I personally never support this nor do I support what India doing in Kashmir those are simmilar things like using your power/technology to do all the bad stuffs)
  9. Yes if majority of people want that
  10. tbh if you ask my opinion lordaeron treaty was like 10 step backward after one step forward (mensa treaty) if mensa include coup of kastor in peace term I think that would be better for lordaeron
  11. Well it takes a really great deal of bravery when you can't take down TFP but try to mess with mensa Thoughts on this war people also how are you all
  12. yep mensa is playing travian and I am in mensa in travian but still travian requires a lot more activity and almost 0 alliance drama
  13. well travian is not at all good unless you are ready to use your 24x7 time, also there is not much alliance drama present as well
  14. #triggered
  15. forum sucks slack is the boss correct order is Slack>discord >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>forum