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  1. The Deanasaur Screeches

    welcome to TKR
  2. Hi I'm Lizco

    lolz hey welcome to TKR
  3. United States Basic Informations

    Flag: Great Seal: Motto: "In God We Trust" National Anthem: "The Star Spangled Banner" INFORMATIONS: Date Formation: dd-mm-yy Drives on the left. Calling Code: +081 , +1, +8991 ISO 3116 Code: US Internet TLD: .us , .usgov , .mil , .edu MAP: HISTORY: September 10 th 2017 A presidential meeting was held among USA , Canada and EF. After this meeting leaders decided to merge all 3 nations and create one giant nation to counter all external threats and to grow internally. This treaty is known as treaty of Paris. With this treaty all the 3 nations become paperless and merge into a single nation named United States on October 10th 2017. Sargun is the first head of the board of directors of US. A open poll shows that more than 95% of the people of the nations accepted this move of creating a single big nation. GOVERNMENT: United States is a Federal Constitutional Presidential Republic. Head of the board of Director serves the Role of the President. HBoD creates a Board of directors of 3 persons. They are the main constitutional figures of US. one of them represents Army , one of them represents parliament and another represents FA & Intelligence department. Parliament of US is made up of two houses. Upper House and Lower House. To create a new law both the upper house and lower house must vote for the rule (>50% of each house vote) after that Director of IA takes that proposition to the Directors Board if Directors Board accepts that rule ( atleast 2 votes) then it will go to the HBoD. He had veto powers but that is limited to 3 times. After using veto powers 3 times he/she need to resign from the HBoD post and DIA will call for an presidential vote over the country. POPULATION: 600 million registered. 49.8% female 50.2% male ETHNIC GROUPS: 72.4% White12.6% Black4.1% Other/Multiracial9.8% Asian0.9% Native0.2% Islanders OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: ENGLISH OTHER LANGUAGES: SPANISH FRENCH DEMONYM: American Life Expectancy: 85.4 years GOVERNMENT FINANCE: Taxes in the United States are levied at the federal, state and local government level. These include taxes on income, payroll, property, sales, imports, estates and gifts, as well as various fees. In 2017 taxes collected by federal, state and municipal governments amounted to 25% of GDP. During FY2017, the federal government collected approximately $8 trillion in tax revenue.Primary receipt categories included individual income taxes ($1,132B or 47%), Social Security/Social Insurance taxes ($845B or 35%), and corporate taxes ($242B or 10%).Based on CBO estimates, under 2013 tax law the top 1% will be paying the highest average tax rates since 1979, while other income groups will remain at historic lows. U.S. taxation is generally progressive, especially the federal income taxes, and is among the most progressive in the developed world. The highest 10% of income earners pay a majority of federal taxes, and about half of all taxes. Payroll taxes for Social Security are a flat regressive tax, with no tax charged on income above $118,500 (for 2015 and 2016) and no tax at all paid on unearned income from things such as stocks and capital gains. The historic reasoning for the regressive nature of the payroll tax is that entitlement programs have not been viewed as welfare transfers. However, according to the Congressional Budget Office the net effect of Social Security is that the benefit to tax ratio ranges from roughly 70% for the top earnings quintile to about 170% for the lowest earning quintile, making the system progressive. The top 10% paid 51.8% of total federal taxes in 2009, and the top 1%, with 13.4% of pre-tax national income, paid 22.3% of federal taxes.[335] In 2013 the Tax Policy Center projected total federal effective tax rates of 35.5% for the top 1%, 27.2% for the top quintile, 13.8% for the middle quintile, and −2.7% for the bottom quintile. The incidenceof corporate income tax has been a matter of considerable ongoing controversy for decades. State and local taxes vary widely, but are generally less progressive than federal taxes as they rely heavily on broadly borne regressive sales and property taxes that yield less volatile revenue streams, though their consideration does not eliminate the progressive nature of overall taxation. Tax Collection: 8 trillion USD (25% of the GDP) ENERGY: US is one of the biggest supplier of energy and world leader in Nuclear Energy with 2234 Nuclear Reactors in 678 plants.US also invested in solar plants in deserts with limited success. Energy Supply: 92% Nuclear 7% Oil 1% Solar RELIGION: The National Religion of US is Christianity. 72.3% of US people are Christians. EDUCATION: The education in US is free and divided in three parts: 8 years Elementary School (4-11 years) for every citizen the same. To come into the good SSD(secundary school department) you need to past a SeDu test. On this test you can get 0-100 points, but the test itself has 600 questions and problems Then there is Secundary School. this one is devided in five "departments" based on intelligence and skills. Practical School (12-15 years) very basic education. requires a SeDu score of 0-20 points Basic Secundary School (12-16 years): basic education. requires a SeDu score of 21-40 points Higher Secundary School(12-17 years): normal education. requires a SeDu score of 41-60 points Advanced Secundary School (12-18 years): high education, requires a SeDu score of 61-80 points. Complicatare Secundary School(12-19 years): extremely high education, requires a SeDu score of 80-100 points. After this the student can chose three types of tertiary school: Employment College(only for the BSS and PS) Higher Following College(only for the HSS and ASS) Universary College(only for the ASS and the CSS) The literacy Rate of US is 93.5% DRUGS: Soft Drugs are legal and allowed to be sold in the coffee shops and the pharmacies. Recreational Hard Drugs are illegal and can get you a fine of $150 and 2 year visit to Anti addictives center. Marijuana Farm in adelede.
  4. We are happily accepting the MDP pact so you can post about it. Also we are perfectly okay with trading arms but only to a limited level. We are more interested in infrastructure development of PIS. In return we will buy some oil from PIS
  5. So clearly as we have stated earlier we will like to make nMDoAP with PIS (basically that is like we want to extend the treaty from saudi and iran to all)
  6. Brain Daily

    India Strongly condemns genetical modification of human being for war purpose we are clearly telling that TGR need to stop this programm otherwise they will need to face international sanctions
  7. Hello

    I study in ISI (Indian Statistical Institute ) (well subjects are stat , math and part of computer science You can check about my college here, ISI KOLKATA
  8. Oh. Hai.

    well welcome to TKR to both of you I think I am the second fastest growing mid tier of orbis right now (one from NK is on the top) So you may contact me for help. * Not to mention the reason she is fastest because on with 20 cities constantly funding her to buy city, credit , warchest where as I am doing it with grants and loans of alliance*
  9. Hello

    Yes I study in college
  10. Hello

    just to know anyway what do you do in real life student??
  11. Hello

    Hello don't forget to join Slack Anyway who is your favourite singer??
  12. Home,Savages

    apply in this forum http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/ In this format
  13. Sino Republic Tax Reforms

    just curious to know is sino is going for semi-communist democracy format???
  14. Good  Bye Guys I will be back on 18 th on the forum but I will try to log into the game once per day

  15. MONEY

    Please post only the budget once in a month.
  16. AHA Military

    AHA military information will be given here
  17. ALL AHA FA works and new recruitments will be done here.
  18. So hi I am Bhuto (clearly it is not my real name not even closer to my real name), 18 years old. I am from India currently I am student of ISI (Indian Statistical Institute). I love maths, stat , physics , computer science (although it is learning phase ) and I am always keen to learn new things so if anyone interested in similar subjects or rather in any part of education I will love to have a conversation with him/her. Also I did a project with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) back in my school time . Now let's come into my P&W life. After I joined P&W rook personally messaged me to join ROSE (that was not script generated). And then I joined Rose and within 7 days of joining Rose Silent war started. I enjoyed it pretty much and did not loose any single war in the silent war nor get any war expired (taking 4 defensive wars on account). I think that was pretty nice performance considering the way Rose rolled. And after the silent war conclusion I decided to leave Rose but just before that Rook left Rose and I decided to join RW. In Roz Wei although initially some days where good but then slowly I understand that RW is not politically safe also in RW communtiy there was a lot of Racist (if you take khalifa ibrahim on account). So I did not feel good there and decided to move to TKR and finally settle here as it is pretty much politically safe also community here is pretty good. And one thing happened coincidentallly I and Rook become sort of Partners during this short time. {Also he followed me to TKR if he says anything else don't bilieve him).
  19. An Interesting Story in Short

    What is it all about truely speaking I did not read the book yet so can you please explain what enclave exactly is?
  20. An Interesting Story in Short

    Yes I am hindu by birth but atheist by choice Basically 5 Hindu , Muslim, christian , Sikh , Budhist and like some tribal religions also But I prefer to avoid religion.
  21. An Interesting Story in Short

    yes and also khalifa feels that every non Muslim male of age 18+ must be killed
  22. An Interesting Story in Short

    Well I don't remmember you though but I remember someone either his name or his nation name is solzhen/ilhaya He was the only one in a position to win against me but I exchanged peace with him with another TKR guy against whom I was winning.