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  1. Well it takes a really great deal of bravery when you can't take down TFP but try to mess with mensa Thoughts on this war people also how are you all
  2. tbh if you ask my opinion lordaeron treaty was like 10 step backward after one step forward (mensa treaty) if mensa include coup of kastor in peace term I think that would be better for lordaeron
  3. yep mensa is playing travian and I am in mensa in travian but still travian requires a lot more activity and almost 0 alliance drama
  4. well travian is not at all good unless you are ready to use your 24x7 time, also there is not much alliance drama present as well
  5. #triggered
  6. forum sucks slack is the boss correct order is Slack>discord >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>forum
  7. well you got +1 but now it's -1 blackie well I guess IC
  8. well may be once again the best shitposter race among micchan , sargun and woot
  9. well blackie
  10. yep it's me well hi @Patrick MacFarlane
  11. @Micchan look at him ^^^^ this is the best of the lot
  12. wut ????????????/
  13. @Micchan your cats are not at all cute ^^^ These are known as CUTE cats
  14. That lady ?? LMAO no I am a man
  15. like by using stat we can say that chicken consumption in USA in a sudden time period is correlated with people playing PnW ( I mean which is true actually as both is increasing ) so they have very high correlation but they are no way causing each other In the same way game was more entertaining and your time period in government is correlated but they are noway causing each other @BlackAsLight So I would rather say correlation not implies causation always
  16. Correlation =\= Causation is a statistical term ( people from stat commonly uses it ) google it man
  17. 70993 70994 70995 70996 70997 70998 70999 71000 71001 71002 71003 71004 71005 71006 71007 71008 71009 71010 71011 71012 71013
  18. IST reporting , 3 hours before 2017
  19. Merry Christmas to all How are you guys ?
  20. Well for me I like Calculus ,Probability and Numbers Theory pretty much But if you ask me to choose one I will probably go for Calculus
  21. for the best newcomer category atleast 3 nomination is required. (so sorry EP and yir) Anyway go for voting guys Also previous vote prizes will be given later sorry for the delay
  22. Lol no problem