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  1. Welcome to the forums DopePriest, What made you apply to join TKR rather than any other alliance?
  2. Welcome clenchedsugar, What attracted you to TKR rather than any other alliance in the mix?
  3. Aah, so you appreciate the author. Good stuff. What do you believe you will bring into the alliance, skill-wise?
  4. Welcome Kreosot, What do you think you will bring with you to the alliance skill-wise?
  5. Welcome Hollow, I'm sure you received many invitations to many alliances. What made TKR stand out for you, so that you chose -it- out of all the other ones?
  6. Game of Thrones would be a personal fav, but since It's not on the list, Monty Python FTW! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!
  7. [1] - Eat the best pierogies [2] - Eat the best borscht [3] - Eat the best Polish sausage [4] - Drink the best Vodka [5] - Send Poland into space NEXT!
  8. A black person
  9. You said give reps...but you never said which kind Everyone spam negative reps
  10. It's just what it is...a yuuuge reward
  11. Finished Westworld about 2 months ago. That shit was fucking great! Now there's season 2 of Mr.Robot to finish, the wait for the next episodes of "Sons of Liberty", and if course, season 7 of....GoT
  12. Testing the TEstie's testes?
  13. A cynical eagle
  14. An oathkeeper
  15. Testing testing. Will be paying the closest attention to this one...