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  1. A creepy white man from Switzerland who moved to Croatia who has a creepy white Croatian friend who is defending him from the creepy white Polish man.
  2. A creepy white man from Switzerland
  3. Great
  4. Good stuff. Our alliance is in a war right now, so you will have to hang in there for a bit. After the war, we'll be able to go through everyone's applications, and things should get back on track again.
  5. Oh, just one thing. Our alliance is in a pretty busy war right now, so you'll have to stick around for some time until the war is over. After the war, we'll be able to effectively go through everyones' applications
  6. Our alliance uses a messaging app called "Slack". It is very useful for communication as it allows for better coordination, and the overall getting to know of everyone. Do you find this type of thing appealing?
  7. Very nice! How active would you say you would be?
  8. That's good to know. What made you want to join TKR out of the entire multitude of other alliances?
  9. Ah, good to know. It's not an alliance-wide stockpile though. Each nation maintains its own warchest, following the alliances' guidelines. I seem to be out of questions for the time being. Do you have anything you'd like to know about our alliance?
  10. Good to know As well as using slack, our members are required to build up and maintain a war chest. It is a stockpile of the resources required to maintain an effective war.
  11. Very Nice. Our alliance uses a messaging app called "Slack" in order to keep our members more in touch with each other. It helps a lot with coordination and communication. Is this something you are OK with?
  12. That's true. Your honesty is very appreciated. Your nation is named Croatia. Is that where you are from originally?
  13. Cool. How active doyou think you will be?
  14. Ah good, good. Have you played any games similar to Politics and War?
  15. That's good to hear. What do you believe you would bring to the alliance with you, skill-wise?