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  1. Enterprise is ok while TOS is of it's time... I hate DS9, total rip off of Babylon 5
  2. Netball, who cares?
  3. Welcome to the alliance. Tell us a little about yourself, like what plagues you spread, for example?
  4. Who cares, The SEGA Megadrive is the pinnacle of games consoles. That said Tenchu: Stealth Assassins is the best PSX game... EVER!
  5. Welcome to our humble abode. Come to bring your particular brand of shitposting here
  6. It should be pointed out RE: the Falklands, that more Japanese have lived on the island than Argies. And Thatcher was a tory spiv shite
  7. What a choice, a Fascist or Merkel's gimp
  8. If the govt/authorities want to spy on someone then they should need to prove there is a need to in a court.
  9. I'm shocked there is no option for Italy
  10. We need fresh shitposting talent since Sargun ponced off.
  11. Voted all three, because I can.
  12. Reagan was the worlds largest ventriloquist puppet. I doubt the guy had an original thought in his life.
  13. I used to play American Football at my Uni, now I don't play any sport
  14. Angevin Empire looted $22,304,990, 106 Coal, 586 Oil, 370 Uranium, 182 Iron, 35 Bauxite, 497 Lead, 5,050 Gasoline, 6,494 Munitions, 4,847 Steel, 625 Aluminum, and 3,746 Food. Markchestria also lost 10% of the infrastructure in each of their cities.
  15. Should have strung more of the bastards up, like that git Speer.