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  1. Cycling

    Yes his own fault
  2. Greetings Knights 🙏

    Welcome to our forums Seraphim.
  3. Cycling

    Well, you say this but a Brit won therefore by extenstion I won.
  4. Cycling

    Yeah looks like Froome dawg won A pretty amazing feat tbh Le Tour and La Vuelta. wtf was Nibali doing? De La Cruz too for that matter
  5. That was scary

    Hang on, let me just get my violin out for you
  6. Hey Boys

    Welcome to TKR Seán. Great to see more Celts in the alliance.
  7. Hi everyone!!!

    Welcome to TKR Capt Fyrax.
  8. Forum Fighters honorary member august 2017

    Why do you bother adding me to this poll, month after month?
  9. Hey, Agent here

    Keema naan is the correct answer. And I am from Wales
  10. Hey, Agent here

    Welcome to TKR Now the pressing question... keema naan or peshwari naan?
  11. Its WarGamer!!

    Well we all know Curry is British
  12. Cycling

    Who is in Red though
  13. Its WarGamer!!

    Indian eh... see I should have asked which curry is best, I myself like a Rogan Josh, bhuna (Lamb) or dhansak
  14. Its WarGamer!!

    Wrong, it is the only question I need to know to ascertain the kind of person you are.
  15. Its WarGamer!!

    Welcome to TKR, I home this feels more like home for you than BK did. Tradition dictates you tell us a little about yourself, so I'll help you out with this... What is your favourite cheese?