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  1. Persia
  2. I used to table top game, then I lost my virginity and well... kind of lost interest from then on.
  3. If you go/went to state school yes, is you are a privately educated upper and middle class spiv then you can pay your own way.
  4. Who do you like to play as in HoI4?
  5. English and another
  6. Yeah you will fit in... Welcome A fan of Simo Häyhä I see
  7. It's not Spring yet
  8. I suspect Sargun is a secret Trot
  9. I've been swearing like a fucking trooper since primary school.
  10. We are turing into the NPO Welcome Welcome LoganCoffey
  11. They are all either a) Shit, b) Ran it's course or c) Shit and ran it's course.
  12. Blockbuster was a fucking rip off.
  13. There is no doubt that elements of Serbia's state were involved in Black hands however, Austria's used FF's death as an excuse to humiliate Serbia and issue conditions that NO state could or would accept.
  14. You missed out that Russia was going through military reforms that would, by 1919, mean that Germany could no longer hold it's eastern border and thus it's high command needed a war with Russia before the reforms played out or forever loose supperiority in the East.
  15. Whoever said GB is wrong and a bitter kraut.