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  1. Cycling

    Bit of an excuse
  2. Cycling

    How did Aru do @Micchan?
  3. Cycling

    Aru won't win
  4. Cycling

    Hell yes! G is my sporting hero
  5. quick note

    Micchan's fault
  6. New guy here

    Welcome to TKR RonS o7
  7. Utter wank dreamed up by a total twat, what a cunt Sheepy is... arsehole, wanker and an anarcocryptofacist.
  8. Approval Rating

    100% (498.46)
  9. Forum Fighters honorary member june 2017

    Don't know why you bother to put me in these polls, nobody votes for me.
  10. A Honor

    1) I'm in charge. 2) Anyone who says otherwise is the peddler of fake news. 3) Welcome to TKR Krimsom o7
  11. Summer is here

    It's only 18C here so bugger that, maybe put a wolly hat on my avi instead
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to TKR Awesomerthanawesome o7
  13. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to TKR Sycron o7
  14. Mayweather vs. McGregor

    McGregor won't lay a glove on Mayweather
  15. TKR Meetup?

    I've already booked my ticket to Hawaii @Queen M