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  1. Beautiful Congrats everyone & thanks Micchan.
  2. Do you mind sharing your name or alliance in CN? You're right in that we have a population of ex-CN players, and some of them might know you too!
  3. Welcome to TKR! You seem like an articulate guy, good luck in the application and hope to see you on board soon. We're a very active community on Slack and forums, so there'll be plenty to do, if you're so inclined!
  4. Nod, hopefully increases activity or at least fun! We could post a challenge each week/month -- e.g. February could be recruitment month, everyone who recruits a member gets [reward] and whoever recruits the most gets [yuuuge reward] and TKR Grandmaster title or something. Also, when Bhuto was around he made this series (, twas pretty cool.
  5. Victory! You have defeated your opponent by decreasing their Resistance to 0! You looted $12,628,644, 0 Coal, 671 Oil, 244 Uranium, 314 Iron, 0 Bauxite, 0 Lead, 4,106 Gasoline, 263 Munitions, 1,457 Steel, 0 Aluminum, and 4,887 Food. You also destroyed 9% of the infrastructure in each of their cities. o7 Cornerstone
  6. Granted, but instead of ham inside it's Blackie's soggy potato chips. I wish for a 1000:1 military destroyed/lost ratio.
  7. Oh you mean Pokemon Go? And welcome to TKR!
  8. Hi there Jonathan, welcome to the forums Please post an application here, according to the New Member Application Template, to apply for TKR membership. Thanks!
  9. Granted, but potato follows you around and makes everything you say sound pervy~ I wish for some good food.
  10. Welcome to TKR, Davide!
  11. ITT: creeps.
  12. Ehhhhhh sorry, so aboot that maple syrup friendly hockey match, eh? <3
  13. Til next time ?
  14. Your attack was immensely triumphant for the 6th consecutive time, resulting in the immediate surrender of your opponent's nation. They have forfeited $4,878,812.05, 0.00 food, 620.09 munitions, 290.82 gasoline, 1,302.01 steel, and 680.06 aluminum in exchange for peace. You changed your opponent's national color to beige. Additionally, you captured 0 Control Points for your alliance! Aye, captain Micchan! o/
  15. 91) Rzeczpospolita Polska Kazimierz Wielki 09/24/2016 ◆ The Knights Radiant Seniority: 67 days Europe 904.25 92) Shadowhaven Lamort 10/16/2016 ◆ The Knights Radiant Seniority: 3 days Asia 755.39 93) Republic of York Curtiss Hawker 04/11/2016 ◆ The Knights Radiant Seniority: 6 days North America 668.50 @Kazimierz @CurtissHawker pretty sweet