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    Sorry for belated -- sent! Congrats to the winners.
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    <-- Doing all your dirty work, Micchan
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    @TheCreepyLurker, @RedFive -- now kiss.
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    Approval Rating: 100% (782.22)
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    IC and me \o/
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    "Public service" as in "the public should service Queen M", eh?
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    Welcome to our forums! Please post an application in the Welcome Station in this format:
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    Peter, Byzantium, tC. Starting a side business, no time, quit.
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    Congrats @Micchan !
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    Oops I should've voted
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    Thanks Momma Micchan ^^ I'll do the job but I'll send the last million your way. Edit: done.
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    OMG the honour, a personal meme made by Woot <3 Better than any leaderboard.