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  1. Guess Who Will Post Next

    Haha Nope. Guessing Saintlybloody
  2. Interest in STW

    Game is good but a lot of problems cropped up when it first started(Timing was stuck at 1st January)
  3. Excited

    Welcome to TKR!
  4. Just Joined!

    Nice.Welcome to TKR!
  5. Greetings!

    Hey welcome to TKR!
  6. Which country's military?

    USA wins because of its foreign relations and strong military.
  7. Salutations!

    Welcome to TKR!
  8. Application - ShiningLioness

    It is free. We use discord too
  9. Application - ShiningLioness

    Our members are required to use slack,is that alright with you?
  10. Greetings!

    Welcome to TKR!
  11. Introduction: Ryan Miller :>

    Welcome to TKR!
  12. NEW! Glorious State of Sojia

    Welcome to TKR!
  13. Count to 30 before Cenna posts

    30 Yay!!!
  14. Hello!

    Welcome to TKR!