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Found 1 result

  1. I prebought HOI4 and finally last night got around to playing with it. It's freaking awesome with some minor nags (probably because I skipped the tutorial). I started playing as Spain with historic AI focuses off. When the civil war hit I went with the republicans, wiped the floor with the nationalists who had volunteers from germany and Japan (sic!), turned democratic, took out Portugal in early 1938. By that time the Germans went and declared the war on the czech, which got allies involved the war. Thus far the Germans are stuck behind the Maginot line. And since it was 2.30 AM I had to stop playing as I have a work day today. One nag about Spain is that they don't have a specific Focus Tree, but I guess that is another DLC. The other thing is that without going through the tutorial, it takes time to find your way around the interface - it could be better, but is a minor nag. The front system and automatic warring works good, but has problems when the front becomes very jagged or whne you don't have a clear superiority. Tha AI doesn't have enough balls to go in a unguarded province to try to cut off the enemy from supply. But that is a minor nag as well. So there is some micro you have to do every once in a while. All in all a good buy and will try to find time to play it again. Very enjoyable.