XCOM 2: Hiring more guerrilla fighters for our freedoms

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Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to the alien forces, and XCOM, the planet's last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface while concealing a sinister agenda and eliminating all who dissent from their new order. An unit known as ADVENT enforces law and peace alongside the aliens.

Only those who live on the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to rise from the ashes, expose the insidious truth behind the occupation and eliminate the alien threat once and for all.

At this stage of the game, XCOM has recently freed the Commander from alien hands and hijacked an alien transport to be used as a mobile base.



I'll be playing at Commander difficulty, Ironman.

This means we're playing on hard difficulty, and no save scumming. In true XCOM tradition, this is almost certain defeat.

This will be the first time I play Ironman with XCOM 2, so let's hope there are no game ending bugs. I haven't actually won the game either. 



In true XCOM tradition, we're looking for recruits! If you wish to join the resistance, please fill in the following form:


First Name: 

Last Name: 



Appearance: (race, dark skinned, hoodie, face mask, armor color, preferred weapon, whatever)

Soldier class: (4 types - Ranger, Sharpshooter, Grenadier, Specialist. Rangers are recon and ambush experts, and get a cool sword. Sharpshooters are specialized snipers and pistoleers. Grenadiers blow stuff up. Specialists are elite hackers and medics.)

Preferred tactics: 

You may die horribly, but we'll try our best to make sure that the aliens don't resurrect you as zombie and we'll even give you a nice memorial spot on our wall.





Maj. Ursa "Campy" McCamp - Sniper

Cpt. Hulk Hogan - Blow-up-stuff guy

Cpt. John "Roadblock" Martinez - Heavy weapons and support

Cpt. Japan "JH" Hacks - Resident Hacker

Lt. Andrea "Gangster" Martin - Twitchy sniper and pistoleer

Cpl. Nimue "Snake" Hunter - Ambush specialist

Sgt. Shane "Leprechaun" O'Brien - Reserve sniper

Sgt. David "Junkyard" Ryan - Reserve grenadier


Cpt. Richard "Stitch" Wilson - Team medic

Lt. LSU "Tiger" Josh - Recon and survivalist


Cpl. Ricardo Ruiz - Grenadier, was too slow to the Skyranger.


Sgt. Misaki "Ronin" Yamashita - Recon and master swordswoman. Shot in the back of the head by a Stun Lancer, during an ADVENT retaliation attack.

And one dead other rookie who charged at a Muton.



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Mission 1: Operation Gatecrasher

We'll be heading down to plant an explosive on giant Advent monument. This is to strike fear into their hearts and attract their attention.

Rk. Bradford: "Doesn't that make us terrorists, Commander?"
Commander: "No, they're the bad guys. We're freedom fighters."

Skyranger dropped us on the roof. It's an easy enough mission. ADVENT's guard is down, so it's an easy ambush.

We get into position, place a couple guys on the roof and a few in high cover. Rk. Yamashita's opens fire, blasting the face off an ADVENT trooper and sending the rest scattering for cover.

Ha, we anticipated this! The rest drop down from the roof like ninjas, ambushing the remaining ADVENT forces. Rk. Martin headshots one trooper from behind. Rk. Wilson takes out the third with a stream of bullets to the chest.

The team reloads and reorganizes to plant the bomb.

Rk. Martin picks up a datapad, but is caught off guard by a remaining patrol ADVENT while looting the bodies. The ADVENT patrol runs for cover, but one is taken down by our rooftop sharpshooter. The rest of our forces slowly move in on them, outflank with the advantage of numbers. Despite their superior weapons, they only had one shot on us.

We plant the bomb and get the hell out of there.

All in all, it's a mission that went with pinpoint accuracy.


* I had more pictures but screwed it up by overwriting one after another.


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First Name: Japan

Last Name: Hacks

Gender: Male

Nickname: JH

Appearance: idc

Soldier class: Specialist

Preferred tactics: Hacks


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Back at base...

Research focuses on getting us some proper weapons. Weapons were the turning point in the First Alien War and we'll not be caught unarmed this time. The magnetic rifles ADVENT was using will be reverse engineered. 

We do need to get an extra engineer ASAP, so we can start getting more power to the ship. We've set up a Guerrilla Tactics School, to keep untrained newbies from dying immediately in the war.

Oh hey, we just got note of an alien relay that needs to be blown up. Apparently, there's an engineer at the location too. It's supposed to be another easy one, but we'll bring our best troops.



Mission 2: Destroy alien relay



We got dropped in on short notice. The data is transferring fast, and we've only got a few minutes to go in and blow up the relay.
The squad moves into position, but we don't have a good starting position here.


Ruiz lifts his cannon, pointing it at the Trooper. Then lowers it slowly.

Commander: "Why are you hesitating, Ricky? Shoot! We don't have time!"
Sq. Ruiz: "I can't get a good shot, Commander."
Commander: "This is as good as we can get. Shoot now!"

Ruiz opens fire, filling the ADVENT trooper with lead.

Surprisingly, no other other aliens come to his aid. Shots fired, the rest of the squad scramble into a better position. Yamashita bumps into a small patrol just around the corner. Before she can pull out his sword, they dash into cover. (Yamashita gets the sword because she's Japanese obviously)

Wilson tosses a flashbang between the two enemies. Yamashita lets off a fast shotgun shot at the stunned Trooper, but it hits the bunker walls harmlessly.

Both of them run in to slaughter the Trooper, but before Yamashita can reach him, Wilson headshots the poor guy.

An ADVENT Officer hears the commotion and runs in. Ruiz fills him with lead as he runs past, getting a couple of bullets into his helmet. The officer staggers, but keeps moving on.

Our sniper takes aim at the officer's head, but her thoughts instantly filled with visions of torture and death. "The Sectoid... it's getting in my head!" She runs as far as she can and hides behind a rock.

The forces trade shots for a while, before Wilson runs in right up behind the Officer and shoots him. Yamashita immediately dashes past and slices the Sectoid in half with his katana.

Yamashita keeps dashing forward, towards the relay.

Commander: "Yamashita, don't break formation!"

Yamashita ends up going too far, and is caught at a window facing another small ADVENT patrol.


Wilson heads up to hack one of the security towers and starts hacking it.

Commander: "Wilson, what are you doing? Security is too tight. You'll never get in. Destroy the relay now!"
Wilson: "Gimme a sec. There's a security hole to some alien plans here."


Wilson: "Got it!"

The Sectoid assaults Yamashita's mind, leaving her disoriented. She crawls back behind heavier cover and fires a few suppressive shots at the squad. 

Yamashita: "I'll hold them back. Destroy that relay!"


Ruiz points his gun at the relay, but runs off to rescue Yamashita. "Nobody dies on my watch." He lobs a flashbang right between the aliens, stunning them with a loud bang.


Ruiz lobs another grenade. The grenade levels a large portion of the house, but remarkably, the aliens are only slightly wounded. Their cover literally blown, the rest of the squad lays down heavy fire. The Trooper has his face blown off by a sniper round, but the Sectoid runs away and begins a gruesome reanimation of the dead trooper.


Yamashita realizes that she's useless with a shotgun. So she runs in and slices apart the Sectoid, killing the psi zombie as the link is severed.

No more aliens left. Mission accomplished, without a scratch.




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First Name: Ursa

Last Name: McCamp

Gender: Male

Nickname: Campy

Appearance: ehhh, just give me a buzzcut and a decent sniper. The rest is up to you

Soldier class:Sharpshooter

Preferred tactics: Stay as far away from the front line as possible while sniping everyone


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Rookie Japan Hacks is undergoing guerrilla training to be the best damn soldier he can be.

In the meantime, XCOM found an ADVENT black site in East Africa, with mysterious stuff going on. We're contacting the local resistance in East Africa, but it'll take a couple weeks.

We've recieved word of a ADVENT scientist willing to defect and join the resistance. Our next mission is to extract him to safety. We could always use more scientists to help us research cool weapons.


Mission 3: Extract a scientist to safety



As usual, we sneak up to the enemy before opening fire.


This time they got so close that we can smell that skinny ass Sectoid. Yamashita blows off the arm of an ADVENT trooper, leaving it to bleed to death.

The Sectoid gets away despite heavy fire and climbs up to the roof. It reanimates the dead Trooper. We don't really know why it does that. Is it supposed to be intimidating? Another patrol comes in.


Not wanting to take a risk, our sniper blows a quarter of the building with a grenade, sending the Sectoid falling to its death, and nearly killing a few civilians with ceiling tiles. The rest of the ADVENT forces are dispatched with liberal grenade use and a lucky shotgun shot.


Wilson sneaks into the cell to hack the locks of the VIP cell. "Oh shit, this prison actually has guards." A skinny Sectoid and a Trooper leap into cover. Instead of going defensive, they try to swarm Wilson. The Sectoid reanimates the earlier dead Trooper.

One flashbang and both of them are stunned. The Sectoid loses mind link to the Trooper and the zombie falls.


Like your usual mooks, the bad guys manage to spray magnetic shards and plasma everywhere, destroying the room, but missing our heroes. The cell door is also miraculously untouched.

The squad moves in on the disoriented couple and defeat them with ease. Wilson hacks the door and releases the VIP.

As we are about to escape, a transport drops a few Troopers onto the roof.

Yamashita throws the group's final flashbang. Everyone runs with guns blazing, trying to clear the way and get to the extraction point. The Troopers bury themselves in high cover, preparing to shoot anyone who tries to get past them.

The squad takes two, with a final Trooper deeply entrenched.

Yamashita: "We don't have time for this!"

She charges in, dodges a few shots, and slices off the Trooper's arm.


Central: "Get to the evac point NOW! We've got an interceptor closing in 30 seconds about to shoot you down!"

Yamashita is the final one up onto the Skyranger. "We made it! Let's get out of here. Another flawless mission without a single injury!"

Wilson: "Wait, where's Ruiz?"






Central: "Put up a job posting for another Grenadier. We'll just have to rescue him when the time comes."




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Swords? X-com 2 just sounds ridiculous. Let's get serious here:

First Name: Hulk

Last Name: Hogan

Gender: Hulk Hogan

Nickname: Hulk Hogan

Appearance: Hulk Hogan. Red armor.

Soldier class: Grenadier

Preferred tactics: The pile driver, the boot, the leg drop, and hulking up.


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1 hour ago, Woot said:

Swords? X-com 2 just sounds ridiculous. Let's get serious here:

First Name: Hulk

Last Name: Hogan

Gender: Hulk Hogan

Nickname: Hulk Hogan

Appearance: Hulk Hogan. Red armor.

Soldier class: Grenadier

Preferred tactics: The pile driver, the boot, the leg drop, and hulking up.

Pity we can't get you to be a Muton


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First Name: John

Last Name: Martinez

Gender: Male

Nickname: Roadblock

Appearance: Black armor, Face mask

Soldier class: Grenadier

Preferred tactics: Suppression, Supportive assault.

weapon: Heavy (not sure what tech you have atm)

(modeled after my favorite XCOM EU character)


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We didn't have much time at the base to relax. In retaliation to XCOM's successful raids, ADVENT has sent forces to destroy whichever Resistance they encounter. Without the time to train a new Grenadier, we'll take whoever is ready. Hacks, you're on this one.


Mission 4: Resistance Haven attack



We're coming in hot. No concealment, no sneaking. Just run in there guns blazing.

Man, this place is a mess. We'll get as many civilians out of there as possible. Wait, what's that sound?

We've walked straight into an ADVENT ambush!


They hit JH hard. If it wasn't for the survival training, he'd be dead by now. 

A few lucky shots from the squad and we've downed 3 troopers so far. We're really feeling the grenade shortage right now. 


JH keeps his head down and moves away from the remaining Sectoid. He ends up in... another ambush. Things is not looking good for JH. Fortunately, the aliens decide to gang up on Stitch instead. They get a good shot and manage to nick Stitch. The Sectoid reanimates a dead ADVENT soldier. Phew... thought he was going to use that plasma gun for a change.


Stitch circles around the tree and shoots the Sectoid right in the face. Ronin charges in and slices up the remaining Trooper.

No more aliens in the area. That was surprisingly brief!

JH: "OMG, what is that?"


One of the "civlians" grossly mutates into a giant... faceless slime monster? "Shoot it!" JH and sniper lay down heavy fire on the "Faceless", but it continues to lumber towards Ronin.


Just as it's about to wreck her, JH finishes off the Faceless with a spray of well placed bullets.

No more hostiles in the area. Mission successful.


Mission end:



A good ending, though we had a few wounded this time around. We'll likely need more than these flimsy kevlar vests in the future.



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So what are the biggest changes in X-com 2? If you told me you were playing a mod for the first game that just added new weapons and enemies I would have believed you.


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Just now, Woot said:

So what are the biggest changes in X-com 2? If you told me you were playing a mod for the first game that just added new weapons and enemies I would have believed you.

The gameplay is completely different!

First, they flipped around the roles. So you play the sneaky one with not enough resources but superior weapons. The aliens send down interceptors to hunt you down (which we'll see in a short while).

Almost all missions are timed. XCOM EU had people 'crawling' forward on Impossible Ironman difficulty, because otherwise you get caught without cover. XCOM EW tried to encourage people from camping with Meld. In XCOM 2, you'll almost certainly lose missions playing cautiously (and lose units, like what happened with Ruiz up there). You have to play quite aggressively.

There's concealment. In XCOM 1 and the X-Com (original) games, you have to hunt down the aliens. In XCOM 2, the aliens hunt you down. 

The battlefields are all procedurally generated now. No premade battlefields. And flanking is a hell lot easier.

The environments are more interesting now. Like you can easily target gas tanks or explosives if there's an alien hiding near one. Or even blow up a segment of a roof, and have it crush the alien below.

They kinda boosted grenades by a lot. There's a grenadier class, which goes to show how important it is. Flashbangs are extremely powerful now and can break mind control, disable melee units like Muton Berserkers, and so on. 

Oh and there's armor. Mutons now not only come with lots of hit points and really big booms. They also come in heavy armor. Lighter weapons won't even do damage to those things, so the armor has to be "shredded" by grenades and heavy weapons.

They "fixed" all the classes. Like sharpshooters now all come with squadsight. I think changing Heavy into Grenadiers was also a good move on their part. My favorite part of the old X-Com games was just lobbing grenades everywhere. 

There are some dedicated paths like psi and hacking. Psi now requires significant investment. Hacking specializations will cost you a medic, but it does mean you can control enemy Mechs and heavy turrets. Hacking on the battlefield also gives bonuses off the battlefield, like intel or exposing enemy bases.


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We've completed research on Magnetic Weapons. This should let us score much more one hit kills. Unfortunately, we don't have the alien alloys to manufacture them yet. The research team is rushing to get us some proper armor now.

It looks like ADVENT set us up for a hard decision here. Either we lose supplies or get hunted down by a UFO. Losing supplies will really hit us hard in the long run. We'll go for the supplies and hope we have the firepower to handle the UFO soon. Plus I never got the UFO event and want to see what happens.


Squaddies Campy and Hulk Hogan all trained and ready for action. Roadblock is still in training and will miss out the next mission.





Mission 5: Hack ADVENT Facility




We sneak in towards the facility, get everyone in place for an ambush. They have stun troopers this time... a lot tougher than the usual troopers. And with stun blades.

We dispose of them really easily. Hogan slaughters the stun trooper with a cannon, Ronin slices the Sectoid. The rest of the team runs towards the target.

Stitch tries to hack an ADVENT security tower, but fails and attracts the attention of the nearby ADVENT force.


The ADVENT troopers get into good cover. Hulk lobs in a flashbang but it doesn't flush them out.

The troops move in. Wait.. what's that? Heavily armored turrets on top of the building? That's going to make things difficult. They're all well fortified too.

All the shots miss, and the troopers refuse to budge from cover. The turrets lay down heavy fire on Stitch, but all of them miss.

Hogan fills the Advent officer with holes, getting in a surprising critical. Ronin slices up the Stun Lancer. These swords are not bad. Campy manages to scrape some damage on a turret, past the armor.

Stitch dashes in towards the target, staying below LOS of the turrets.


He hacks into the system. Another alien patrol appears, but Stitch gets out of there in time.

Hogan and Ronin take down one turret. Ronin is grazed by turret fire and runs for cover.


For whatever reason, the Stun Lancer charges towards Ronin instead of Stitch. I guess he wants a sword fight with a better swordsman? He leaves himself completely vulnerable in the meantime.

Campy headshots the Stun Lancer with a pistol, moving in towards sight of the turret.

A well placed grenade exposes the last remaining Sectoid and Stitch finishes him off with gunfire.

The squad retreats to base, not having to take out that last turret.


Mission results:



Only one serious injury, due to that turret shot. Mission successful.



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Get some shiv's its a psychic's worst nightmare. On the last mission of the EU i literally had 1 guy (roadblock) and 3 alloy shiv's with 2 hover alloy shiv's XD. those ethreal's had something to think about XD.


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6 hours ago, John Henry Eden said:

Get some shiv's its a psychic's worst nightmare. On the last mission of the EU i literally had 1 guy (roadblock) and 3 alloy shiv's with 2 hover alloy shiv's XD. those ethreal's had something to think about XD.

Not available in XCOM 2 though. Also psi is really lame in XCOM 2, because flashbangs ruin everything.


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We continue to make more progress contacting the local resistance. Once we get those magnetic rifles, we'll make a full assault on the ADVENT Black Site.
The Resistance has just contacted us with info of a downed ADVENT convoy. We'll have to move in fast and ambush that convoy, before ADVENT can rescue it. Smells like some well-needed Alien Alloys!
Mission 6: Raid ADVENT Convoy


We've got a larger team this time, but since JH and Ronin are wounded, we'll bring in some random rookie for it.
We move everyone into position. Hmm.. a patrol of some snake girl and a Trooper. The snake seems a little tough, but the Trooper will be easy. We wait until they get in good position.
Campy: "I've got a clear shot on the snake. Permission to blow concealment?"
Commander: "Permission granted."
Campy shatters the serpent's skull with a well-aimed shot.
The new rookie gets his first kill on the Trooper.
Another ADVENT patrol spotted. Roadblock stuns them all with a flashbang.
Hogan lets loose a spray of bullets, destroying something important in the process.
Central: "Watch the fire. If you destroy too many of those supplies, there will be nothing for us to recover when we're done."
Campy cripples an ADVENT officer with another good shot.
Roadblock lobs a frag grenade, finishing off the officer and exposing the last trooper. 
Campy finishes off the last unit.
With no time to rest, a third ADVENT group appears. Hogan withdraws a bit, not wanting to accidentally hit any more supplies. But in the withdrawal, he manages to take down a Stun Lancer.
A Stun Lancer rushes in at Stitch. The stun blade barely misses him and strikes the vehicle he's hiding behind.
Foolishly, the Stun Lancer moved up right in front of Hogan, and is decimated by a spray of cannon fire.
The rest of the squad chase and gun down that final Sectoid. Mission accomplished.


After Action Report


A flawless mission. Campy and Hogan got promoted to Corporal. We also got plenty of supplies and Alien Alloys, and managed to upgrade our weapons and start researching Plated Armor.



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Who want to start betting on who'll die first?


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The Avatar counter has started ticking. The Avatar Project is apparently some top secret ADVENT project that will utterly destroy XCOM. Fortunately, it's only at 3 dots so far.
We got Magnetic Weapons now. This is a bit early, so it won't make that great a difference, but at least we'll have more firepower against the tougher units.
Our best soldiers all healed, we're heading down to the ADVENT Black Site. Apparently there's some evil ayylien stuff going on here that ADVENT doesn't tell the world. Destroying it will set back the ADVENT project quite a bit.
This is going to be our toughest mission so far, so we bring our best.
Mission 7: Investigate/Destroy the ADVENT Black Site
The Skyranger drops us on a building near the Black Site, which should give us an excellent defensive position to handle oncoming alien hordes if necessary.
The troops sneak into position and fortify the building. The first encounter is a turret on top of the building. Ronin charges in and slices it with his sword. Unsurprisingly, the sword barely dents the armor.
The noise attracts an ADVENT MEC and a Trooper. That MEC could be trouble.
Roadblock takes out the Trooper with heavy fire, before it can outflank us. Hogan finishes off the turret. Campy snipes at the MEC, dealing significant but not fatal damage.
The MEC chooses to retreat. Is it baiting us or simply avoiding such numbers? The rest of the squad moves in carefully towards it.
No aliens found. That MEC must have gone far. But we did find some human bodies in weird green containers.
We come across two Stun Lancers and a Sectoid. The new Magnetic rifles prove very effective, eliminating a Stun Lancer in a single shot.
The Stun Lancer slashes at Stitch but barely misses.
A group of aliens find the squad. Oh, there was that MEC from just now. We've got a whole horde to deal with now; 5 humans vs 7 alien troops (including one psi zombie).
A round of shots brings down the enemy MEC and a Stun Lancer. Hogan gets mind controlled by a Sectoid. Ronin flashbangs the Sectoid, breaking the mind control link.
The next round of shots hits Ronin and Stitch, though they brought down 3 more aliens.
One more round and the rest of the aliens are wiped out. The troops move towards the alien facility.
Campy, Stitch, and Roadblock head up onto the roof of the facility, to get a good angle on any aliens within. Hulk Hogan and Ronin, the close combat specialists, move in from below.
The alien facility appears to be processing lots of uh... humans, for some reason. There's a conspicuously placed vial right in the middle of it that they're processing for something. We'll get that vial and move on.
There are few armed guards within in poor cover, quickly dispatched by Hulk Hogan and Roadblock. We spot a MEC running away. Must be more in there.
Whoops... Stitch triggers a turret up on the roof and barely has time to get out of range of it
As expected, the MEC calls for backup and starts laying down suppressive fire.
Other Troopers surround the area but are quickly downed. The squad gets to work breaking down the MEC, which took a surprising amount of team work.
A Sectoid forces Ronin to panic, leaving her exposed to that turret we were avoiding. Campy tosses a grenade to damage the turret. The turret is barely scratched by the frag grenade, but the roof collapses and destroys it in the process.
Hulk Hogan catches fire because everything is burning all around him, but fortunately Stitch's GREMLIN puts it out before he can take any damage.
We grab the Blacksite Vial and start evacuating.
A couple of ADVENT transports drop more Stun Lancers as we prepare to escape. The squad is well-equipped, kill about two more ADVENT officers and 3 Stun Lancers, and escape without any further injuries. Mission accomplished


After Action Report



A few injuries. Ronin got PTSD from watching evil alien experiments.

All in all, it was still a very successful mission as nobody died. It was a tough mission, so nearly everyone got promoted.


We've also set back the Avatar Project a bit. Plated Armor is in development. If it's done, it should make things much easier.



I'll scale back the detail for a while, because it's getting a bit repetitive. Sneak in, flashbang, flank, shoot them down one by one. So maybe we'll go a few missions without a full report, especially if they're perfect.

Will still update when interesting new enemies appear (e.g. Mutons) or near death missions. After Plated Armor is done, things will probably get a lot easier, especially since we haven't had any deaths so far.

There is still an opening for a stealth-based Ranger. Rangers tend to die a lot and there will be some stealth missions. So would be good to keep some as backup.


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I actually really like the detail makes me feel like i'm playing. + you got me to start my own xcom ironman on EU again.


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On 3/11/2016 at 2:27 AM, John Henry Eden said:

I actually really like the detail makes me feel like i'm playing. + you got me to start my own xcom ironman on EU again.

It's actually hit a boring streak where everything is predictable and nothing bad happens. Like a training montage.

We got to the point of Mutons, so current game is interesting.


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5 hours ago, Alex Taylor said:

It's actually hit a boring streak where everything is predictable and nothing bad happens. Like a training montage.

We got to the point of Mutons, so current game is interesting.

I'm rushing lazer weapons


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Mission 8: Rescue an engineer

Standard mission. Roadblock got bounded by a Viper, but that's the only major event. We even completed it 2 turns early. Got an engineer out of it.

Mission 9: Hack the workbench on ADVENT train

Roadblock had fully healed by this mission and we so brought the full team on board. This was another straightforward mission, with only one injury.

Past this point, we managed to discover an alien facility. Strategically, we'll be working towards destroying that facility.

We've also discovered alien Plate Mail, but don't have enough Alien Alloys to build it just yet. Let's hope we get another alien raid mission, but if we don't, we can get some off the Black Market.

Hmm.. an ADVENT Retaliation. These always get interesting.

Mission 10: Stop The ADVENT Retaliation


We head out in direction of civilians. Almost immediately JH triggers a MEC and a Trooper. The MEC is taken out by the squad, but the Trooper runs away to call for backup.

While rescuing some civilians, we come across a Muton. Hmm... these guys look a little different. He's far beyond the reach of any of our grenades and anyone except our sniper.

Campy takes a shot, but its armor stops a lot of damage.

A bunch of other enemy Troopers come in to support the Muton. They lay down a bunch of heavy fire on Ronin, clipping her and making her panic.

They're hiding behind a explosive car though, so Hulk Hogan and Roadblock lob grenades there. The car explodes, killing the entire alien group but also a civilian. Well, collateral damage can't be avoided.

JH rescues another civilian. We just need to make sure 3 more make it safe.


JH opens a door. A large group of ADVENT forces lie outside. The logical move here would be to close the door again.

The rest of the squad get ready to ambush those forces. They do move cleverly, and the Viper spits poison at JH, hitting the door harmlessly.

JH and Roadblock take out one Trooper. Hogan flashbangs the Viper and Stun Lancer.

Ronin gets headshot and killed by the disoriented Stun Lancer!

The death of Ronin so close by makes Hulk Hogan panic. Hogan sprays bullets at the Stun Lancer but completely misses.

Another Trooper sneaks up nearby to JH. JH runs behind a bar counter and takes him out.

Roadblock lobs another flashbang to keep the Viper and Stun Lancer down.

The Stun Lancer that killed Ronin spots Campy on the roof and shoots him hard in the chest, shattering his ribs through the kevlar.


JH comes in to aid Campy in taking out that Stun Lancer. He fires a series of shots, wounding the Stun Lancer. Campy finishes it off with a pistol. 

Roadblock takes out the Viper with heavy cannon fire, partially destroying the building in the process.

All is silent.

Well, save for civilians morphing into Faceless and charging at us. Campy and JH take one out.

Roadblock fires at another Faceless, injuring the massive blob with his cannon, but not killing it.

Hogan runs to rescue some more civilians. The Faceless chases him down relentlessly.

With athletic skill, Hogan jumps around, over obstacles, ducking behind trees and scattered tires. The others maintain fire on the Faceless as it chases Hogan around. Despite the heavy fire, the Faceless manages to keep moving without getting hit. Its fleshy form slowly regenerates.

As the Faceless lifts its arm to crush Hulk Hogan, Campy gets in the killing shot from behind. The Faceless drops dead.

No other enemies in sight. Mission accomplished.


After Action Report



Ronin died in our defense of freedom. She will be remembered forever. It's ironic as she has gone so close and personal to so many enemies and yet it was the disoriented one that did her in.

Most of the team got promoted for the difficult mission.

We'll be hiring and training a new Ranger immediately.



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