XCOM 2: Hiring more guerrilla fighters for our freedoms

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After the death of Ronin and Campy's near death, I've decided we can't wait much longer for good armor. We purchase enough alloys to equip the whole squad in alien plate mail.
Research goes extremely well. Supplies are gushing in. We've managed to upgrade our armor and our cannons. 
OMG... a UFO is chasing us down.
I didn't get to record this, but here's what the cutscene looked like:
Mission 11: Defend the Avenger from invasion

For such an important mission, we'll bring in our most experienced soldiers. Oh screw it... we're taking everyone, wounded or not.


This looks like a really, really tough mission. Our strategy will just be to get 3 people to sprint to the device to destroy it while the others guard the ship. Guess it's Stitch, Hogan and one of the Rangers then. 
Right off the bat, we encounter a small team plus a Muton Berserker. Their troopers also got a health upgrade apparently. Good thing we got those new gauss cannons. Oh gravestones, how symbolic.
Everyone lays down heavy fire on the berserker, harming but not killing it. Roadblock stuns the whole group with a flashbang.
Another group moves in. The disoriented troops outflank Hogan and fire at him, but fail to hit him. The berserker keeps charging towards the ship. More enemies appear.. one Viper and a couple of Troopers.
The Ranger takes down one of the Advanced Troopers. A rookie comes in off the ship and takes out the Berserker.
The ADVENT forces fire back, not hitting anyone, but that Viper manages to spit poison on Roadblock.
Next round, the team manages to take out the entire enemy squad. More troops drop in... a MEC, two Stun Lancers, and a Sectoid. Hogan flashbangs them.
The ADVENT forces are taken down one by one without a scratch. A troop transporter moves in to drop more ADVENT reinforcements. The demolition team moves in towards the target.
The squad slaughters half the reinforcements before they could move, but one Stun Lancer manages to hit our Ranger. The team lays on the heavy fire, killing two more Stun Lancer and leaving only the MEC standing.
That last MEC is out of range, so JH tries to hack it. He fails and makes it worse.
The MEC blasts an area with rockets, injuring Roadblock and JH. The armor does a good job of stopping damage though. 
We've deviated from the original plan, and it's now the snipers who are working at destroying the thing. 
We destroyed the device, but there are whole bunch of ADVENT troops dropping in. It's a difficult choice between defeating the existing enemies first, or running back and possibly being outflanked. Hogan lobs a flashbang so we have time to think while we run. The snipers provide covering fire.
They're dropping more and more heavy troops as time goes by. We make a dash for the Avenger and throw more flashbangs.

Remarkably, despite all the Stun Lancers they dropped on us, nobody was knocked unconscious and left behind.

After Action Report


Quite a few wounded in this battle. We'll probably have to get some kind of hospital. But at least we survived without any deaths and got some promotions.




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The team has started developing a Skulljack - a device used to hack into ADVENT's psionic network, directly through a live ADVENT Officer. The scientists have figured a way to hack ADVENT's encryption system, but need a dedicated facility to do so.
We got another mission nearby - ADVENT is sending important data through some transport vehicle. This one looks fairly trivial. Most of the squad is still injured so we a couple of rookies, along with Campy, Hogan, and Stitch.
Mission 12: Recover Implant Rejection Analysis from ADVENT Vehicle
The mission was quite straightforward. We were in a tough spot at one point, when a group of Stun Lancers dropped off behind us, but we managed to take them out. Stitch got badly wounded by a direct hit from a Muton Plasma rifle, surviving with 2/12 HP.
We did manage to complete it successfully, without other injuries and got a scientist from it.
Mission 13: Raid a UFO


Resistance forces have managed to disable a UFO. They're calling us in to raid and secure it. It sounds like a good source of supplies and alien alloys, both of which are desperately needed at this point.
We spot a small group of alien guards at the entrance of the UFO.
We move into position. As always, Campy takes the high ground. Snake finds a hidden ambush spot where she can get flanking advantage. The others scatter and go for good ambush spots.
Roadblock starts to open fire on the Muton, getting a critical hit past the armor and immediately killing it with his Mag Cannon. The others fire on the Sectoids, easily killing both.
Hmm.. what's that? The aliens have activated a distress signal calling for help! We'll have to rush deep into the UFO.
Hulk Hogan opens the door to the UFO, attracting the attention of a MEC and 2 infantry. He quickly runs out to bait the MEC into open fire. Roadblock and Campy take it down. Hogan kills one of the Troopers.
The other infantries run deeper into the UFO.
We follow in with them. The place is crawling with Vipers and we don't have much time.
With 3 grenadiers in the squad, the solution is obvious - pelt the UFO with grenades.
Roadblock disables the distress signal in time. The flashbangs on the Vipers wear off and they start constricting Hogan, Roadblock, and Snake. Campy frees Hogan, who frees the rest with a flashbang.
The Vipers close attacks put them in vulnerable locations, and they're quickly destroyed by the Mag Cannons.
One last ADVENT Shieldbearer remains. Snake dispatches it with her sword.

No more aliens in the area. Mission complete.



After Action Report



We got about 90 alien alloys out of this, about 2 months supply. And a ton of other resources which we can sell on the black market.
However most of the squad were wounded in this one. Hopefully we don't get another mission for at least 4 days.



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26 minutes ago, Alex Taylor said:


We got about 2 months of alien alloy supplies out of this. Good work.
However most of the squad were wounded in this one. Hopefully we don't get another mission for at least 4 days.

Only one not gravely wounded

I see I'm living up to my nickname


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We've finally got a crapload of resources. Research is going well, progressing on to Elerium Powered Armor. The skulljack is done, and the researchers just need us to skulljack

Barely any time given for them to heal, another recover item 

3/5 of the group consists of snipers. I've upgraded their pistols as well, to make sure we at least have some close combat firepower.

Mission 14: Recover item

Tygan wants us to skulljack one of the officers, but we barely have the firepower to handle what happens with this sniper-heavy team.

I'm trying out a different tactic - spread out the snipers on different buildings, far apart, then use the two riflemen as bait (sorry JH). JH definitely needs to get to the target ASAP, so he'll have to be on the front anyway.

The ambush failed, but the squad managed to get a lot of good hits in. Campy has leveled up quite a bit. He shot 3 Troopers and killed a Muton in the first round alone.

JH was badly injured by a Sectoid plasma gun while trying to hack the system. Monster was injured by a Stun Lancer. There were no other major injuries. Mission completed.

Mission 15: Neutralize Target

Despite the supplies gushing in, we still don't have enough. Too many are getting injured out there, and we're bringing in two untrained rookies for this one.

So XCOM will be "neutralizing" a hostile VIP. Which probably means kidnapping, torturing, and then ransoming. All I know is we get intel and supplies out of this.

The mission was supposed to be quite routine. But due to the combination of some bad luck and unexperienced soldiers, one of the rookies died.

We're down to two uninjured soldiers, so we'll start hiring and training a bunch of other rookies to make sure this doesn't happen again.


We had a strong start, but now we're mostly wounded, with 3 soldiers suffering from PTSD.



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The Avatar Project's progress is at 9/12. If it completes we're all dead. We're allocating resources to assaulting one of the alien facilities involved in this, though we really need more troops.

The last update lacked images, so this update will be covering makeovers! :D 

Stitch gets a TF-style white and red suit and some nice glasses.



Andrea gets anime-style purple hair and some camo.



Campy gets a more manly beard and dusk-themed uniform.



Japan Hacks gets a Neo/MIB outfit. Quite the upgrade since his boring geeky days.



Shane O'Brien gets a stereotypical Irish look. Actually let's change his nickname to Leprechaun to properly stereotype him.



Junkyard gets a crimson theme and an alloy helmet.



Snake gets orange armor and a red ponytail.



Coolio is intimidating enough honestly. We just tweak the armor color a bit.





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14 minutes ago, John Henry Eden said:

good luck with that as a ranger xD

It's actually quite possible lol. There are stealth builds which lets them go for 'backstabbing' style attacks instead of simply close combat.

We just unlocked Wraith Armor, but can't afford it yet. Not sure what it does but if it's just a single concealment bonus it would be awesome. I might put LSU in one of those.


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7 minutes ago, Alex Taylor said:

'backstabbing' style attacks

I could see a rookie ranger attempting to backstab someone just to miss and get their face pummeled in by a muton

Anyhow, I swear man this game sometimes. Flashbanged a stun lancer and he still managed to crit shot and kill a guy behind full cover about 10 tiles away



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1 hour ago, Bear said:

I could see a rookie ranger attempting to backstab someone just to miss and get their face pummeled in by a muton

Anyhow, I swear man this game sometimes. Flashbanged a stun lancer and he still managed to crit shot and kill a guy behind full cover about 10 tiles away


This is why I liked EU better... when in doubt SHIV your way out. lol stupid ethreal's try to mind control my friggen robots with lazerbeams attached to their heads.


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2 hours ago, Bear said:

I could see a rookie ranger attempting to backstab someone just to miss and get their face pummeled in by a muton

Anyhow, I swear man this game sometimes. Flashbanged a stun lancer and he still managed to crit shot and kill a guy behind full cover about 10 tiles away


Haha I actually had one character in a past game get punched in the face for 6 damage by a muton. She flew a few tiles away and fell unconscious despite the heavy armor. I love the attention to detail in this game. 

Sure the guy wasn't flanked? It's near impossible to crit someone in full cover. I don't think the stun lancers get a crit bonus.

XCOM 2 seems a bit nerfed on this angle. Almost never any unexpected deaths unless you're overwhelmed by enemies or time.

The dumb deaths I get are things like a sniper getting fired at by a few troopers who miss, only to destroy the roof and collapse right onto an explosive device.


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Nope no flank also, it kinda happen again. Disoriented ADVANT scored a hit on someone in full cover 2 floors above


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The next mission should be much easier. Most of the veterans are ready for action. Hogan and Roadblock are a little shaken from the last mission, so we'll have to be careful with them. But otherwise it should be an easy one.

We've got a bit more breathing room, so we'll try to skulljack one of the ADVENT Officers on this one. This should give us access into the ADVENT psionic network.

Mission 16: Hack the Resistance Computer



There's a Muton and a Trooper patrolling near the location. This was an easy ambush. Roadblock opens fire, forcing the two into hiding.


Coolio gets up close to blast the Muton in the face. Snake takes down the Trooper.

Hogan moves ahead to get in position, but startles an ADVENT patrol. Campy reflex shots at the patrol as they run for cover.


Campy gets a final killing shot on one of the Troopers.

Roadblock lays down suppressive fire on the ADVENT Officer to get it to stay quiet while JH moves to skulljack him.


JH manages to skulljack the officer!


Skulljacking kills the officer, but the data... escapes in the form of a Codex.

What is that? Campy gets a really got hit on it and it... clones itself.


Not a problem though. Snake slices one of the codexes in half whereas Hogan blasts so much magnetic particles into it it doesn't get up again.

JH successfully hacks into the computer, 3 turns early. He then does a scan of the area, exposing no new enemies in the area.

A small group of 2 Vipers and a Muton arrive at the party a little late. Hulk Hogan holds them down with a flashbang, while the others gun them down with heavy fire. A Viper tries to sneak away, but ambient fire hits a nearby tank and it explodes, killing the Viper.


After Action Report



Well, we got a Flawless rating for this one. Not a single scratch. Haven't seen that happen for a while. (Ignore the dead civilian. Collateral damage.)

Avatar Project progress is down to 8/12 because of the Skulljacking.




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12 hours ago, LSU Tiger Josh said:

LSU Josh

Nickname Tiger


Class Ranger


Tactics:  Doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

Will just uh.. modify one of the existing guys and hope nobody notices.

Also good time to show off the new sexy power armors. Too bad we don't have plasma rifles yet.



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So like I said in the last post, we've discovered Powered Armor. Now everyone is in sleek, tight, shiny armor capable of taking a direct hit from a Plasma Cannon. We've also upgraded our grenade launchers.

This seems like a good time to hit that ADVENT Facility.

Mission 17: Destroy the ADVENT Facility



This is a pretty straightforward terrorist freedom fighter mission. Just plant a bomb deep inside their facility. Doesn't sound so hard. The game itself puts the difficulty at "Very Difficult" so we'll have to be careful anyway.


An ADVENT patrol gets within breathing distance of Roadblock. Roadblock fires a stream of alloys at the Heavy Infantry, killing it in one shot despite the heavy armor.

The Trooper and Codex runs. Campy gets a good shot at them both, but the Codex clones itself in time. Stitch kills one of the clones and Hogan gets the other one with a grenade.

Snake still stays in cover, doing recon for the rest of the team.

Another ADVENT patrol appears, as well as a turret.


JH runs in and skulljacks the Officer for information. The trauma kills the Officer instantly.

Roadblock flashbangs the other two. JH is under fire from the remaining three but is unscathed.

Campy takes out the remaining trooper, while Stitch and Roadblock kill the Heavy Infantry.

We come across a turret. JH quickly seizes control of it and uses it to fire on a nearby Muton and Viper. It takes them by surprise, hurting them both severely.


The turret takes on the Vipers and Muton, taking heavy damage, but staying intact.

Hulk Hogan lobs a grenade on the other heavy turret. It takes only 1 damage due to the heavy armor, but is destroyed by the collapsed building.

JH scans the area and finds a good location to plant the bomb (we accidentally created a shortcut by blowing up half the building. Snake sneaks in, still staying under concealment.

One of the silly Vipers tries to poison the hacked turret. The other hits it but barely does any damage.


Snake plants a bomb on the facility. Time to get out of there.

The turret manages to regain control of itself. It fires on Stitch, wounding him.

Roadblock finishes off the Turret. Snake kills one MEC on the way to escaping the premises.


Our mission accomplished, we call for the Skyranger to evac us. We escape before ADVENT has a chance to send reinforcements.


After Action Report




A very successful mission despite its difficulty. Campy is now up to Major rank, the second highest possible.

Avatar Progress is down to 7/12. We've got another facility nearby to blow up soon, but need more supplies and engineers to get that far.




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With barely any time to leave the destroyed ADVENT facility, they hit back hard on the local resistance outpost.


Mission 18: Defend the Resistance base





Right off the landing site, we come across a group of Mutons - one Berserker and two regular one. Roadblock flashbangs the Mutons, while the others get into position.

Gangster is injured by one of the Mutons, her armor shredded by the plasma blast. (kinky)

Hogan grenades one of the Mutons in heavy cover. The area is blasted clean, but that Muton is still left standing. Roadblock shreds the armor of the other Muton. Gangster and JH finish them off, but the Muton Berserker is too strong to kill.


The Muton Berserker tries to pummel Hulk Hogan, but Hulk Hogan's wrestling skill keeps him from taking serious damage.

A few more shots to the berserker (from heavy weapons) finally takes it down. It tumbles dramatically off the cliff to its death.

A small patrol consisting of one ADVENT Stun Lancer and a Sectoid appears. Gangster kills the Stun Lancer. The wounded Sectoid tries to get away but it doesn't escape from Campy's shot.

The squad advances, rescuing 3 civilians along the way.

JH does a scan of the area. He finds an ADVENT patrol, along with two Faceless masquerading as civilians. The squad kills one of them. The other lumbers at Hulk Hogan, but is killed by Snake's sword.

The building is full of smoke and dust, making it hard to see what's inside. A group of ADVENTs appear in the dust.

Campy takes a precise trick shot, punching a hole through two brick walls and destroying a well-armored ADVENT MEC.

Roadblock destroys more walls with a grenade, killing one Stun Lancer and severely injuring another Trooper. JH and Hogan finish that one off, but attract the attention of another Muton strike force.

A couple of flashbangs stun the group. They take down the Muton Berserker first, but Hulk Hogan gets hit hard by a Muton, despite being in heavy cover.

Hulk Hogan has difficulties hitting the Mutons in heavy cover, so instead he sprays alloy throughout the building, shattering the walls. Without walls to hide behind, the other Mutons are easily gunned down.

The last remaining Muton manages to hit Hulk Hogan again. With his wrestling instincts, he dodges it, only taking a plasma burn on the cheek.

However, the squad guns down the Muton. We've managed to rescue enough civilians to leave the camp standing. Mission accomplished



After Action Report



Minimal damage on this one, despite it being a very difficult one. Hulk Hogan was really unlucky on this one. He took on a direct punch from a Muton Berserker, and two direct plasma shots from Muton grunts. But he's a fighter and will be back on the force once we get him patched up.



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Back at base, progress is slow but steady. We discovered new venom rounds. We'll give those venom rounds to Tiger. How you put venom on depleted Elerium, I'll never know.

We got a call from one of the resistance cells. Apparently, they've found Ricardo Ruiz, that guy who got lost way back in Mission 3! Well, we don't really need him anymore, but it'll be good for morale to rescue lost soldiers plus he must have some interesting stories to tell.

Mission 19: Rescue Ricardo Ruiz


I thought this would be a routine mission, but it looks like they've got some kind of "Archon" out there, a flying human-robot hybrid.


They blew our cover early too, so we lost the advantage of surprise.

JH hacks into the MEC flanking Campy. Not only do we have a MEC now, but it's blocking the location for anyone to flank.

Roadblock stuns the group with a flashbang. The group lays down heavy fire on the Archon but it survives.

The Archon blasts JH with its "plasma lance", critically injuring him. One of the Sectoids mind controls Campy.

Before Campy can turn against his friends, the MEC outflanks and kills the controlling Sectoid. Campy proceeds to kill another Sectoid before it can move. Tiger kills the Archon and JH hacks and kills the ADVENT Officer.

Stitch heals JH somewhat, but our medical supplies are proving weak for our new HP levels.

All enemies dead, JH sends the hacked MEC to scout ahead. Campy keeps an eye on it, preparing a "kill zone" for any enemies it encounters, and getting ready to shoot the MEC in case it regains control.

The MEC encounters a couple of Mutons and an Archon. No problem, it surrounds the MEC first.

The others get into position to ambush the Mutons. It's good that we have two stealth rangers on the team.

Roadblock clears the road (ironically) with a grenade, giving Campy a clear line of sight of the Mutons. Campy kills both Mutons, but misses the Archon.


The Archon flies high and rains bombs on a large part of the building.


A stray shot hits the van holding Ruiz captive. The van starts to spark and is about to explode.

Ruiz: "Get me out of here!"
JH: "I'm working on it!"

JH hacks through the van door, but with bombs falling all over the place, nobody is there to open it.

Ruiz: "Just blow up the door!!"

Our pet MEC pummels the van with missiles, blowing half of it off, but miraculously leaving Ruiz alive. Ruiz runs far from the van, right before it explodes. He catches fire along the way, but Stitch manages to put it out.

The rest of the team lay down heavy fire on the Archon. Tiger lands a bullet to its heart, killing it instantly.

Another group of reinforcements come in. JH barely fails a hack on the MEC. Tiger kills the MEC before it can strike us. The Stun Lancers run into cover. Snake flashbangs them to make sure they can't strike us.

The squad swap bullets with the Stun Lancers and manage to take out both of them without a scratch.

Ruiz flees past the firefight and gets onto the Skyranger safely. The rest get into the Skyranger as well.

After Action Report


Only a few wounded in this one. Ruiz tells us some interesting stories about how the ayyliens do interrogations. Let's hope we never have to do these rescue missions again.



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Oh hell yes! We have plasma weapons now. Time to really kick alien butt. We've also upgraded our GREMLINS, giving bonuses to things like hacking and healing.

Mission 20: Destroy alien relay

It was a routine mission. Stitch took a direct hit and Tiger got punched in the gut by a Muton, but there were no serious damage. Both of them healed by the next mission. Destroying the relay was a trivial matter with the new plasma rifles.

Mission 21: Secure a disabled UFO

Central says that despite our new advantage, this will be a difficult mission. It turned out to be a fairly easy mission, because of the team's experience and skills. We got a flawless rating on this one, nobody even wounded, despite facing three Archons and a few of ADVENT's elite troopers.

Back at the ship

We got a huge haul out of this raid. Enough to heavily arm all our troops with plasma gear.

Campy got promoted to Colonel, the highest possible ranking.

Our Shadow Chamber is completed - we're able to decrypt alien encryption, meaning that we can progress with winning against the aliens instead of just trying to survive.

Well... we just found out that the aliens were pulling in millions of humans to be "processed" into genetic data for this Avatar Project. The target for their research lies deep in the US and it'll take us a while for us to get that far.

Next, we begin reverse engineering the Codex and hacking into their psionic network.

Another mission appears while we wait. This looks to be a tough one, but our troops are well armed now.

Mission 22: Hack ADVENT Workstation




The troops move into position. While camping out on the roof to snipe at a turret, Campy comes across an ADVENT patrol on another roof.

Another ADVENT patrol is spotted on the ground. It looks like we're in for a heavy fight. JH moves in to hack the turret. Roadblock positions himself to flashbang, while Hulk Hogan gets his EMP grenade ready for the Heavy MEC.

Campy sets up a killzone shot for the MEC.

Snake initiates the ambush, melting off an ADVENT Shieldbearer's face with a plasma shot. She quickly runs back into heavy cover.


JH controls the Heavy Turret, switching that heavy firepower to our side.

Hulk Hogan disables the Heavy MEC with an EMP grenade. The others lay fire down on the enemies, damaging an Archon and killing another Trooper.

The disoriented Archon flanks JH but misses him.


JH runs up and finishes off the Archon.

Campy and Stitch kill the disabled MEC. The rest of the squad sweeps up the rest of the combatants easily.

As we advance, an Archon moves into view but is killed by reactionary fire from the squad. We also spot two other Codexes hiding in the back.

Hulk Hogan quickly flashbangs them before they can do anything. Snake kills one of the stunned Codexes.


The Codex retreats and stays under cover. Roadblock lobs a grenade to blow up the cover, but the plasma melts down the digital creature as well.


With no enemies around, JH hacks into the device. He gained a little experience from it and improved hacking skill.

Scanners detect some hostiles still lingering in the area. We send our troops around to find out where. Snake spots a few figures in a nearby building.


JH takes the point. He kicks down the door, exposing a couple of Troopers and an Archon in the building. He lobs a plasma grenade, damaging the enemies and blowing up a large portion of the wall.

Roadblock comes in and splatters hot plasma through the Archon's organs, at 12 damage.


JH gets the final kill, skulljacking an ADVENT Shieldbearer for intel.


After Action Report



Despite our upgraded enemies, we were well ahead of them this time. A flawlessly executed mission.



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Ooh, another big update! Major Spoiler alert from this point onwards.

At base, our research team has managed to hack a Codex and revealed a location. What lies there? More information? An ambush?

They'll begin decrypting the information we got from the Codex.

Avatar Progress is back up at 10 out of 12. Not much to worry about though - if they get too far, we can remove their progress by blowing up one of their facilities.


We secure some new, heavy armor. I'm putting it on Tiger for the next one. Benefits include a wrist-mounted rocket launcher and the ability to act as heavy cover. I don't know why he would even want to act as heavy cover, but whatever.


Mission 23: Investigate the Codex Coordinates



The Codex was traced from a location in West USA. We've touched down close there. We don't know what to expect but it probably won't be good.

As usual, the troops move into position. 


We got in close enough to smell them, which may not be a good thing as there's an Andromedon around.


Roadblock starts off the ambush by firing on the heavily armored Andromedon. The attack uses up all his ammo but heavily damages it. Campy exploits the flaws in the armor, dealing heavy damage. Hulk Hogan finishes it off.

Well shit... the Andromedon got back up at full health. It appears to be mechanical at least. JH tries to hack it. He fails, making it even stronger.

Tiger moves to backstab one of the Mutons. It dodges and counters with a punch to the face. I guess Bear was right.


The damaged Andromedon moves in to smash Hulk Hogan. It smashes everything else in the surroundings, but misses Hogan. It seems to be leaking toxic fumes all over the place though.

The noise has attracted a small group of ADVENT led by a Heavy MEC. JH tries to hack this one but fails as well. Hulk Hogan disables it with an EMP grenade, while Roadblock kills it.

Tiger sprays plasma at the Andromedon, destroying the creature.

A couple of Troopers sneak out from behind and get into position. They're too scattered to waste a flashbang on. One of them sets up shields and the other sneaks up on Hulk Hogan. Roadblock and the two rangers surround the Shieldbearer and take it down. Campy takes out the Trooper attacking Hogan.

The team moves on to investigate.

Hogan hears a suspicious noise and gets behind heavy cover.

A Chryssalid gets up from the ground and poisons him!

Hogan melts it down with his plasma cannon, but the effect of the poison starts kicking in. The rest of the squad maintain a cowardly distance, wary of more Chryssalids. We brought one medikit, just enough to heal Hogan.


JH runs a scan and detects.... oh shit... 7 Chryssalids hiding in the area. The entire squad freezes, not wanting to provoke the deadly beings.

They shoot one before it escapes, but the other 6 go back into hiding.


Hulk Hogan finds something creepy... a portal of some kind?


Oh crap... what just came out of there? Some kind of giant alien Gatekeeper ball!

Without wasting time, the entire squad throws everything they have at that thing. Before it can do whatever it was capable of doing, Tiger scores the final killing blow on it.

The Chryssalids are enraged by its guardian's destruction and jump out to attack the squad. Roadblock is stung by one of them.


Hulk Hogan flashbangs three of them, hoping to disable their advance. 

Campy kills all four Chryssalids with his Serial killer skill.

Just as we thought we were safe, three more appear. Two move into hiding while another punctures Roadblock's armor.

We kill that one, leaving another two in hiding. One pops up right under JH and poisons him. 

Roadblock lies behind a tree, vomiting blood as the poison brings him to near death. "I need an evac!"

Both Roadblock and JH are evacuated and brought up for emergency medical treatment.

Snake bravely/foolishly runs out chasing the last remaining Chryssalis before it can get into hiding. It pops up and barely gets into range of her. She runs, the others provide covering fire and destroying the giant bug.

All is silent. Mission accomplished.


After Action Report




We're lucky to have completed this one intact. Most of our guys were badly wounded and the engineer-medics will be purging them of Chryssalid poison for a week.

We managed to recover some kind of alien portal, which we'll look into as soon as the current research is complete. Our attack set back Avatar Progress by 2 points, leaving them at 8 out of 12.




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TBH, I'm very surprised the game got this far, and with only one death. This is the first time I got to plasma weapons and the highest difficulty played at so far. Like I've only once played at Commander difficulty and never touched Ironman. I guess having an audience makes me less reckless?

As there's a lot of plot elements being unlocked, everything from here onwards are major spoilers, for those who are familiar with XCOM/X-Com but haven't played XCOM 2.


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Im surprised Hulk Hogan is still in one piece considering the number of times he got wounded


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1 hour ago, Bear said:

Im surprised Hulk Hogan is still in one piece considering the number of times he got wounded

He got a Dodge PCS and 1 extra armor point. Harder to take down than a Muton Berserker at this point. I send him forward to the risky parts which is why he gets injured a lot.

Maybe I should put him in heavy armor as well. Light armor gives a bonus to dodge (which is OP as it can nullify crits too). Heavy armor would put him at 3 armor, which can really add up if not facing explosives. He doesn't really need the extra firepower from heavy armor though.


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The aliens have done another retaliation strike. They brought in some Chryssalids on this one, so we'll want a medic for sure.

Mission 24: Retaliation Strike

Hunter and Hulk Hogan were lightly injured in this mission. We got a 100% successful shot percentage rating. Stitch was promoted to Corporal.

Base Update


Our researchers have found something new. It turns out that the alien Elders were slowly dying and looking for a cure. The aliens would conquer one race to another looking for a cure. They found that cure in humans. We need to hack into a Codex to find further information.


Our researchers have tried to enter that Psionic portal we found earlier. They were able to replicate the electrical signals of the Codex, but the Gate kicked it out for not having the right biological parts. We'll have to find a way to replicate both the electrical and biological components of the Codex to enter the gate.

The aliens have constructed three facilities. Avatar Progress is back up to 11 out of 12. We're going to shut down one of those facilities to buy us some time.


Mission 25: Shut Down Alien Facility




Our sensors detect 11 units. A Codex is one of the first things we come across on the battlefield. Good. Let's skulljack it for info.

Roadblock attracts attention by opening fire on the Shieldbearer. Campy blasts hot plasma down on the group, killing two and forcing the Codex to split.


JH hacks into the Codex's skull, killing it instantly and recovering information. 

Well.. that's interesting. Hacking the Codex pulled the Avatar into our physical dimension. It begins teleporting all around the place, rushing in towards Campy.

Too tough to kill directly, Hulk Hogan lobs a flashbang at the Avatar. However, it doesn't have any effect.


Well, we're in deep shit. The aliens brought in a giant robot.

Campy has also been mind controlled by the Avatar.

The Avatar goes into heavy cover... right behind a petrol tank. Roadblock lobs a plasma grenade at it - creating a huge explosion with both plasma and burning gas. It doesn't kill the Avatar but severely wounds it.


The Avatar escapes, teleporting next to Campy. Snake climbs up there and shoots it in the face, killing it.

Hulk Hogan turns his focus to the giant Sectopod. An EMP grenade damages it, but fails to stun it like what usually happens. However it scrambles the Sectopod's hack defense. JH fails to hack it however, and makes it even stronger.

Tiger flashbangs the most threatening unit in the group - an Elite Lancer.


The Sectopod just outright fries JH, giving him severe 3rd degree injuries. It's a miracle he's alive at all.

Campy manages to pin down every other ADVENT infantry in the room and each one of them goes into overwatch.

Hulk Hogan clears their overwatch with a single flashbang.

Tiger takes a light hit from one of the Troopers but manages to kill an ADVENT Trooper.


Campy, Roadblock, and JH focus fire on the Sectopod. JH takes it down with a powerful electrical shock. It explodes, leaving around some shiny trinkets.

With the Sectopod down, the squad easily wipes out the rest of the enemy troopers.

The recon units - Tiger and Snake move ahead towards the target. Snake encounters a "Superheavy turret" but JH manages to hack and shut it down before it can react. The others keep gunning at it until it is destroyed.


Tiger plants the bomb.


We call down the Skyranger and evac out of there. Of course, while we evac the location, there's this epic chase scene where a Sectopod punches through the wall and chases down Tiger. However, Tiger's athletic training keeps him far ahead of the giant robot. The squad quickly rappels up the Skyranger.

Mission accomplished.

After Action Report



This was a really close one, with JH almost killed/crushed. He also got PTSD from the traumatizing experience of being cooked in his armor and will need a little counseling.

We really set back Avatar Progress in this mission. It went down by 5... -2 for destroying the facility, -3 for killing the Avatar itself. It should delay our doom for at least a couple months.



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