XCOM 2: Hiring more guerrilla fighters for our freedoms

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Omg turns out that XCOM 2 has a relationship system in the code, but it's not activated. I regret not fanshipping Hulk Hogan and Bear.


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Immediately after the last mission, an opportunity opens up for a guerrilla strike on one of ADVENT's locations.

Mission 25: Recover item from ADVENT facility

Long story short, I had completely underestimated this one. I didn't even bother keeping logs and before we knew it, 4 troops were heavily injured, and the item was destroyed. The Sectopod was particularly devastating, nearly wiping out the entire squad.

Mission 26: Supply Raid



Learning from that last mission, we'll be taking Sectopods and MECs a hell lot more seriously. This mission we bring an EMP grenade and some bluescreen rounds for our secondary sniper.


We get into position, right up until we can smell the acrid stench of ADVENT troops.

Junkyard begins the fight, opening fire on the enemy MEC and shredding the armor. The entire enemy patrol scatters for cover. Campy picks them off one by one, severely wounding the Mutons and killing one Trooper.

Gangster uses her gunslinging skills and takes out two mutons and MEC. The bluescreen rounds short out the heavy MEC, sending it to the ground.

Stitch stuns the remaining Archon, and the others gun it down. Gangster gets the kill, with two consecutive pistol shots.

Tiger recons up ahead, finding a couple of troopers and an officer. Two of them immediately outflank Stitch and get in some really hard shots, causing near fatal bleeding. Luckily, Stitch manages to patch his organ shut up good as new within the next turn.

Gangster takes out the officer with one hard shot to the skull. Tiger sneaks up and takes out the remaining troopers.


Tiger scouts up ahead and spots a Sectopod and a couple Troopers. This should be the last remains of them.

Hulk Hogan drops an EMP, damaging the Sectopod, but failing to shut it down.


Junkyard sets the place alight, melting off some of that Sectopod's tough armor. Stitch and Tiger blast it, destroying the Sectopod. The explosion kills the wounded Trooper hiding behind it.

Gangster lands the final kill of the mission with a plasma blast to the skull. No other units spotted. Mission accomplished.


After Action Report


There was only one injury. As difficult as this mission was, it went along very well. Stitch got a little traumatized by the experienced of having to stitch up his lungs back together, but he'll be alright.



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The team takes some time to rest. We run a few experiments in the Proving Grounds to improve our weaponry. Most are useless though. We did get a handheld flamethrower that may be useful. Let's put it on Hulk Hogan next mission.

Mission 27: Kidnap VIP

A straightforward mission with only two injuries. Campy was one of the injured and we'll have to wait the full 8 days before we can go on the offensive with him.

Mission 28: Investigate ADVENT Forge

Actual spoiler alert!




The forge. A lot of "refined" humans have been sent here as a part of the Avatar Project. It looks pretty damn important. I expect this to be an item recovery mission, so we bring in our two best stealth - Snake and Tiger. We also bring the two heavy grenadiers in case of trouble.


The mission starts off fairly boring, with only a small encounter of two to deal with. Both of them are easily killed. Tiger scouts ahead and exposes a Sectopod. Good. Just one solo one.

Campy takes off the first shot to bait it to get closer.


Roadblock, armed with EMP rounds takes the first shot. He critically damages its internals, exposing some of its structure. The hair trigger mod lets him fire another salvo, critically frying the Sectopod's internals. That was too easy.

Tiger and Snake sneak up ahead to recon. A small bridge lies between our landing point and the facility. This will likely make a big tactical difference.


Across the bridge lies a group of Mutons, an Andromedon and a couple of Troopers. Hulk Hogan takes advantage of this tight cluster and launches a wrist blaster, severely injuring the group.

Campy snipes out both the Mutons dead. The Andromedon runs for cover, but does a very bad job of it and is shot twice by Campy. It still lumbers along after being killed. Roadblock gets a shot at the zombie Andromedon, and and ambush by Snake finishes it off.

No more hostiles spotted in the area, so Tiger scouts ahead.


Tiger manages to infiltrate the alien facility. Oddly enough, we find that the aliens aren't sending hooking up humans to these things - they're hooking up ADVENT.

The other forces move slowly into position, trying not to alert the elite ADVENT forces patrolling the building.

Stitch makes a wrong move and attracts their attention. Campy is there to cover, but doesn't hit enough of them before they get away.

Roadblock lobs a plasma grenade, killing one of the officers, but he also exposes Tiger's cover. Stitch finishes off that last Trooper.

Tiger moves in quietly. He finds some kind of alien prototype. Central tells us to bring it back.

One last patrol remains between us and the prototype. This one has a couple of Vipers and an Andromedon guarding it. Looks tough.

Hulk Hogan flashbangs the group.

Roadblock sprays hot plasma through the cover of one of the Vipers, destroying it completely and killing the snake. Some heavy gunfire later and the squad takes out that last Viper and Andromedon.


Tiger sneaks in, opens the forge and finds... an alien suit. Similar to the one the Commander was found in from the start.


We don't know who or what it is but we'll bring it back.

Unfortunately, the Skyranger has decided to wait for us on the far side of the building. A couple of Heavy MECs drop down to block our path.

One MEC blasts the area full of missiles, but it only slightly harms Hulk Hogan and Snake with their heavy armor.

Tiger drops the Prototype and blasts the MECs full of armor shredding alloy.

The others trade fire and manage to take out all three enemies in the way. Snake picks up the Prototype and the squad sprints towards the exit.

After Action Report




A very successful mission. Only minor injuries and we brought back some important loot. Those missile shards were nothing compared to all the direct plasma hits the team has taken.

Our actions set back the Avatar Progress counter by 2, leaving them at 4 out of 12. We've discovered that the aliens were probably mass producing ADVENT troops somehow. Our researchers shall look into it.



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Okay, this is a huge update. I've been playing this game for the last 18 hours. So it's a bit long to read but that's because the mission is really long. Trust me, I really cut out a lot of details here.

Everything from this point forward is a really big spoiler.


We're making very significant progress. We've discovered that the aliens are infusing alien DNA into humans and turning them into ADVENT forces. By working back from this, we've discovered that the Avatar was a fusion of human and Elder DNA, a powerful psionic being.

Only the Avatar can go through the portal into the alien's homeworld. As we're unable to capture another Avatar, we create one of our own. The Commander has shown capable of surviving within one of the alien's stasis suits. As such the Commander shall become the new human Avatar.

Right before we enter the portal, ADVENT puts their propaganda into overdrive to encourage more humans to fuel the Avatar Project in a final push against humanity. We move in to intercept their message and broadcast propaganda of our own.

Final Mission Part 1: Take over the ADVENT Propaganda Tower


We have only a small squad of three to bring in on this one. I pick Hulk Hogan, Campy, and LSU Tiger Josh.

Tiger will be the stealth and close combat specialist, armed with heavy armor, a plasma shotgun, and a heavy armor shredder.

Hulk Hogan will have two acid grenades, flashbang, and some anti-mech ammo.

Campy will be equipped with a psi-blocker and tracer rounds.


Tiger moves ahead to recon. We spot a small patrol of an Andromedon and a Muton.

Hogan flashbangs the two, while Campy takes down one of the Mutons.

The Andromedon shoots Hulk Hogan hard in the head, leaving him severely wounded.

Tiger jumps out from cover and destroys the Andromendon's armor, as well as half the walls. Campy and Hulk Hogan both destroy the Andromedon and its living armor.


In the transmitter room, we come across another Andromedon and two vipers. The two vipers are killed by Campy and Tiger, and the Andromedon is severely wounded.

The Andromedon chooses to get into a wrestling match with Hulk Hogan but can't get a good grip.


Tiger runs around him and hijacks the alien transmitter. By taking control over the psionic transmitter, we shut down ADVENT all over the world and sabotage their broadcast.


Their propaganda networks may run strong, but there is nothing to do to cover for all the killing and rivers of bodies the aliens have brought down...


Part 2. Warning: lots of screenshots.


Final Mission Part 2: Assault the Alien Fotress



We bring in our best troops, armed to the teeth with the latest anti-alien equipment.

Hulk Hogan is too injured to join us, so we're equipping Snake with heavy armor and a Shredstorm Cannon to bring in some extra firepower.


We move in through the psionic gate, arriving in the fortress. Sensors detect twice as many enemies as usual. We'll have to be careful to not engage everyone or really conserve resources.

Oh I get some cool psionic powers as the Avatar. Mind control, psionic blasts, dimensional rift.


The first encounter - a small group of Troopers. We can't spare any flashbangs, so we'll just do this the classic way, with gunfire.

The Commander mind controls one of the Lancers. Roadblock kills one of the Troopers and pins down another with plasma fire. That Lancer chose to be a little silly and ran straight into the gunfire, dying immediately. The others were killed by the rest of the squad.


An Archon and 2 Mutons up ahead. If you have an evil fortress make sure the weakest minions are on the outermost ring first. Campy gets reflex shots on all of them but only hits one.

The Archon is quickly killed by the squad.


One of the Mutons gets past our defenses and punches JH hard in the head, knocking him out. Another Muton gets a lucky shot on Campy, nearly blasting off his arm. Stitch fixes both of them.

We kill both the Mutons by the next round of attacks.

Well shit. We triggered a large nest of... MECs. We had a good round of attacks and killed 2 heavy MECs and 2 normal ones.

Another two come in but all they do is suppressive fire. Those two are wiped out easily.


Six Chryssalids and a Gatekeeper. Things are really heating up.


Thanks to the Commander's newfound psionic powers, it conjures up a dimensional rift, nearly killing all the Chryssalids in the area. Roadblock kills them with a plasma grenade, severely wounding the Gatekeeper.

JH sneaks in and destroys the Gatekeeper with a few well-placed bluescreen rounds.

The last of the Chryssalids are finished off with gunfire.


Heh we found like a "human pen" right in the middle of the alien fortress.

We also found an Archon right in the middle of nowhere. The Commander mind controls it to be used against a future enemy.


The most difficult group of aliens so far. Two Andromedons, a Sectopod and a couple of Mutons. The Sectopod will really really hurt.

As expected, all of them chase after the Archon. It is quickly killed by the Sectopod and Andromedons.

Commander creates a rift in the middle of the area. This kills off both Mutons and severely damages everything else.

The Andromedons spray acid all over JH and Stitch. They're fine, but the acid has melted their armor off.

With a little effort and a lot of explosives, the squad takes out the Sectopod and two Andromedons.


Two codexes and an Andromedon. The enemy Avatar is near.

We wipe out a codex and Andromedon. The final wounded Codex retreats. 

As we chase the Codex down, we catch a glimpse of the enemy Avatar. It disappears before anyone could take a screenshot.


A little scouting ahead and we find the Avatar hanging around casually with a couple of Archons. Tiger lobs a grenade to it, but it teleports far away and calls upon hordes of Faceless and Chryssalids.


It moves far away, right behind where Snake was hiding. She gets a really hard hit on it, killing it immediately with the repeater!

Whoa... those repeaters have been useless this whole game, and the first time it works, it kills a boss.


The Commander-Avatar mind controls one of the Chryssalids, which drags the attention of the rest of the enemies.

Our mind controlled Chryssalid strikes the enemy, critically poisoning it. Oh the irony!

Snake shreds the Avatar's armor with her shredder cannon. The others fire at it as it teleports about the place. Roadblock scores the kill on the second Avatar, destroying it with his wrist mounted guided blaster missile.

More hordes come at us. Tiger uses his Reaper skill to slice apart a Chryssalid and three Faceless.


The final Avatar appears. We're surrounded by hordes of Chryssalis and now Codexes and Heavy MECs. Unless we can kill that last Avatar quickly, we're dead.

One of the Codexes has disabled all our weapons. This is going to hurt.

A Chryssalis gets in close to strike at Tiger, but his reflexes are faster and he kills it first.

The Avatar lies just out of reach of anyone's weapons. Roadblock has one final grenade - a poison gas grenade. He lobs it just far enough to hit the Avatar, triggering its teleportation defense and weakening its armor. 

Our Avatar-Commander creates a vortex, damaging it severely, and making it flee back into the poison cloud.


Snake gets a hit on it, forcing it to teleport far away, back into the damaging vortex cloud.


Tiger has only a limited shot at it and... critically hits the Avatar! The body of the last Avatar collapses to the ground, destroying everything the aliens have worked on so far.

No time to celebrate though. The psionic gate is collapsing and we have to get out of there!

Ending cutscene as below:


Okay, I seriously didn't expect this. I couldn't even win the game with savescumming on an easier difficulty, and this time got a victory without even a death on the final mission.

Best moment of the final mission was a repeater mod killing off a nearly full-strength boss. Those repeater mods have always been completely useless until now.



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Damn, win and with only 2 death? I have a feeling if I did play it I'll probably end up throwing lots of soldier into and meat grinder and win with at least half a dozen causalities.

Also the ending cutscene:


inb4 Advant managed to wake up Cthulhu which unleash eldritch horrors upon earth



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I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to expect Firaxis to remake TFTD :P 

@Infinite Citadel, maybe remove this from the featured topics list because it's over and not going anywhere after this? Or I guess you can leave it there too because it can still be read.


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