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So I dun goofed on the This is Total War AAR and had to delete it because I accidentally forgot to declare war on a small faction I found >_>

Whatever, I found something FAR MORE fun to do that involves everyone that checks this AAR out :) I've been inspired by @Alex Taylor and given the utility that you can rename the armies in Attila Total War. I've decided that I'll have a more focused Eastern Roman Empire campaign without This is Total War. Where anyone that sees this can fill out the application to have their legion named after what they want. Unfortunately I can't rename generals... That will be put in Warhammer Total War thankfully, but not Attila so only armies. I will just address the legions as the member who renamed them.

It will still be on Legendary Difficulty, and I won't be bashing my head against the wall on how annoying the campaign can be. I will also specifically focus on the legions and what they are doing, as composed to the Empire in general. I will do an overview of the Empire's state after several turns instead of every turn to save up room in posts. Once again sorry the last AAR ended so shortly but this sounds more tempting.

The application to rename your legion today is below

Legion Application
Additional Info:

For Personality, this will determine what type of playstyle your legion will be focusing on. Will you just be sitting on top of settlements to defend friendly lands? Will they be actively going into enemy territory to conquer? Or will they just be going out there just to loot? The choices are Garrison/Aggressor/Looter

For Type, it's just if you want your army to be a land army or a fleet.

Additional Info is basically if you have something you want to add for army flavor. Do you want your army composed of mostly cavalry/infantry? Or have some cooky composition?

Turn Count

Turn 1
Turn 2-5
Turn 6-8
Turn 9-12
The Birth of Attila (Turns 12-21)

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inb4 my legion screwed up causing the downfall of the empire

Legion Application
Name: Bear Bear
Personality: Garrison
Type: Land Army
Additional Info: Heavy on ranged unit composition, little to no cav


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I'm always afraid of something like that when games have ironman no save modes. At least it happened early instead of on turn 25.
Legion Application
Name: Legio XI Wootica
Personality: Aggressor
Type: Land
Additional Info: Legio XI Wootica must be based mainly on a long continuous front line of heavy infantry because that worked in the first game and it makes it easier to see what's happening in the screenshots. If you're getting flanked or need to flank the enemy, make it really long and bend it around as necessary. If this is tactically unsound in Rome II then god help you. Legio XI Wootica runs away from horse archer armies.


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Name:Tokyo LIIVII Japan
Personality: Looter
Type: Land
Additional Info: Pure Light Calvary, must do a charge of the light brigade at least twice.


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Legion Application
Name: Legio Augustus Guards I 
Type: Land
Additional Info: Only your best Infantry


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Name: Sargun
Personality: Looter
Type: Land
Additional Info: Just fuck my shit up fam


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Name:Fanagianos' Fleet
Personality: Defensive/Anti-piracy
Type: Naval
Additional Info: GREEK FIRE WILL BRING US TO VICTORY!. Feel free to use it to attack, of course but given it's Atilla you'll likely be defending as the ERE.


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And so we begin, I will note everyone that while it's on Legendary Difficulty. I'll be playing to make sure I don't cheese/abuse AI mechanics. Of course I'll still do the silly siege technique I did last time, I'll try to be a little more considerate to make battles more entertaining. Also note I will not be showing small/one-sided battles as it'll allow me to cover more turns. This first post will be to introduce everyone on the situation with the Eastern Empire. Note I will be teaching/clarifying mechanics in this game in far more detail as I'm not as stressed. It will not be done all at once, but one by one and hopefully you guys can follow along. I will hide everything under a single spoiler tag (except for battles of course). So be prepared for lots of screenshots when you click it!



The Tanukhids threaten us from the East. We have a Non-Aggression Pact with the Sassanids and that will keep them at bay for now, but not forever. There are 2 14 stacks listed in the fog of war here, but sending the legions will inflict desert attrition. They don't suffer desert attrition though.


To the south we have the Garmatians as I call them for short. They have a Non-Aggression Pact with the Western Roman Empire, and will likely attack the poor town of Augila to expand their domain or to loot for plunder. They aren't at war automatically, but there is that threat.


And we have our good friends the Visigoths. Most of their roster is pretty Anti-Roman. With their Gothic Warband, a swordsmen unit having javelins that inflict decent armor-piercing damage. With their Gothic Levies who have the pikes that shred Roman Steel. As well as skirmishers that have the same javelins as the Warbands. They have 2 14 stacks (I miscounted last time) situated in Greece. Hoping to strike out at the small settlements.


Now onto our Empire screen.

The Empire has many decent fertility locations in key locations. Unfortunately Greece will have a hard time supplying food due to being the front lines to the Huns (who like to burn things). Crete is a lovely place both militarily and economically. It has the highest fertility, and can easily be defended as the smelly barbarians aren't well-equipped for naval conquest. Egypt is also a great place, and we have a vassal south in Ethiopia to defend from the money-pinchers.


Wealth isn't so good right now. We're suffering under over-consumption of our food supplies in many regions. They suffer a penalty to region wealth and take massive public order dive. We will sort this out for now, but will be rough given the fact we'll be hounded by hordes. How food works is that each region has its own food supply. If the buildings exceed the region's ability to self-sustain itself, it'll inflict the modifier listed below. The global food supply (listed on the top of the first few screenshots) is there to feed our armies. Making sure we don't have famine which kills off troops here and there globally.




Sanitation isn't going so well either. The Eastern Roman Empire suffered under a terrible plague when war broke out with the Sassanids during Belisarius' time to reconquer Italy. We will hopefully fix sanitation issues quickly as disease will stunt growth and kill off soldiers stationed in plagued cities, which if we need those soldiers for later. They have a chance to spread the disease even more!


Smelly people


So that about gives the brief rundown of our Empire's state, feel free to ask questions and I hope you'll enjoy the ride.

@Fanag As I won't be able to show it live but only in screenshots. Enjoy what you've just condemned me to do in the future.


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Your Legions will come soon tm

Turn 1

So in order to get our Empire up and running we must solve the problems of food and sanitation. There are 4 different types of farms available to Romans. Wheat Fields (most food, little money) to Sheep Flock (low food, lots of money) Since the soil in Crete is Rich I've decided to make a Wheat Field in hopes for profit


For research I need to go military in order to better upgrade my units for future conflicts. Thus I get the upgrade that promotes my Limitanei spearmen to Comita--- whatever their name is complicated


I go through my scattered Legions and look through their personal traits to find out which is better on the field. There are three stats introduced in Rome 2 called Authority, Cunning and Zeal. Authority increases the morale of units/public order as governor. Cunning decreases unit upkeep/building maintenance and increases melee defense (which is perfect for Romans). While Zeal increases flat out damage you can dish out. The Romans have a nice skill tree dedicated to Cunning for their generals.


Once again I merge the damaged units and unify both Constantinople's Legion with the legion up north


I tell my heir to seek a wife to try to develop my family tree. So the balance of power won't tip, wives have some nice secondary traits while some other wives have just nasty traits. The problem is if this political action doesn't succeed, I lost 2% control per failed action. Which control is the only thing keeping my balance of power balanced.


I appoint some generals that I want to keep and later adopt to my family tree if heir sucks at attracting the women. The nice feature instead of constant promotions in Rome 2 is that you have control over which offices your generals have. Military Count is perfect for generals obviously.


And finally sanitation. The best building to get is the cities' sanitation. While it doesn't cost maintenance to build village wells (which both spread sanitation to the entire province). It does cost food to sustain those wells and I'm in a really bad food spot. With the recent introduction of the Slavic Nations. CA added a nice function where their religious buildings actually increased fertility of the province, so it's not a set fertility. I installed a mod that let sanitation buildings do just that because late game is bad and I'll explain more in detail.


I'll upload turns each day to keep you guys amused. I've played up to 5-6 turns, but after that I'll try to make sure I wait daily for any comments/suggestions as the situation does get rather awkward I will say.


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Turn 2



The Visigoths sack our villages and cause public unrest in the Empire. They must be stopped!


The garrisons of the sacked villages are instantly brought to 0, regenerate quite quickly if given time so if we can prevent the barbarians from raiding us more then we can restore our forces.


We've sent our concentrated forces in Greece to deal with the Visigoth leader, which is mostly the same as the last AAR and given the garrison battle dealt significant damage to them. We were able to snatch an easy victory without much losses.


Now in the Middle Eastern front, we continue to wait for those silly rebellious Tanukhids to pop up


And so the struggle for control goes on


Turn 3



The Visigoths seem to be marching their armies away from the Empire. While that's fine, I don't approve of them sacking our cities while they are at it! We must eliminate them.


And so, with another easy victory. We've effectively wiped out the Visigoths once and for all.


The Tanukhids seem to be marching into Sassanid territory. Which is weird because their faction starves without raiding anybody. They are also not at war with the Sassanids... Most curious about AI functionality here


Now with the Visigoths gone, we must spend our precious money to rebuild our structures. These are very costly sadly enough... The public unrest is bound to trigger revolts and will have to be put down.


Meanwhile the Ostrogoths and Nomadic tribes are cited next to the West.


No signs of the Huns yet, but they are still beating up the poor Slavic Nations so we still have a little more time.


Turn 4



The Sassanids have effectively wiped out the Ghassanids which means the only people annoying them is the White Huns. I don't know how much time I have left, but we're slowly stabilizing ourselves for the offensive.


The sanitation is slowly clearing up. While there are still a few more bad provinces due to our lack of funds.


Food is also slowly recovering, once again lack of funds


I can still feed the armies at least!


Turn 5



Here is the mod showing sanitation buildings that give fertility bonus, once again I'll explain why I absolutely need these despite Thracia being good another time. The growth from these buildings is a must as well to get the rest of the building slots


Everyone be unhappy!!


The Garmatians seem to not be hostile in this playthrough thankfully enough. They just want to trade


A random North African faction declares war on me and I try to bring in the West. They refused the call of defense and so our ties with each other is cut except for trade.. But I did have plans to defend Italy but I guess not anymore


The Sassanids be trespassing!


I'll get to you eventually....


Tune in next time for action to finally start. Also daily turns and input!

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I apologize for no AAR today. I will get the next turn up this time because of Sheepy's thread distracting me.

@Infinite Citadel have this because you're playing Medieval 2 Total War.




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Against All Odds
(Turn 6-8)

The coming darkness has started a full blitz on the Empire. Bringing with it many challenges that threaten to break it.

Turn 6



Hope you guys like the subtle things I'm bringing in



I've successfully got a peace treaty with the Tanukhids after they finally stopped messing around and roaming to different areas. This will open up my forces stationed in Palaestina to help the northern front against my disloyal former vassal.


After the first military research, I've focused a bit on economics. Especially the Codification of Laws, which unlocks the tier 3 palace building. This building gives +12 public order while only consuming food consumption, also giving a +5% tax increase to the province. This is by far the most efficient building for establishing public order across the Empire.


I send Legio III to defend against the coming 20 stack (which is the highest amount of units you can have). While having peace with the Tanukhids has brought me some free space, the distance they have to travel is great.


The first military tech unlocked an upgrade for our Limitanei. The Comitatensis, these men have slightly better stats, nothing to fawn over but still an upgrade. You're able to upgrade all Limitaneis at will just by clicking them and then clicking the upgrade icon above. You may also notice that Separatist have risen up. The Legio IV will be sent to deal with these usurpers.


The terrain looks pretty solid. I'll bring in red team to attack the direct front and bring blue team to sneak around and flank them. They do have some scary units, the second card is the Palatina Guards, one of Rome's best infantry. The third is the Thracian Warriors, these troops are decent, nothing special. But the fourth unit is the Germanic Warband, which has good armor and excellent armor-piercing which will shred through my troops rather quickly.


Battle of Trimontium



So things went south really, really quickly!


The enemy outright pushes their army into red team. Forcing me to pull my archers back as fast as I can, they saw that my forces are split and are going to try to take advantage of it.


Blue team rushes but they are very far away. Meanwhile the battle quickly turns into a mosh pit. I keep my general nearby, while risky because he could he pelted down by archers. It's to boost the troops morale as best as possible until blue team arrives. I tell my archers to go into Heavy Shot. Which Attila Total War introduced 3 different types of ammo. Heavy Shot for armor-piercing, Flaming Shot for morale-damage and Whistling Shot which reduces battle performance. Standard shot is the typical ammo, and we don't talk about poison arrows.


The enemies infantry charges in. These are mercenaries that pack a great punch. The Thracian Warriors launch their javelins, dealing significant damage. Meanwhile my cavalry skirmishes their cavalry on the right to prevent them from flanking us.


If you want these sort of screenshots which are just here for pure bloodshed. I can disable the UI temporarily to take these. Up to you guys.


Red team has mostly routed, but blue team has finally arrives to charge the enemy from behind.


After much more fighting, the enemy numbers have whittled enough for victory to be guaranteed... But at the cost.


Our Rank 2 general was killed, and most of our troops have suffered severe casualties. They will need a good amount of time to recover.


Turn 7



Two more rebellions have spawned!


Macedonian and Dacian Rebels have risen up in Greece. I've sent a small force to defend against this nonsense.


I've hired 2 priests (which is my agent limit) to Inspire Populace to somehow increase public order that's reeking my entire empire. They can only take two provinces though out of the 10+ I have.. Sadly enough, you can see that 20 Alan stack that's coming straight for Constantinople.


I've started mass-construction of the palace buildings. Which even at tier 2 this gives +9 public order which will completely negate the -8 I get from the difficulty level.


Oh hey, since its winter everyone brought their coats :D


Just wishing to show the main cause of public disorder. I even have 34 troops stacked on this region and it's only countering the difficulty level by +4


Seeing my legions march closer, Lazica has pulled his troops back to defend. This buys me some more time.


I've ordered a decimation of Legio III. This is because their integrity (the flag/face meter) on the bottom left is really low. If I let that hit 0 they will automatically rebel against me. This decimation hurts the troops so you should never do this when battle is imminent but since Lazica pulled back now is the best time.

Turn 7 Transition

Oh hello Huns


He wants a peace treaty huh? Guess he just wants to focus on picking on the other people more then mean. To be fair ERE did pay off the Huns to go away.




The Iazy (nickname) horde descends upon the battered down Legio IV.. This is my best and most supplied army in Greece, losing this isn't the end of the world but it'll severely cripple my defense of Greece. Not to mention that I have the Alans approaching Constantinople to worry about as well. I even paid 525 denari for this new general!


Legio IV Defense



Red, Blue, Green and Teal teams.


Red team will block off the northern roads. While I have one blockade stationed with the wood icon to the right with an archer unit ready to pour fire arrows on the enemy once they enter town. Green team's only goal is to defend the general from beating flanked if he supports the red team. I don't have much manpower to defend the center street. While Blue team is in charge of defending the ramp to the town center. Losing the town center means a drop in troop morale. Teal team is meant to wait until the enemy has committed then flank them.


The horde marches. Their troops aren't the best quality, and they are warriors, meaning their loyalty lies strictly with their leader.


The second army pours in from the east. I've activated the Sagatarii's ability called Precision Shot which increases missile damage by +50% for 30 seconds, the drawback is that they get 100% fatigued right after the effect ends.


The enemy pours in their cavalry to charge into me. Leading them to another layer of archers right at the town center's walls. All archers are using fire arrows, as morale and the bonus damage to cavalry is key here.


Some enemy troops have started pounding on the blockade to get rid of my archers. While some others have charged up the hill to the town center. Red team has engaged in conflict against the main enemies' numerous numbers.


This really surprised me and made me really sad. The enemy ACTUALLY had spear units defend their flanks, so teal team couldn't go around. They also got into a cavalry skirmish but won thankfully.


Red team stands vigilantly on the northern side, blue team has engaged the enemy units that also broke the barricade and killed the archers units sitting on top of it. Some enemy units started routing after charging in without their main forces' support. The battle looks grim despite the routing cavalry. Their main army has yet to arrive.


A second wave of infantry pours onto Blue team.


A third wave has charged onto Blue team. Along with their general, if I can just get him as they left my own general alone right behind Red team. I can possibly route all of them quick enough to save some lives. Red team is starting to struggle against the numerous amounts of infantry pouring onto them. As you can see in unit icons 2-4 they are now taking heavy casualties and lots of volleys.


A screenshot of Red team defending as I send my general to flank their units on the hill.


Bad news... My general died first, and Red team has been shattered, opening the north army to march onto the town center. Our archers have been firing nonstop and have practically ran out of ammo to pelt the enemy with.


Luckily we killed the enemy general, but it seems far too late. The north starts pouring in with a cavalry charge along with a fourth wave.


The Cohors stand valiantly despite all odds against them. Stand strong men! Defend this ramp!


Has god given us his blessing in this battle? The fourth wave has started to drop drastically in morale, while the Cohors even with their losses still fight on with ferocity? Their own archers have pattered down on my troops so much in this battle that they have almost ran out of ammo.


Praise the lord our savior!


Through sheer luck, we have pulled off a victory worth remembering! We've crippled the Iazy horde and it seems they have taken so much casualties, they can be ratted out once we somehow deal with the Alans. This battle had me shaking when it got to the end, there was so many opportunities for my Cohors to rout after losing their general and taking so many casualties, let alone being exhausted from the numerous waves that poured in.


Thanks for reading this long entry. I hope you enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for the upcoming struggles #struggleisreal



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5 hours ago, LSU Tiger Josh said:

LSU Tiger Josh


Mostly Infantry with supporting cannons and archers.  The most tenacious fighters you have. 


Cannons don't exist in this era. I assume you just mean artillery.


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10 minutes ago, Hooves said:

Cannons don't exist in this era. I assume you just mean artillery.

Are you telling me they don't have cannons but they have Pegasus  riders?!

On 3/15/2016 at 9:31 PM, MaxSomething said:

Name: Dimaethor
Personality: Aggressor
Type: Fucking Pegasus Riders please
Additional Info: they have to be ponies and everyone wears steel toed boots as helmets



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31 minutes ago, MaxSomething said:

Are you telling me they don't have cannons but they have Pegasus  riders?!


Unfortunately that's in Warhammer Total War you have Pegasus Riders.


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The Greek Front

(Turns 9-12)

Time to get some revenge!

Turn 9 (I miscalculated turns sorry)

Not as many images in this turn thank goodness


The Alans sit right outside Constantinople, while Iazy, beaten down very badly from the valiant defense of Trimontium has retreated a bit.


The garrison of Constantinople is more then enough to defend itself. It even has the famous double walls, the Hetaireia Guards are the strongest axemen. Have you noticed the number icons to the left of the "Heavy Axe Infantry"? That's the tier of the unit, and these guys sport the strongest tier, tier 3.


For now, the Legio IV has earned the title "Honor Guard" to defend the sacred city. I'll rename them something later.

Turn 9 transition

The Alans went into Turkey to raid a settlement.


It was super effective, the defenders didn't stand a chance.

Turn 10

Oh an event!


I could've used you 4 turns sooner!!


Green = Alans
Red = Iazy
Blue = Sad Face

So the Alans have not only sacked the poor settlement. They liberated the Asia faction to rebel against me. Now that just means another faction to deal with. Meanwhile Iazy, with nothing productive to do just raids the two settlements north while their garrisons were depleted from previous defenses.


Time to bring an end to Iazy aggression in Greece. I'm really short of missile units so I suck up and hire a Germanic Slinger from the mercenary roster shown here.

Iazy Knockdown

It's go time


Rufus (my heir) and Maximum have brought forth a contingent of Comitantensis to wipe out the Iazy from our lands


Since I'm FINALLY the aggressor in a battle. I'll take a slow approach and just get into formation. Here's a lovely screenshot of the Comitas up close


Maximus follows behind to form up with Rufus while the Iazy can't really do anything after losing practically their whole army.


Now I can actually show you guys this. By holding down spacebar in this game, you can see just how far a ranged unit can fire.


The plan is simple, just charge at them. Great plan!


I do like how they raise their shields after getting fired upon


Given the fact they barely have any infantry and are getting blitzed by twice their numbers. I won't expect them to hold this line very well.


Nope, and it seems I've killed their general and made them rout with ease. At least I didn't lose a general this time

Turn 10 transition

Battle of Trimontium... AGAIN


Rufus was slightly in range to support the 3 unit garrison in Trimontium, but the question is will he make it before the Alans wipe out the troops?


They've already made quick progress. Without a Legion to stall them, they already charge straight towards the town center.




I believe that hill has magic in it. The garrison two units are holding well against the vast hordes of the Alans. Giving Rufus enough time to attack a small force in the red circle. Unfortunately their archers in the green circle have perfect bliss to pelt down Rufus' men. But since they have great missile block chance, we can only hope it pays off.


Rufus' men have broken through and are on route to support the garrison. One unit will shoo away the archers on the right.


With a perfect surround. The Alans, who lost their leader are in disarray and started to flee.


Victory! Rufus is still alive and the Alans have been severely crippled... Wait a minute, this sounds an awful lot like how the Iazy got crippled.. And the same setting with the same hill..

Turn 11

Adoption at its finest


So my attempts to bring the general of the famous Honor Guards has been successful. His influence power and actions are now in my control which will continue to keep the political balance of power at 50%.


The Iazy are on full retreat, it's not worth it to chase. Despite the urge to wipe them out right here and now.


Instead I want to direct my 3 forces to wipe out the severely weakened Alan force.


They retreated into the mountains, but since they are so weak I might as well just auto-resolve.


Peace has been restored in Greece for now... Now it's time to finally turn our attention to the Middle East.

Turn 11 transition + Turn 12 Preview

The Calm before the Storm


The Sassanids have broken their Non-Aggression Pact with me.. It's only a matter of time before they strike. I just need a little bit more time!


The Iazy want a peace treaty now? Sure why not, it might bite me later but they really aren't worth chasing anyways.


The Huns seemed to have forced the Gepids out of the home. They have burned down the settlement to where it's uninhabitable. That's why there was a Gepid stack going across my lands. Hopefully they won't end up like the other hordes that try to loot me for profit.


My former vassal continues to be quiet with their armies.


The Sassanids worry me now after that break of the NAP.


The Tanukhids seem to just be wandering around in circles. Everytime I see them near a settlement I keep thinking they will attack it..

Once again, if you have any questions I will answer them. If you would like some more clearer/detailed descriptions let me know.
Other then that, I will need some new legions for the upcoming Sassanid war ;)


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Legion Application
Name: John Henry Eden
Personality: Aggressor
Type: Naval
Additional Info: assistance in invasion forces + disruption of enemy fleets.


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I'm surprised how well things are going in Greece, I expected the most trouble there. Seems like a pretty good start with North Africa and Europe mostly secure. Also, Medieval II music is the greatest.

Show those Sassanid goat fondling ass weasels not to mess with Rome!

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7 hours ago, Fanag said:

I'm surprised how well things are going in Greece, I expected the most trouble there. Seems like a pretty good start with North Africa and Europe mostly secure. Also, Medieval II music is the greatest.

Show those Sassanid goat fondling ass weasels not to mess with Rome!

Well the Huns are too busy killing the West, but there have been constant stream of non-aggressive hordes. Which you can see at the last screenshot in this post just to the top left. Which makes me paranoid all the time. Speaking of which

The Birth of Attila

(Turns 12-21)

This is an intermission post. Meant as an easier way to transition from the less-engaging turns. As well as a time to sit back and get a glimpse of what's happening to the West, and the current affairs of the East.

The State of the West



The Huns blitz, and I mean blitz hard into Italy. Burning everything they come across because the Huns can never settle as their mechanic. Another dirty mechanic of the Huns is that whenever their army is present in a region, that region loses all forms of army replenishment.


Britain isn't doing so well either. The Picts and their friends have smashed through Hadrian's Wall and have taken most if not all Roman settlements.


France is seeing mass incursions from many other Barbarian Hordes


If we look to the East


Lazica has brought their friends Abraugas into the fray. They've poured 20 stacks upon 20 stacks to siege Trapezus and was finally able to push out the valiant Legio III that defended against 40+ enemy units. We were able to sneak past Lazica lines and BURN their settlement to the ground for their betrayal. Effectively wiping them from the game.


As public order becomes more established in regions, I'm FINALLY able to go on the offensive. Now is the time to strike at Rome's foes with fierce ferocity!



It's the year 400 AD, and a child named Attila was born into a world going dark. With his birth comes a major climate change.


This is why I used the fertility-boosting mod. Each time a new major event happens the fertility all around gets a -1 hit.

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