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RP Rules (For the less crazy one)

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-You must have a factbook with your nation name, nation capital and location of capital (Check map guide for the code of the space), population, GDP, GDP per capita, government type, tax system, and your policies (For GDP, talk with Bernard Sandcastle, the Economic Moderator. For policies, go here:

-You can have 1 city per space on the map you control

-Any addition of land MUST BE APPROVED BY BOTH MODERATORS (Priydan and Bernard Sandcastle)

-Spending must be realistic, if you have 1 million people, you aren't gonna make 1 trillion dollars to spend

-If you let your people vote on an issue, speak to the moderators, as they will decide how your citizens vote (To prevent BS from any leader)

-Eras are moved whenever the moderators decide, and the moderators will randomly select nations to discover things. If you have an idea for discovery, talk to the moderators first

-Moderators will create random events to happen anywhere

-You make the decisions and the Moderators will simulate how your people will react

-You must have a response to every law created and your decisions will impact your country (For example, if you have slaves, you will be frowned upon but you will spend less on labor. But if you decide to say that slavery is illegal, you will have to spend more on labor.)



-That's about it (So far) so have fun


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Nation Name: Caledonia

Capital: Adrenia  (AI)

Leader: Emperor Cenna Alexander Norte

Government type: Monarchy

Currency: Norte

GDP per capita: 13.26ň

GDP: 19.89million ň

Armed Forces: Caledonian Royal Guard

Flag: DZuSjGS.jpg






Slavery is illegal 


 There is an official religion but it's not mandatory to follow.



 Women are allowed anywhere



 Only adults can drink alcohol 



-Voting (If allowed):

 All adults can vote 


TAX: Everyone is taxed a flat 25% government tax and there is a 5% tax for each region drawn from purchases.


Overall budget: 4,772,250ň per week

Sub Budget: 715,837.5ň per week

Bank right now: 10milň


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