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Patrick MacFarlane

Brittean Atlantis Factbook

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Place of Origin:             South Britain Island

Colony Leader:             Royal Governor Carelshipon

Colony Capital:             Brittean Centre ("EF" on RP Map)

Population                    1,590,000 Atlanteans 
GDP                              93,750,000 Atlantean Orichalcum Piece (AOP) / 187,500,000 SUM
GDP per capita             70 AOP / 140 SUM

Government                  Autocracy (with voting for rare referendum/to inform government body)
Gov't Policies on:
         Slavery:                Illegal
         Religion:               Atlantean Church, not mandated
         Women:               Employment outside of the military 
         Alcohol:                Only permitted for adults
         Voting:                  Only Atlantean men and women may vote

         Labour:                 There are no age restrictions on occupying the workforce. However, all workers must be paid 0.5 AOP or more

Wages                           0.50 AOP(1 SUM)/day average (approx. 8 hours per day)
                                      11.0 AOP(22 SUM)/month (22 workdays per month)
                                      132 AOP(264 SUM)/year
Tax system                    monthly flat tax of 20% collected on all citizens
                                      *non-monetary income is appraised by tax collectors who determine taxation by national average value of that income

                                      30% tax on all states of Atlantean Brittean monthly

Budget                           Total Citizen Revenue          55,650,000.00 SUM

                                      Total State Tax Revenue           696,000.00 SUM 


                                      70% to developments           38,955,000.00 SUM

                                      15% to services                      8,347,500.00 SUM
                                      15%+State Tax to savings      9,043,500.00 SUM


Current Projects:
         - (36) Basic Schools (2 in every state)

         - (3) Sea Trade Ports (ED, EF, EH)

         - (54) Small Medicine Booths (3 in every state)

         - (1) Cathedral (E30)

Current Military and Total Purchase Cost (at last military audit)

   Foot Soldiers/Ranged Foot Soldiers

         - (blaze it) Spearmen

         - (575) Man-at-Arms

         - (500) Pikemen

         - (693) Militiamen

         - (138) Longbowmen

         - (70) Light Horsemen


         - (2) Foot Transport Ship

         - (3) Cog (small warship)


         - (4) Blacksmith

         - (5) Wagons

         - (9) Healers

         - (2) Spy

     Troop Storage
         - (1) Military Dock

         - (1) Barrack

         - (1) Stable



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