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I'm Braydon (INGAME: Ubermenschi)

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Hi, I'm Braydon, and I started playing PnW on November 20th. I'm fairly new to the game, but I enjoy it quite a lot. It's not like most modern nation games. 


Anyways I live in the United States in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I'm fond of Paradox games like CK2, EU4 and the M&B series (Never got into the Hearts of Iron or Victoria line). I never read any of these fantasy novels you guys are about, but since there's a following, I am thinking of ordering the series. Anyways thanks for letting me into this group and I hope we all have fun! :D 

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IC also has an old style text and pic style let's play ck2 thing in the sparring grounds.

anyway hi um...I'm not even gunna try and spell your name, welcome to the alliance. The paradox games do tend to give you a ready mindset for this style of game so you should be good. ?

Just hit up your first knight, gov members, or any of us on slack if you need any help, we have no lives so there'll always be someone to help.

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