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Pretty rude :ph34r:


From: Lail Das 512px-Flag_of_Seychelles.svg.png Date: 12/27/2016 Tuesday 9:03 pm stop.png

Hello Leader,

Why join The Knights Radiant when you can join Regicide? We offer $50,000 and protection to new members. We have sorcery like BBcode! 

Our goal is to teach new players the game before they start a political career in Regicide. So join today (guaranteed acceptance)!

-Lail Das

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Not surprising at all. Regicide was founded by an idiotic 14 year old butthurt social justice warrior (Benjamin Sanders) who didn't make it through our initial screening protocol because he was totally dumb and uncooperative and once tried to shove some stupid ideas down our throats all while screaming "I don't get this injustice."

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