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  2. Click Clubs at the top of the forums>Start a club(Green Button)> Then fill out all the appropriate information
  3. They are so under used people have forgotten about using clubs. Go ahead making one, I will join if I am interested in the topic.
  4. What is the use of these Clubs? If nobody uses them why we still have them? Oh, I have an Idea! We can make Clubs for football (and footboll) teams and people can join their favorite clubs and talk about their favorite team and stuff!
  5. We tested by making this club to see what will happen but now nobody uses these clubs and it is there just to be there.
  6. Hi.. what is this "TEST" about? I thought that there's gonna be a text to find a position in the alliance! Like entrance tests!
  7. We should make a club! "OK" What do you want to call it!? "How about Test?" dafuq? Like, named after Pre and his marry band of misfits? An ode to a dead guy? "NO! I mean, like after a test" You mean all those final exams we had to take when we were younger!? "NO! I mean like a testing situation" Oh!! You mean like a test test!? Like an IQ test? My last one they told me I got a C+. A solid 78! "NO! You moron, like let's call it a 'test' club" Huh? "You're dumb" Oh... like we couldn't think of a better name, so we just called it 'test'? "YES!!" Oh... who cares about that anyway, no one will ever post in a 'club' anyway, it's stupid. "I think you're wrong. What a waste of a good opportunity here." I suppose you're right, so many cool things could be done with clubs! "oh... like the HotP could do something!" What a jeanious idea! Why didn't the last HotP think of something like that? "The last HotP was an ideeot." Let's fix our mistake now... "...Wait for it..." "LET's MAKE SOME SWEET CLUBS FOR ALL TO JOIN!!!" ... "..." ... "...so?" so... what? "What clubs should we make?" I don't know. "What a stupid idea this was." Hey, want to play some OBL? "Sure, this place sucks." heh... sure does.

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