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Games Club ^.^ Your first choice of Information regarding games all over Orbis.
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  2. Yes, you create a new account. EU has more people than US server. Though RU has even more.
  3. Do you lose progress if you switch to another server? I play on the NA currently.
  4. They're not OP. Well neither are they weak. Quite alot of variety.
  5. oh jesus. I can't even imagine what a tier 10 light would do against other tanks. The t-50-2 was always in upper tier games so even splash damage was enough to kill it sometimes and a single hit would for sure wipe it out
  6. Oh the game has changed to much since. There's tier 10 lights running around over 90km/h
  7. I haven't played in a super long time. I played a lot maybe 5 years ago and was really good at scouting (top 1% in t50 and top 80% in t-50-2). This was of course back before the physics update. After that, it was difficult to be a scout because a slight bump in the ground could send you flying though the air and both of your tracks would break in the middle of an open field. They eventually removed the t-50-2 which was disheartening because it was really difficult to unlock. I'd be down to play a couple hours here and there but won't be able to play today
  8. Apparently the most popular games are Civ VI and EU4. More infos coming soonβ„’
  9. Alyster is searching for people to play World of Tanks with him. He is on the European server, so if you are interested just say so ^.^
  10. Another Game has been announced There will be a hunger games at 6pm EST or 11pm BST. Dm Beezers#3254 from Church of Spaceology on Discord if you would like to participate. You Need to tell him until 30 minutes before start, so 5:30pm EST or 10:30 BST. Good luck ^.^
  11. That was me aswell, trusty poll for it seems like around update is the best time though really, hour or two before to start
  12. Good Question, i guess we will have to either Play at Weekends or just find a time where the most People are available. I will need to ask how quiznight did it.
  13. As you have most likely seen, we are currently discussing hosting a Tournament of one or more strategy games. In consideration are currently EU4, Civ V and VI, Stellaris, HOI 4 and Crusader Kings. The poll on what People are interested in can be seen here: https://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/6718-050519-group-game-ideas/ If you have any ideas on how that Tournament may look, i encourage you to bring in your ideas here. Everything is welcome ^.^
  14. I added a discord link for you and anyone that would like to Play as well ^.^
  15. I'd definitely be down for Texas holdem
  16. Apparently a few people in Empyrea are playing poker regularly. Due to the lack of interest in poker i don't see a chance of something similar in TKR. Should someone be interested, you can join them on discord: https://discord.gg/RCMkHQR I can imagine that it would be very fun. ^.^
  17. 20 questions! We've played this a few times in slack Somebody is thinking of a person place or thing (we've usually played with people) and everyone else has 20 yes or no questions to figure out what it is.
  18. Paranoia is a game played in sessions. Every Player is present in a channel Person A DMs a Question to the Person B. Person B Needs to answer the Question in the channel, where everyone can see it. Then a coin is flipped, (probably with tatsu bot), and if the coin lands on heads, then the Question is revealed to the others. If not, then everyone is left to wonder what the Question was. Then Person B DMs Person C a Question and so on. It can look like this: A: DMs a Question to B B: "I think D" Coin: lands on heads A: "the Question was who would B like to hug the most?"
  19. Rose is hosting another Civilization Tournament! If your Interested please DM Arch#0239 on Discord, so he can provide further details and get your information. All skill levels are welcome to join in. Start: β‰ˆMay 4th Session Length: 3 hours Interval: Weekly (until completion) Game: Civ 6 1st Place: 60m and a winner role on Rose server 2nd Place: 30m and a runner up role on Rose server 3rd Place: 10m Map: Pangaea Turn Timer: Dynamic Turn Mode: Simultaneous Victory: All but score No turn Limit Sign ups end May 2nd To get the signup form please DM Arch. Details may change
  20. Games that already exist in TKR are: Word association (#word-association | on Slack only, i'm sorry micchan >.<) Last two letters (https://knightsradiant.pw/topic/6082-last-two-letters-word-game) Wrestling League prediction (https://knightsradiant.pw/topic/6589-wrestling-league-predictions-game) Werewolf (#play_werewolf | also only on Slack) Cringiest Wrestling Moments (https://knightsradiant.pw/topic/6660-cringiest-wrestling-moments) Murder Mystery (https://knightsradiant.pw/topic/6629-murder-mystery-game) Quiznight (#quiznight | Slack only as well) Corrupted wishes (#corruptedwishes | you guessed it... Slack only) Count to 1000 (https://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/101-count-to-1-million/?tab=comments#comment-843) If i am missing some just tell me please For Suggestions go to https://knightsradiant.pw/topic/6667-suggestions
  21. This Topic is for suggesting new Forum, Slack or Discord Games. Just Write your Suggestion and how it works down below ^.^
  22. Let's play, European server easiest server

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