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    Bought from Rogue (The Golden Horde) for $44,000,000. "Radioactive seal goes to visit castles in Germany"
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    Hello there everyone! Figured this is a good day to make a major announcement: Today, 1st April 2018, marks the start of a new era, the rise of The Slack Slackers As everyone know, Slack is a wonderful place! we got everything from instant communication, fun, shitty month specific joke and more! So I figured "hey, why not make a group for Slack enthusiast? An alliance within TKR" Slack is a really wonderful place, here is a glimpse of a member of the Slack Slackers slacking in slack with other Slackers Here at the Slack Slackers, we strive to spread the truth and glory about Slack being the best and only platform to communication. Our principles are as follows: Promoting Slack usage among TKR members Educating people that Slack is the one true communication platform Advocating Slack to be the sole communication platform that TKR uses Removal of the TKR forum Complete extermination of any heretic that does not believe the above point which includes but not limit to a certain alliance starting with F Anyone can join the Slack Slackers! Because we believe in forgiveness and second chance. Anyone who was once affiliated with a certain group that is leaded by a cute 2D girl may also join the Slack Slackers but only if they renounce all their affiliation, promise to work towards the destruction of said group and swear an oath to uphold the Slack Slackers principles for the rest of their life. So join now! I'm looking forward to see you guys in Slack!
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    Bought from Victorious of Philippine Commune for $171,000,000
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    I'm Wummy_Yodder, Premier of Yoddera, (The little beige speck of the coast of southern China) I enjoy pretty much anything related to sci-fi, or fantasy (or a mixture of both!) be that, video games, movies, books, etc. I'm excited to meet my new mentor and become stronger! (to be honest, I'm excited just to be in here!)
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    It is I the great Khajit from Elswhere, now i have the chance to tell the story that hasnt been told the story that nobody knows or will ever know, the real story. It all began 10 days after TKR was created and little Milord entered Orbis and by consequence TKR, thinking it would be a good Aliance. When little me realized what i had got myself into, there was no going back, the Mad Tyrant which ran TKR was a madman, Lord Of Madness indeed, Infinite Citadel rulled with an iron leg destroying democracy and all its "banners" giving free grants for cities and moneis like a mob crook. Little did he know that the litle nation he was terrorising , lusitacvs, with free grants and crucial help for development of the newborn nation was a spy. Yeah that's right i am bloody spy, i am an UPN spy ( I Love Purple, and like communism and handshakes in purple). And it is high time that Orbis knows about the true origin of The TKR i will make a wall of text in OWF that will expose the evilness and crookness of @Infinite Citadel and i do that i will unleash my infinite power form as M'i'lor'd and join my bratva and comarades in the fight against dictatorship, TKR, and the enemies of the proliterat. The Liar M'i'lor'd
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    For far too long have the forum fighters been attacked by slackers trying to do low blows from hateful comments, character impersonations all the way to reputation level manipulations and making our tag disappear every now and then. I'm a bit late on the SS inauguration news but I believe that on the spirit of the date it was inaugurated I propose a war on slack and all those who support it and thus oppose the forums as the one true way for community interactions. They have ignored our attempts of settling down our differences after attacks on FF members, their commanders themselves do not bother to respond to our appeals. Ignorance no more! It's time to settle this once and for all! I hope to hear commander @Micchan's thoughts on this matter. Regards, Bangas.
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    When the slackers are so bad that a FF has to do propaganda for them
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    Hello again, I have great news! It have come to my attention that not only does The Knight Radiant have a Slack channel, they also have a Discord channel! Usually, a rival communication platform would be considered heretic by the Slack Slackers but since Discord is also a chatroom with many features similar to Slack, Discord is hereby our ally and will help us in the quest to rid the forum menace. .
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    Welcome to the Slack Slackers! gimme a moment to process your application and i'll hand your heresy purging flamethrower in a minute
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    So a group who want to eliminate the opposition called SS, what could ever go wrong!
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    Yeah, fix that, we have to coordinate!
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    Artist: Daveth in the name of EvilPiggyFooFoo Sold for 12,800,000.00 ethereums "A ship made of clouds."
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    Turin was great I loved it. Also went to Ivrea/Aosta and turned up for the Battle of the Oranges with a friend from the town haha. It was beautiful
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    Hey I know a single italian song that was constantly placed when I was in Turin in Feb. Well I ended up watching the San Remo festival as well
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    Flip Flappers (6/10) Hey, remember a long time ago when I said I'm putting this series on hold? Yeah, decided to go back and watch some more. And oh boy, the anime is basically adventure in drug fueled dreamworld. At least in my opinion, It's also one of the slowest anime in term of how many episodes you have to watch until stuff gets good. Yuru camp (dropped) (5.5/10) Cute girls doing... camping things? One of the reason I picked this up is because of this: Anyhow, show is definitely comfy but cute girls doing camp things definitely does not interest me Houseki no Kuni (9/10) Damn great CG animation. The show is pretty good at world building especially with each episode being "wtf is that/wtf is going on" Violet Evergarden (7/10) Here we have definitely-not-Saber suffering from ptsd and is now trying to become a ghost writer. Show's not bad but a tad bit overhyped though
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    Osomatsu-san 2nd Season 9/10, even better than season 1, awesome! A must watch Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 7.5/10, how to do a good anime with pretty much no plot, two kids playing at school trying to distract the other from the lesson and things like that Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu (first cour episodes 1 to 12) 8/10, yeee another season of this good shonen, but they rushed things a bit to be honest Killing Bites 6.5/10, humans who can transform into beasts fighting for the yakuza in a tournament, dumb in a good way and fun to watch
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    Mahoutsukai no Yome (2nd cour episodes 13-24) 5/10, I lost interest, I don't know what but something is missing, there's potential for a good anime but I don't care about the characters and their fate Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 4.5/10, cute girls doing cute things in Antarctica, well not really, they are in Antarctica only in the last 2 episodes and this is the problem, the first part where they plan the travel is too long so in the end is just your average slice of life with a bit of drama Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 4/10, another light novel with the MC trapped in a RPG, please stop with this plot, could have been decent if only wasn't pretty much harem with some action Koi wa Ameagari no You ni 5.5/10, I'm not a fan of romance it loses points with me but yeah, not bad, no stupid things, no forced drama, good characters, if you like this kind of stories you can like this
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    Well, time for a new flag. Now all i have to do is fine the credit for a flag change... And time for low quality shitpost
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    Why you delete man? Also we had a funeral for your nation
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    I wouldn't do anything so nefarious as renaming my nation to intercept NPO's money. This is pure luck, it's like that "bank error in your favor" card from Monopoly. Bought from Seb of Emerald Bank for 1,000,000 food:
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    Bought from Verin of Cerberus for $100,000,000. "A three-headed cat guarding its treasure, a massive hoard of hot dogs."
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    Radiant Knight eating Rye Toast Purchased for $7,820,000 from Ryebread from Breadland
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