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    Hello Im Shadow Boy from Alexandria (A coastal city in the North of Egypt), I'm a high school student thst enjoys playing strategy games which arent P2W but money can sometimes be used to advance like this game and Rival Regions(A russian game that was created in 2013 but it was released globally in August 2017) I hope to make a strong friendly bonds with other players from this alliances. Im not good in writing something interesting sorry for that tho *shrugs*
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    Finally got enough content for a decently size writeup. Comic Girls (6.5/10) . "Hey Bear, I thought you usually hate cute girls doing cute things show so why keep watching them?" well, refer to this handy chart below This show lands squarely on the memes part of the chart. The show itself is not too bad, the comedy timing is pretty good. Didn't drop it so that's something. Boku no Hero Academia Season 1 - 3 (10/10) Damn great at keeping up the hype between each episode. Binged watch the whole thing in 1-2 weeks. Also the reason why I've been very slow on this writeup. Girls & Panzer: Saishuushou (Part 1) (5.5/10) Apparently, the show will be release as 6 separate parts or smth. Right now, only the first part is out. Considering the fact that the first part was release back in early 2017 or so, I have a feeling it''s going to take forever for the whole thing to be released. Anyhow, the first part is quite meh, we'll see how it goes if the other part is ever released. Golden Kamuy (8.5/10) Could be very well be called "Sugimoto's Bizarre Adventure". Unbearable bear CGI aside, I really love the variety of characters and how batshit insane some of the villains are. It also seems like the manga's author the show have somewhat of an obsession with boners.
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    Best moments were while Kaladin was in Bridge Four, slowly changing the tone of the crew and doing what he could to improve their standard of living and schemed for their survival and escape plan. They constantly had to adapt to changes from a leadership that wanted them dead from day 1 and went to great lengths to kill them. Most intriguing character was Syl. I originally thought she was merely a side character who'd follow Kaladin and have no other purpose than be super ditsy and innocent, a sharp contrast to all the horrors Kaladin had experienced before their meeting. It wasn't until she started saying stuff that even she didn't fully understand that I realized there was an unspoken connection and she had a greater role with an ever changing personality where she didn't even know what was happening to her and Kaladin. Best character development was Adolin. Early in the book, he often acted childish and on sudden impulses. As the story progressed, he showed more reverence for the Codes and led like a true military commander. He also maintained enough skepticism to not trust Sadaes. Biggest asshole: By far Sadaes. Betraying an ally and allowing thousands to die without even a little remorse is perhaps the cruelest part of the book. Even crueler than the unjust way Amaram claiming the shards. With all the times I verbally said "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" in the last 50 to 100 pages, I'm super excited to begin Words of Radiance.
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    I am Unity was such a fantastic moment. I remember I had to stop reading and take a breather shortly before the big moment. Things looked bleak for damn near every character. Adolin was stabbed in the gut, Kaladin and Shallan were out of Stormlight facing six fused. Szeth and Lift were struggling to keep Nightblood under control without his sheath. Renarin saw the future; Jasnah kills him and Dalinar has fallen to Odium. Jasnah was just about to kill Renarin. Dalinar had just been virtually destroyed by Odium. I couldn't see an out but I should have trusted Sanderson. It blew me away. Dalinar flashbacks had some great moments, like him walking out into the highstorm to get his knife he thought he'd lent someone. NO MATING! Most of the bridge four scenes I thought were great. I was so happy when Hobber finally was able to glow. Learning more about Rock and seeing his family was great. The moment when Lopen finally reached the third ideal. Oathbringer just had too many good moments to list them all, but one of my favorites was definitely this: "They looked out at the street and found Kaladin approaching along with what seemed to be an army of five or six hundred men, wearing the uniforms of the Wall Guard. Adolin sighed softly. 'Of course. He’s probably their leader now or something. Storming bridgeboy.'"
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    Steins;Gate 0 (first half) 8/10 Not good as the first season but still very nice, let's see how it ends Golden Kamuy 7/10 Surprise of the season, now I have good hype for the next season, I like how they mixed the violent moment with the comedy and comfy moments Akkun to Kanojo 4.5/10 Your average short anime, avoidable Captain Tsubasa (2018) 5.5/10 Ok remake but it miss the crazy style of the original that is what has made it special Amanchu! Advance 4/10 Comfy first half, terrible second half with that fantasy shit Gegege no Kitarou (First half) 5.5/10 Nice but ripetitive, every episode is pretty much the same thing Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season: Sono Ni 5/10 After 3 seasons is a bit boring, hard to do original things at this point
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    Most active player : I voted mitsuru Most loved player : I wanted to down vote mitsuru but couldn't find the button
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    Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season 9/10 Awesome first half with some memorable episode like Deku vs muscle guy and All Might vs One For All Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara - Toutsuki Ressha-hen 7.5 Still not bored by people cooking and food, how they do that? Megalo Box 8/10 Very nice boxing anime with a western style, expected a bit more by the last fight Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou 7/10 Nice sequel, not better than the original but still nice Dorei-ku The Animation 4/10 That dumb anime you watch to see how much dumb they can be
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    Best lower Mitsuru, easy vote Best high voted for my queen again Most improved, the queen, always the queen
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    Most missed could be the hardest because there are 3 forum fighters, dice roll and Lamort gets the vote Most active Mitsuru, super easy vote Most loved I think the queen wins this, thanks for the wars
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    Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line 7/10 Pedal is always nice but they really spend too much time talking, having a faster pacing with less episodes would be better Hinamatsuri 7/10 Girls with psychic powers from another world have to adapt to the human life, one ends living with a yakuza, the other with homeless people, the MC Hina is terrible but everyone else is nice and some episode with Anzu is really good Mahou Shoujo Site 5/10 Young girls suffering and dark mahou shoujo, watchable but sure not Madoka tier
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    Welcome to the World Cup poll! Idea given by the best Welsh in the Alliance @Angevin I will be doing more ofn these as the World Cup Progresses
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    Mahou Shoujo Ore 5.5/10 Parody of the Mahou Shoujo genre, two idols become magical girls but they transform into hot males with muscles dressed as magical girls, it was ok, some good idea Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 6.5/10 Sport anime about horse races... but with horse girls aka girls with some horse feature who can run fast, it was made just for the classic "pick your waifu (horsefu)" but it is surprisingly well done, actual competition and training, -0.5 points for the terrible idea to have the winner in an idol concert just to attract those degenerate otakus obsessed with idols
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    While he was a better alternative than the criminal Clinton I have to say that he has sorted out nothing in North Korea - It's a usual game the North Koreans play - offering to make changes for concessions and then returning to what they do. NK will never give up their nuclear weapon for it quarantees their independence. As to syria, he has been even less effective only managing to bomb the bombed to shit country for an alledged chemical attack. Fucking up DAESH hasn't got much to do with him being president. The man has no policies other than the wall and is willing to flip-flop on nearly anything of relevance (not deporting illegal immigrants etc).
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    Welcome glad to have you on board! What is Boudin ?
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    Welcome to the alliance, nice knowing about you.
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