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    what about legs? Do you realise you are in an alliance with a serious leg cult and you make a poll about transport and not include legs. This doesn't bode well for you friend. You might go missing (without your legs).
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    Can't click casted votes. Bike not an option. 70% of my outdoor transportation is by bike. And yes, I've chosen an emoji this large on purpose.
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    UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, German, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Turkey, Mexico, Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Ireland, Greece Iraq Cyprus
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    Petition to make "Full Fap February" a thing
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    Set 8109-1 - Flatbed Truck 1114 parts Surprised by how fast and easy it was to build even if it's technic (first motorized I have made)
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    The Bahamas, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, India, Indonesia
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    Next poll how many countries have you visited
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    Where's you favourite food from? Mine's from Asia! (sushi)
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    All the American's are looking at this poll and thinking... April 11th!? This poll is old.
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    No. Man, in all honesty I think if I told the wife of No nut November, she'd probably laugh at me.
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    I last saw Deadpool 2. Looking forward to the new Fantastic Beasts in a few weeks.
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    I mostly eat at home or italian anyway For the old world is a cultural shock watching things like an american sitcom where they say "today we eat chinese, today we eat mexican, today we eat indian", we just eat, italian is implied Sure in cities you can find places to eat sushi or something like that, but it's for hipsters, we have our own cousine and we eat that You can try a different italian dish/type of food every day for your entire life and die before trying them all, do we really need other cuisines?
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    Weekly editions will be provided: The Infinite Dominion of Casscadia most trusted media outlet. WAR ON ALL FRONTS After a short time, The Casscadian forces told they were not on high alert anymore, but that war was here. 100,000 forces moved to secure cities and keep enemies from securing key locations. The Blood Emperor told sources that he would not stand for the fall of the tkr allaince. "He said the time for talk is over, those who cross Lord Atomikz or his friends at the tkr will be punished. " This being the second major conflict while sulfarus atomikz has taken office. The citizens of Casscadia did not want to end up in a major conflict again but will do anything to stay sovereign. The Slaughter of north cascadia On the verge of defeat atomikz declared another war with joel sequim of north cascadia, the war was a total victory and Lord Atomikz spared his enemies lives. After the war joel and atomikz had a laugh about the two cas/casscadias meeting in battle. THE BLOCKADE Multiple nations from eastasia declared war landing on the beach heads in helheim and nidavellier. After the 5 nation deflection, the 71 ship fleet of casscadia was sunk by large caches of airsupport. 9 ships currently defend the 8 city ports of casscadia. Other news The Reorganization of Casscadia Casscadia, a nation of peace, has been thinking about the reorganization of its empire into a democracy.
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    polls are kinda fun plus you get to know people
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    I abuse the free 3 months of spotify.
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    see "I'm a little pussy and i don't drink alcohol" option
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    I used to play with legos, till I stepped on some and then I promised myself never to touch it again
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    Hello again, I have great news! It have come to my attention that not only does The Knight Radiant have a Slack channel, they also have a Discord channel! Usually, a rival communication platform would be considered heretic by the Slack Slackers but since Discord is also a chatroom with many features similar to Slack, Discord is hereby our ally and will help us in the quest to rid the forum menace. .
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    Finally! An organization that represents my moral belief system. Death to all non-believers and those who may oppose us! Yay slack slackers!!!
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