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    Update on TKR players in the world leaderboard RedFive is still in the missiles leaderboard with 88, third place Atom is at the 7th place in the missiles launched leaderboard with 117 RedFive is also at the #10 in the nukes launched leaderboard with 91 Azaghul is at the 8th place in the ships sunk leaderboard with 6850 Koso in the #5 in the nukes eaten leaderboard with 67 In the wars won leaderboard we have BlackBeard at number 4 with 329 and Blink at the number 6 with 254 BlackBeard is also #4 in the wars lost leaderboard with 91 and I'm so close to the aircraft lost leaderboard, give me 2-3 days
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    1. Talking with the community and meeting all the people. 2. Participating in the running of the alliance by taking staff jobs. 3. Fighting alongside the best and the most fiercest fighters in the game. 4. Being a part of a community that upholds the most elite and honorable principals. 5. The history and experiences I've been through with my alliance mates. 6. Our merit based government that promotes based on skill and effort. 7. Low taxes, great grants, investments, interest free loans. 8. Freedom to shape my nation to my liking and grow to any tier I want. 9. Being a part of the most active alliance and community in the game. And there are many more that other people can prob come up with
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    My favorite episode is "The one where Ross is Captain Sobel"
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    I buyed it! My "first" lego set
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    A few episodes here and there especially when I was in my teens and MTV Germany (which isn't public anymore today) would air reruns of 90s TV shows from the US. However, really only when nothing else was on. Such an irrelevant show with mostly unlikeable characters (except for Phoebe and to some extent Monica).
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    Yeah, when it was on in the 90s
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    75144-1 - Snowspeeder 1703 pieces Had to modify some parts because pieces didn't fit but at 99.8% looks like the original
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    When I was like 15, my parents made me go to a funeral for a great uncle. It was one of those awkward funerals where everybody knew the guy was a major league prick (beat his kids/wife, notorious cheater, hadn't spoken to his wife who lived in the same house as him for six years prior to his death) but also had to pretend everything was fine. On top of the general awkwardness and not giving a shit that this dude was dead, the service in the cemetery went on forever. Because it was a funeral and there were plenty of occasions to bow your head down, I got a lot of looks at the butt of the person in front of me, and the crux of this story is that the girl in front of me was my age or perhaps a few years older and had a GREAT butt. The combination of being bored and utterly uninterested in the ceremony and having essentially free reign to stare at this girl's butt led to a predictable result, and I ended up with a big woody. I'm not even sure how noticeable it was because in a situation like this, they all seem noticeable. I moved my hands from being clasped behind my back to being clasped over my package. Being a dopey kid, I kept trying to like press it down thinking that would make it go away but of course touching it in that situation just made it harder for longer and it didn't go away until the ceremony was over. I have no clue who the girl was, I know for certain she's not a cousin because I know all of my cousins and I am reasonably certain that she's not a relative of any kind because she had a more olive skin tone as opposed to the fair skintone of my people but I have literally hundreds of second and third cousins so its entirely possible I was ogling a shoestring relative of some type.
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