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    Hi there. I have been trying to get the fuck out of town for the next few months. The following link to my new address is not a good idea. I will be able to make sure you can see the attachment of my friends and colleagues to participate in the future. Not sure if autocorrect or just being Blackie
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    It would be a series of polls. Limit 3 entries per person. Finally, all memes that are from the same roots (ex all bad luck Brian memes) would have to play in so the BLB memes would compete against each other until one BLB meme is chosen as the best BLB meme. It would then be put into the bracket. So, there is a slight bonus for obscurity, but the judging is done by the masses. Finally, everyone will have plenty of time to create and curate memes, as the tournament will be in July. This is because I leave to where I may not have internet access on the 15th of June and get back on the 9th of July. Send the memes you want entered in the tournament to me before July 13th and I will put them into the bracket. I will have polls that I create and leave with someone to post while I am gone, so don't you worry.
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